Down a dirt road, past fields and deep woods ~
stands a humble little farmhouse wearing chippy white paint and a rusty tin roof...
it's here at our beloved Notforgotten Farm that you will find us...chasing our kittens, puttering in the herb gardens, or talking to the trees.

Our Needlework Shop & Studio
is located here at our farm:
3530 Tye River Road
Amherst, Virginia 24521
ph. 434-263-6508
email ~

Due to Covid-19 Health restrictions, the Shop & Studio at Notforgotten Farm is CLOSED until further notice...

Our ETSY Shop is Always Open!
visit our Etsy Shop by clicking on any one of the thumbnail photos below or going to

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pictures from the Va Rug Fest~

I wanted to get these up for you before I leave for Tenn.
enjoy & thanks again sweet Jane!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

New Primitive Pattern Booklet is Released!

available on ebay or my picturetrail
(links on side-bar)
Thanks my Friends...
Blessed be!

peep peep!

Upon my usual rounds doing chores this morning,
I came around the side of the barn....
I thought I heard something, but thought it was birds in the trees overhead,
because they like to swoop down and 'help' the chickens eat their cracked corn.

but, i soon realized the sound was coming from under the barn...

so, I knelt down and peeked under...

here's what was looking back at me!

yepper...four of thee cutest, thumb-sized little 'ditties' (baby chicks)...
...each one a different color!
there's a red one with a black spot on it's head
~ a white one with little white stripes...
...a pure black one and
one that looks like a penguin!!!


what a great way to start the day!
I'm trying to catch 'Pixie', their momma
(who is my smallest banty-hen)
but she keeps going back under the barn
and setting on the nest again.,..
right now I can't tell if there's more eggs,
but I'll soon find out I guess!
in the meantime, the 'ditties' are in the house with us,
safe & snug in a little wooden box with fresh hay
& some sugar-water...
they've even begun to scratch around
in the dish of mash
I made for them!!!
I went to the VA Rug Fest on Saturday with my Friend Jane...
we had a wonderful time and saw the fantastic rugs everyone had up for show...
saw some old friends, and of course, bought great wools from Rebecca Erb (my fav!)

I'll post some pictures soon...
(I'm such a dolt, that I forgot my camera, but Jane took pics...thanks for that Jane!)

Here is a rug that Kathy Newman hooked from my
Good Witch
she incorporated purple ribbon and rusty jingler bells
to the 'cat shaker'...
I cannot begin to tell you how AWESOME this rug is in person!
I'm finishing up a little booklet today, called
that I'll be releasing this afternoon...
it contains primitive line drawing patterns to hook, stitch or punch,
along with some folklore of Herbs...
it will be available on ebay, etsy and my picturetrail...or you can always email me at
to purchase one for $10.00
(i have never gone up on my pricing,
and will continue to offer my patterns & such in an affordable way!)
I'll post later this aft when it's listed!
Thanks my friends, for all your comments & emails regarding the post about my sister Jo...
we're really looking forward to her & her girls coming...
Blessed be!

Friday, March 27, 2009

On the Road Again!!!!

"Dances with Scissors"
(C) original papercutting by me!
Good Morning Friends!
well, I can't believe that a week has almost slipped past since I last left a post for you!
i do apologize...
Been very busy here...working on new things (always)
and preparing to leave for Tennessee on April 2nd ~
I've kept this news under 'wraps' but now am ready to share with you all...
My sister Jo, and her 2 girls (i.e. young women) will be moving up here
to VA. from Tenn. come the first week of April....
my Mom & sister Sharon will be coming down from CT. by train on April 1st,
spend the night here at the farm and then
I'll drive us down to Jo's to help her load up the vehicles
& big truck for the move up!!!
Jo has been very sick for the last couple of months ~ she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer almost 5 years ago, and has been undergoing radiation & chemotherapy almost constantly since then...her cancer spread to her liver and gallbladder, and she had to have her gallbladder removed along with breast tissue....
Jo has been in the Nursing field for almost 8 years, and when she was diagnosed, she was working as a Hospice Nurse, helping other families cope with their trials, all the while raising two
beautiful young women alone...
Our family has been wanting her to move closer to 'family', so I did some research and located a home for rent for her right down the road from us here...a beautiful place where she can see the Blue Ridge Mountains and enjoy sweet horses grazing in a pasture right across the street from her new home...she can garden, raise chickens and just feel safe.
SO, needless to say, I will be busy for the first couple of weeks of April.
my other sister Louisea and her hubby Tom will be coming down for a visit towards the end of April...I can't wait to see them, Tom has never been here before and I think he'll just fall in love with the area...I'm hoping they will decide to move here too, and begin a beautiful, simple way of life...
and in the meantime, between my family's visits, my in-laws will be visiting for spring break.
They arrive in their motor-home and usually visit for a week.
Peter's Dad and younger sister Helen will come, don't know if Grandma Judy will come or not.
All in all, a hectic month to come, but worth the time spent with family...
life is too short to grumble about each other.
we can do more by forgiving and forgetting.
we all need each other.
we may not all get along fabulously, or even like each other that much...but,
family is just that...
a bunch of people thrown together to see
how they can make the best of it....
Tomorrow (saturday) is the VA. Rug Fest.
I'll take lots of pics for you, so look for them 'prolly Sunday!
oh...the significance of the picture at the top of this post?
it's a self portrait of how I feel when I'm creating...
I'm always dancing with ideas in my head...

