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Monday, February 15, 2010

{ Bunny Love... }

I'm loving making these little critters!
each one has such a different personality and expression on it's face~

This little girl looks like a vintage toy from a dusty attic somewhere...

she is only about 6" tall, made from hand-overdyed white string mohair...stuffed with bits of old fabric & cotton batt and she has joints made from old string & antique MOP buttons.
her German Blown Glass eyes are a loverly shade of Violet...
in fact, that's what I'll name her!
so, folks, please meet Violet!
She'll be available for adoption at the
Winter in the Valley Antiques show
this saturday, February 20th...
along with some of her other friends.
I'll be working on some LARGE bears this week for the show,
and will share some pics when they're finished.
The Rug hooking class Saturday was fun!
although some of my students didn't show up, but I blame that on the weather.
I do have pictures, but my camera is going fritz-y...I've been using Hannah's.
I will be going out today & buy me a new one! woohoo!!!!
Well, Hannah is home AGAIN today...
the school called last night & at first said a 2-hour delay..
she was happy, 'cause she baked cupcakes for her friends last night, for Valentine's Day.
this morning, the school called again, and cancelled altogether,...
this makes 12 days she's home (not including weekends!) because of weather.
...and they're calling for a little more SNOW today.
I will just submerge myself in my work, that's all...
put on some good music, make a pot of something on the woodstove for supper and
dive into the mohair and wool!!!
Hoping you are all staying busy, doing your handwork or house-keeping...
Blessed be!


  1. Violet is adorable! I'd much rather do handwork than housework but the dust kangaroos are taking over!! The kids will be going to school up to July 4th at this rate.

  2. Violet is too cute! I am sure she'll be snapped up in a heart beat to a great home!

    I am anxiously awaiting to hear if the kids will be going back to school tomorrow. It's been a week for us!

  3. Violet is sooo cute. Housework? Whats that!!! Don't eat all the cupcakes at once, try and control yourself, at least make them last 2days. Call me.
    Love you!!

  4. Why do I have to do housekeeping?

    I want to do fun things like creating a Violet. She is so adorable.

    Great luck with your upcoming show.

  5. Oh, I LOVE Violet. Is she available online? She definitely looks like she wants to come home and snuggle with me here. You're very talented!

  6. Hi Genny!
    Thanks for the comment on Violet ~ she will be available only at the show coming up this weekend !


  7. I'm so sad that I can't come to the show and bring Violet home with me :o( She's just beautiful.

  8. Do you know of Flora McFlimsey? I'd love to see your interpretation of toys from those books. Flora's Christmas Eve book is one of my earliest memories! Your hands create beauty each and every day...


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