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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

so much for "Inspiration"...


I was looking at a couple of my favorite picturetrail sights, and came upon this picture of some Witch silhouettes that look a little TOO familiar to me...


ring a bell?

no, I did not make them.
no, i did not sell the originals NOR copies to these dealers.
no...I'm NOT happy.

I always say that inspiration is a wonderful thing...but, when someone is a little too inspired, well...let's face it...it isn't very pretty.

what some people don't get is, that as a designer, I put alot of time, work & effort into coming up with new & unique things...then I put my heart on my sleeve and load pictures of my deisngs on the internet for the world to see, hoping that I will be recognized for the time & talent...

Usually, things go wonderfully...I've been designing for almost 20 years, and have had only a small number of people be so 'inspired' to emulate my 'look'...fortunate, yes. happy? no.

I do not like it when I find something of mine, which I consider 'mine'...almost blatantly paraded and sold for someone else's profit.

Let's get creative out there, Folks...you have the energies & drive to make something, so why not make SOMETHING of your own???.....

"imitation is the best form of Flattery"...? nope. it hurts. it hurts artists like me who struggle constantly with bringing fresh designs to an already saturated market....where anyone who can pick up a pencil or needle and thread considers themselves to be a "folk artist"....and do what?...copy another person's hard work. that's just not right.

I hope you visit the link above, see for yourself just what I'm talking about...those that follow my work know exactly what it is I'm upset about....those unfamiliar, I'm hoping that you do your homework when buying anything 'handmade'....make sure it is not something that has been "INSPIRED" to the point of copyright infringement...


farmgirl beth said...

Oh Lori, I'm so sorry. It is so disappointing when people choose to do business in this way. Anyone familiar with your work would have seen it and walked into the booth thinking they were buying an original. I hope that on closer inspection it looks like a cheap imitation! Have you contacted the dealer to lodge a complaint?

Joni B. said...

oh dear - that is not what you want to see. You said it well in your blog. You put yourself out there and hope that people will respect the artist. That is the chance we take, unfortunately there are those that will abuse it. Lori - you have such a unique style and we all know who you are and what you do. Very disappointing but carry on with your most wonderful designs. Thank you for sharing them and we in turn should show our appreciation by giving credit to any designer whose pattern we use. hugs from Joni - Fully Wooly Primitives.

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