Monday, March 23, 2009

A Great Weekend!

Howdy Folks!
Hoping that everyone is enjoying the sunshine...
it's still a bit cold here today, but the sun is warming it up...
I sure can't complain!!
This past weekend was a good one.
...have you ever had days just 'come together' for you?
meaning, everything that you planned on doing or finishing, got done or finished?
then, unexpected pleasantries followed by having someone get in touch with you about something that just filled your heart?

This past weekend was just that for me.
First, I finished stitching up a little doll and sewing needful ~

doll has a needle punched tulip pocket on the front of her dress~

li'l blue calico sewing pocket that hangs on your wall or cupboard door...

Both are up on ebay now....


Saturday I had the pleasant company of some friends
that came in for a Needle Punch class...
Sharon, Peggy, Pat, Fay and Cindy
(that's Felicia in the background on the phone!)

everyone looks so 'into' their work!! LOL!!!
It was a great class, & I hope that everyone enjoyed it as much as I did!
On Saturday, May 9th, from 10:00 - 3:00
I'll be teaching a
Primitive School Girl Sampler/Cross Stitch class
here in the shop....
If you've ever wanted to learn how to re-create that wonderful old, stained look of early samplers but were afraid to work on linen, come sign up for this class...
I will teach you all of the basics you need to know to complete your own Original Sampler!
It's alot easier than you think!!!, but, bring your glasses if you need 'em!
you can email me at to sign up,
or call me at 434-263-6508
the class fee is $35.00 per student .

I'm thrilled at the response I've gotten from vendors intersted in participating in my 1st annual
Gathering of Primitive Friends show here on Sept. 19th.
I'll be adding a list of artists and dealers names to this blog soon!
If you're interested, give me a holler...
so far I have about 10 vendors!
Well, friends, I'm off to the farmhouse to bring in the laundry, sweep the porch and get dinner started...
tonight I'll watch Twilight and sew on a sampler for the Pharsalia show!
Wishing you all a peaceful evening doing just what you want to do!
~Blessed be~

Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcome, welcome....Spring ~ and other facts

Happy, HAPPY SPRING!!!!!
I love old ticking!
Today marks the first day of Spring ~
the rites of Spring are many & diverse throughout our world,
so I thought I might share some with you!
~ The Vernal Equinox...
the phrase literally translates to 'Spring's Equal Night',
meaning, on this day the amount of daylight & darkness will be equal...also, the poles or gravitational pulls of our mother Earth align perfectly, thus,
you are able to stand an egg on it's 'round' end
(try it, it's fun!!)

~ Wiccans celebrate the Sabbats of Ostara on this day...
All I know is, that today marks the first day of my Spring Cleaning! YAY!
no, really,...I look so forward to this day every year ~
regardless of the weather, the windows of the old farmhouse will be opened, letting in much needed fresh air in the stale rooms that have been closed up all year.
I start at the top of the house, sweeping in every corner, from the ceiling down...
then down the stairs, then finally to the cellar.
I will burn or 'smudge' the entire house with White Sage
to release any negative energies that have gathered
in the house over the past year...
I will wash the windows with white vinegar & newspaper, inside and out.
I will take down the curtains, wash them and hang them in the sun to dry.
I'm sure you all have your own 'ritual's that you perform this time of year, and I like to look back in my collection of Almanacks for the 'olde time' ways people readied their homes,
farms & lives for the upcoming Spring Season...

Here are a few of my'll get a chuckle from some of these!
*these are for general good health*

*Pure atmospheric air is composed of nitrogen, oxygen and a very small proportion of carbonic acid gas. Air, once breathed, has lost it's oxygen, and aquired a proportionate increase of carbonic acid gas. Therefore, good health requires that we breathe in the same air once only.
(well, that should prove interesting the next time you're on a subway.)

*Light excersizes an important influence upon the growth and vigor of animals and plants. Therefore, our dwellings should freely admit the Sun's rays.
*Late hours and anxious pursuits exhaust the nervous system and produce disease and premature death. The hours of labor and study should be short.
( more late night at the office for me then!)
*Never visit a sick person (especially if the complaint be of a contagious nature) with an empty stomach, as this disposes the system more readily to recieve the contagion. In attending a sick person, place yourself where air passes from the door or window to the bed of the diseased; not between the sick person and any fire that is in the room, as the heat of the fire draws the infectious vapor in that direction.
*A white mark on the finger-nail bespeaks misfortune. Pale or lead colored nails indicate melancholy people. Broad nails indicate a gentle, timid and bashful nature, and Lovers of knowledge and liberal sentiments have round nails.
(what about nails stained from coffee and tea dye?)
and some others I thought were entertaining!
*A sun bath is worthier than warming by the fire...
*A room filled with quantities of trifling ornaments has the look of a bazaar and displays neither good taste nor good sense. Artistic excellence aims to have all the furninshings fine workmanship, while good sense understands the folly of dusting alot of rubbish.
(haha! don't come to my house!!)
*A poor book had best be burned to give place to a better, for the fire destroys i'ts poison, and puts it out of the way of doing harm.
(wow...what a great excuse to buy more books!))

*Better economize in buying furniture than scrimp on good books.
(now, does that pertain to magazines too?)

and finally...
How to become successful in all that you do:
Rise early. Be abstemious. Be frugal. Attend to your own business and never trust it to another.
Be not afraid to work, and diligently, too, with your own hands. Treat everyone with civility and respect. Good manners insure success. Acomplish what you undertake. Decide, then perservere. Diligence and Industry overcome all difficulties. Never be mean - rather give than take the odd shilling. Never postpone till tomorrow what can be done today. Never anticipate wealth from any source of labor. Honesty not only is the best policy, it is the only policy. Commence at the first round and keep climbing. Make your word as good as your bond. Seek knowledge to plan, enterprise to execute, honesty to govern all. Never give too large credit. Time is money. Reckon the hours of the day as so many dollars, the minutes as so many cents. Make few promises and keep the ones you make. Keep your secrets. Live within your income. Sobriety above all things. Luck is a word that does not belong to a successful man or woman. Not too much caution, slow but sure is the thing. The highest monuments are built piece by piece. Step by step we mount the pyramids. Be bold. Be resolute when the clouds gather. Difficulties are surmounted by opposition. Self confidence is your key, self reliance, your lock. Your conscience is the best monitor. Never be over-sanguine, but do not overrate your own abilities.
Don't be discouraged.
On this Spring day, I wish you all a bit of success, in every aspect of your lives....
Live Creatively!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a tiny visitor...

can you see him?

there...a little red blur in the window?

We have a beautiful boy Cardinal that visits everyday...
he comes to the front window where my
out-of-control Bittersweet vine
grows up and under our front porch roof...

it meanders it's way in front of the window, and along the old blue ceiling.

The vine has created almost basket-like bunches or gnarls and twists,
making perfect little nests that, apparently attract birds.

...this chipper fellow comes even whilst still dark, about 6:30 am.
he ruffs his feathers, shakes his tail and pecks at his reflection in the window glass!!
(vanity, thy name is...bird-boy!)

Of course, the cats are out of their furry little minds because of the commotion...
I came back in this morning, from feeding the sheep and chickens,
to find the curtains torn down
and the lamp toppled over...

there sat Suzy & Sam...pointing to each other in blame of the chaos...

of course, i chastised them and blamed them both...
no favoritism here.

I was hoping to get better pictures of the boy-bird,
but he's a skittery little bugger...
won't hold still but for a sliver of a moment.

I'm hoping to tame him a little by leaving him some
black oil sunflower seeds...
maybe then he'll pose for me?

As you go through your day & evening today,
please keep my dear Friend,
Sherry Kristoff (fromsherrysheart847 on ebay) and her sweet hubby John
in your prayers...
John is undergoing surgery
and Sherry
is under alot of stress because of it...

thanks my friends!!!


a reminder

March 28th is the
Virginia Rug Fest

I, of course, will be attending yet again this year...
not vending, but shopping & enjoying the show!

SO ~ If you are riding with me, let me know please!!!
so I can get a head count...thanks!!!

well I'm off to the farmhouse...
I have a big pot of corned beef and cabbage on the woodstove
(yep, it's cold again.)
Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

a math quiz....and more!!!

Hi Folks...

I hate math...I always have.

Peter and Hannah are brilliant when it comes to solving math problems...
I have trouble figuring out change.
...with a calculator.

so here is an EASY math quiz for you!

One Huge White Dog
3 days of Soaking Rain
One 1/4 acre Freshly Tilled Garden
Virginia's Infamous Red Clay Soil

Answer: =

... pretty, isn't he?

yeah...and he's all mine.

I don't know if he'll ever be white again...
and he looks like he's got a big old pricker-stick stuck to him....

ahhh...the wonderful, wet woods of Notforgotten Farm....

On another note...
Remember in a previous post that I mentioned a


You are cordially invited to attend our
1st annual

Gathering of Primitive Friends
at Notforgotten Farm
to be held on Saturday, September 19th 2009
10:00 ~ 5:00
RAIN -or- SHINE!!!

This one day, outdoor event will take place
in the large field next to our shop...the shop will also be open...
admission is $2.00 per person
I'm gathering primitive-loving friends,
antiques dealers and folk artisans
to come together to sell their wares here at the farm!
watch for our upcoming ads in
Mercantile Gatherings magazine
the Wool Street Journal -and-
Country Register of VA (MD, WV...)
I guarantee it will be a fun-filled day of primitive pickin' pleasure
in a beautiful down-home atmosphere!!!!
***please feel free to 'borrow' my gathering photo above to place on your blog***
If you would like to be a vendor, please contact me asap at for details & fees.
(I have several well-known vendors signed up with me already, I'll add this list to my blog soon!)
I'm SOOOOO excited about this!!!
let me know what you all think?

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Wedding Singer ~

Tonight is Opening Night for our daughter Hannah's musical at her high school

The Wedding Singer!!!

Hannah is in the red dress, second row from the floor, on the right

Here she is twirling in a yellow dress

and above, in a peach dress standing behind the girl on the floor
These were taken at the dress rehearsal tuesaday night...
she is so excited about tonight, and we couldn't be more proud of her!
I'll post more abouthe opening night later!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How do you like your Eggs? ~

I like MINE fresh from the chicken!!

... scrambled, over easy, in an omellete, quiche,

...fried egg sandwich, pickled, deviled...

you name it, I love my eggs!!!

I know I've given this recipe before, but it is one of my favorite's...
I make these every spring ~

~Red Beet Eggs~

8 hard boiled eggs, shelled

2 cans of red beets + their liquid

1 tbls. pickling spice

1/4 c. sugar

2 cups vinegar
(I like to use apple cider vinegar for better flavor)

In a large glass jar with tight fitting lid, place all ingredients except eggs...
stir and then place in shelled eggs.
refridgerate over night for better flavor, can be kept for 2-3 weeks in fridge,...
(I usually keep adding new eggs once the original eggs are eaten)

these are great as a side dish or in salad!

We sometimes have to go on an egg hunt here at the farm...
our chickens are free-range, so they lay where they please.

...the ones below are in the dog's house!

the eggs that you see below in the heart shaped bowl
were colored last year...

I used onion skins for the dye

here's how to make them:

boil 6 large white eggs in salt water (1/2 c. in 4 c. water)
*you will not be eating these!!!*

drain cooked eggs and let cool completely...

in a saucepan, add about 2 handfuls of yellow onion skins (not red onion skins!)
and add 4 cups water...bring to a boil, then simmer...

you'll need some old knee high's or old stockings for the next part...
to make stencils for the eggs, cut our your design from parchment paper...
wet your stencil and place on cooled wrap your egg, covering stencil, with a piece of stocking (approx. 5" x 5" square...) and tie off with a twist tie...continue to do this for each egg.

now place eggs into dye bath and simmer for at least an hour,
or longer until your desired shade of dye is achieved...once dyed, let entire pot of liquid and eggs cool you're ready to snip off your stocking and peel away your paper stencil.
dry each egg with a paper towel, then coat each egg with a light rub of vegetable oil...this will help 'seal' the eggshell, and make them shine a little...

place eggs in a bowl or straw-filled basket to display...

Eggs like this were made by the PA Germans (and still are!) and some have survived over 50 years with careful handling...

make sure you don't break one of these old'll have to evacuate your house if you do!

Eggs have long been a symbol of fertility and rebirth,
so what better motif to be used for spring ?...
take a look at the members' offerings up on my group,
(link on my sidebar)
you'll see so many eggs done up in different ways~
Hooked, Stitched, Stuffed...Wool, Thread, etc...

wonderful stuff!

I'm working on a bunch of different things my hook out and am actually hooking a little 'something' to list tonight on ebay...
I'm also punching and stitching, and working on that little needle weaving booklet that I hope to release real soon...

~ AND ~
I have a BIG suprise coming soon...I'll be telling you all about it in the next couple of posts,
I have some kinks to work out and preparations to make, but I'll give you a hint...

How would you feel about visiting with me here in the Fall?

have a wonderfully creative day, friends,
why not bake a treat for your family, don't forget to add your love...
it makes it that much sweeter for them...


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some Farmhouse Photos and other stuff! !!

Thought I'd snap a few photos of my little farmhouse for you...

I've been 'spring-cleaning' a bit...
(can't wait till the woodstoves are all finished for the season
and I can get the soot off of the windows !!)

I thought you'd like to see this little wood carrier that I keep my floss in...

...this is my very favorite little hooked rug..don't you just love it?

~ our dining room ~

~ our 'front parlor' ~

an old, OLD bent twig rocker that has rocking chair
rockers...a true make-do piece and I found it at
the dump!

I did end up putting a big, beautiful potted ivy
in that child's wheel pretty!

Well, I took a fall last night.
46 years old & still falling down.
(stop laughing Sherry!)

I was helping my husband bring in our two baby guinea hens for the night...
one of them was in a tree above our duck's run, and the other was on top

of the chicken coop.

Peter grabbed the frist one, and said to me
"why don't you climb up on the chicken coop & get the other one?"

Now, why do I listen?

So I climb up...grab the guinea and go to turn around and jump down
(I was up about 5 feet off the ground)
well, my feet didn't cooperate, and did I mention I wasn't
wearing my glasses and that it was dark out?



I went to take a step back, got my heel caught on the ramp to the coop
and started falling backwards, guinea still in hand...

well, knowing she could fly & I couldn't, I let her go...
Up and Over me she went...
Up and Over me went my feet, and

Down I landed.
5 feet down, in the chicken yard, chicken poop.


I banged up my left shin
(from the falling wooden ramp, which landed on me)
scraped up my right arm/elbow
(from landing on the ground)

and have a big old black & blue on my hiney.

and I smelled reeeally bad....

remind me again why I listed to my husband?
who, by the way, was in the duck's coop yelling:
"are you ok? are you OK????"

I couldn't breathe, but squeaked out the words,

now here he comes running, in the dark, with a guinea baby in his hand...
and what do you think he said to me when he stumbled over me in the dark?

"*you broke my ramp*".

....remind me again why I listen to him?

ahhhh.....22 years of wedded bliss....

Monday, March 9, 2009


Isn't this a pretty cutting?

I listed this last night on ebay...

I painted the frame for this piece, and ended up chip-carving
some motifs into the corners of the came out SO old looking!

I can't wait for my daffy's aren't even up all the way yet
and here I am dreaming of tulips...
well, not just tulips.

This year, we plan on putting in a little cottage/kitchen herb/rose garden
in the front of the farmhouse...
little white picket fence,
...the whole shebang.

I'll get glorious climbing roses, all varieties and colors...
rosemary, lavender, tyme...oh I can almost smell them all now!
and garden antiques...can't have a garden without some PRIMSICAL
garden antiques...urns, pots, benches...birdhouses and...


can you see them?

I found these two, skeletel remains
of what once were (and in my opinion, STILL ARE!!!)
wire garden chairs...
rusty, peel-y, bent....
I bought them both at our
local Animal Shelter Thrift Shop
$2.00 each!
They're so structural, yet
almost invisible until you're right on them...
(which is why I'll coat them with clear protector and
place a potted geranium on each seat...)
I don't want anyone tripping over them and breaking an ankle!
great find, huh?

We'll be planting our potatoes & onions by St. Patricks day to ensure a good harvest, then our peas and cabbages will go in...then I can start thinkin' about tomatoes....

What are your Garden Plans this year???

I've uploaded a ton of my past works over there and have a TON more to add!!!
stop on over for a visit and tell me what you think of my Hallowe'en Art...
(I really do love it!)
and leave a comment over there for me!!

the Deare Ladyes of Threade blog will be updated soon, I'll post here when it is updated...
thanks always for visiting with me, I do enjoy your company!!!


Friday, March 6, 2009

What A BEEautiful Day!!!!!!

Spring-like weather again...
temps in the 60's...all the snow is GONE!
So, for my daily walk, I opted to go down the back of the farmhouse
to where the creek runs...
the water was running steadily, from the melting snow on the Blue Ridge Mountains....
fresh, clear, crisp, cold spring water....Ahhhhh...
I can see new moss growing on the rocks, the forsythia bushes are ready to *pop*
and the pussywillows that my friend Jane gave me have sprouted tiny, hair-like roots.
I'll plant these down next to the cool creek, where they grow best...

the view from the creek
As you can see, the hill behind our house lolls down to the creek...
it's this hill that will become blazen with yellow & white daffodil,
tiny, tri-blossom narcissus and
even tinier grape hyacinth...
of course, I'll post pictures when they are in full bloom!

Yesterday, I went to one of my fav antique malls,

Blue Moon Antiques
here in Nelson Co.

I found this sweet as a button child's wheelbarrow!!!
(Thanks Joan, you always have thee best stuff!!!)

I plan on filling it up with easter eggs, then I think I'll put in a nice little potted ivy...It may stay on my harvest table, or it may move to my dry sink...

I'll let you know where it ends up!

Hannah has been practicing after school until 8:00 pm for 3 weeks now ~
She has 3 parts in the high school musical, "The Wedding Singer"
it is based in the 1980's and she is getting quite the kick out of my old pictures of my with my HUGE hair, humongo earrings & shoulder pads...we've found some excruciatingly gaudy bridesmaids dresses in teal & peach (what were we thinkin?) so she can wear for her parts...we also found a pair of shiny pleather skin-tight leggings for her to wear under a black sequined miniskirt...
(watch out Madonna!!)

Opening night is on March 13, a week from tonight.
I can't tell you how proud we are of her,
she maintains an A/B average, is in French, Drama, Concert Band and is always in a good mood lately...although she's tired, she hasn't complained one bit...

(I'm so proud of you my little honeygirl!)

Who knows, maybe I'll be at the Oscars someday watching her acceptance speach?

did you see the fluttering of crows wings on my sidebar?
have you clicked on them to see where they might take you?
if you did, please let me know what you think by leaving a comment or two over there...
I'm really excited about it!!!

Well folks, off to the farmhouse,...that little needle weaving I started the other day STILL isn't finished...I do get sidetracked with other creative endeavors, but I will post pics of it when I'm done!
Speaking of which, I do think I'll write alittle instruction booklet for those that would like to learn Needle Weaving...seems like that is the popular vote!!!

I'm always pleased when you come in & visit with me,
and as you know, I like to email you back when you leave me comments...
it fills my heart to know that my blog makes you happy!!!

Have a *PEACEFUL* evening...
take the time tonight to visit the night & the beautiful sky....


Thursday, March 5, 2009


Good Morning Friends!!!
We've started our morning here on the farm bright & early!

For some reason, our Roosters (we have 3)
have decided to start crowing about 4:00 am lately...
don't believe what you hear about Roosters only crowing at daybreak.
I don't think they can tell time....
what the heck will we do Sunday morning with the time change?

Anyhooooo ~
I've finished up two projects for ebay:
this is a wool pouch to hold your Punch Needle and Threaders...
(or other sewing needfuls, or make-up, or glasses, or....?)

...and this is a pin pillow that can hang from a peg or cupboard door.

Both are my original designs, and are just so Spring-y !

I'm still working on that needle-weaving project that I told you about, I'll have that finished early this aft & will show you then....
I'll be framing that piece,
(I'll paint it, but have to decide what color)

Now I'm heading back to the farmhouse to have my fruit & yogurt...
the little hens are starting to brood,
so we should be gathering plenty of little pullet-sized eggs soon!
(Hmmm...could THAT be why the Roosters are up SO early?)

Have a *SPARKLING* day filled with all things inspiring to you!!

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