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Friday, October 28, 2016

~ Snippets ~

~ Good Morning Friends & Folk ~ 
... how frosty & snappy this morning is!

I take great pleasure being here on this farm ~ 
... from the daily watching of the sun traveling around it, visiting each room and touching  the old wood floors with beams of dusty-light...
to the twinkling of the stars in the clear skies at night, 
~ it gives me such a sense of calm & peacefulness.

I love how I can see, through our old wavy glass windows,
small glimpses of the fields and woods that surround our snug farmhouse on all sides
and know that we are safe, warm & dry no matter the weather.

my days are spent creating ~ constantly creating...sketching, designing...
and I move from room to room depending on what I'm working on.

when I am working on my old Pfaff treadle machine, 
you'll find me upstairs in my well-lit sewing room surrounded by piles of fabric, wool & velvets.
~ sitting amongst strewn-about snippets and threads.

if I am hooking, 
punching or hand stitching, you can find me anywhere ~
 but most-likely in our Keeping Room, 
{{which holds our beloved woodstove and my most favorite collectibles}}
and I'm usually watching an old movie or two. 

I've been working on this, a project that I started yesterday;
which combines wool/fabric applique 
and perhaps a little bit of punching or cross stitch will be added to it too.

I'm liking my results thusfar, do you?

my preference for applique is to use linen-colored thread and tiny primitive stitches
 ~ i do like the blanket-stitch, but I love the UN-eveness that I can achieve 
with minuscule whip stitches instead...  

to me,
 stitching in this fashion is more relaxing and more primitive.

~ she has such a sweet face ~ 

a little more hooking has been happening too,
using beautiful spicy warm & color-saturated wools ~
... bringing my sketches to life in lambswool loops.

as well as a few tiny cross stitches in my wooden hoop,
worked freehand onto cupboard cloth...
~ no pattern, just letting my mind & hands do the work and enjoying the process.

I see that some of you reading this have already received some flakes of snow!
...I am eagerly waiting for signs of them here ~
knowing that the long Winter season will finally be upon us makes me happy.

I am not a 'summer' girl.
 I was born in a blizzard in Connecticut, 
in February 1963.

I prefer dreary cold & rainy days spent snugged up in my cozy farmhouse
with a kitten or two and some handwork nearby...

give me a pair of boiled-wool socks and a sweater
over shorts & flip flops any-day.


 Hoping you all have a beautifully creative day!
~ Blessings from the Farm ~


Vicki Jo said...

Those snowflakes are right around the corner! Thanks for the beautiful post -- you make me want to go home, sit in my comfy chair and do some punchneedle while the soup simmers!

Doreen Frost said...

Goode Day L. We have much in common my friend. Tho I was born in 90* heat in the summer of 1966, I to prefer the cold, dark and blustery days and the wonderful coziness of our Little Brown House in Vermont.

Love all of your work but dearly love your sweet applique gal. You are right, a blanket stitch would have taken her over and she would have lost her wonderful primitive spirit.

By the way...the lines you wrote;

"I am not a 'summer' girl.
I was born in a blizzard in Connecticut,
in February 1963."

would make a wonderful opening to a book!!!

Wishing you a goode and lovely day, doreen

Patti said...

Your little lady is so beautiful! I love her so. <3 Thank you so much for the smile today :)
Blessings, Patti

woolyredrug said...

Kindred Soul, Much Love

Mugwump Woolies said...

Love the sweet little lady...in brown, no less. I am in total agreement about the simple beauty of simple stitching. It is all I use because it gives me the look I want, and because it is a calming, constant motion...much like knitting that has been proven to lower blood pressure. I could use some snow as well :)

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Lori,
Such beautiful colors in your work! Love the sweet lady in brown and the wool tree beside her is lovely!!
I miss those days you describe, especially as we are having very unseasonably hot weather here.......100 degrees yesterday...oh my!!
Thankfully they are projecting cooler temps coming though!!
Thanks for sharing what you are working on and enjoy your creative day!
Heart Hugs~

Janet said...

Lovely new things...we had snow all day yesterday....and here in southeastern Ontario, Canada this is early even for us.....today although still chilly the snow has melted away 😊

Janet said...

Lovely new things...we had snow all day yesterday....and here in southeastern Ontario, Canada this is early even for us.....today although still chilly the snow has melted away 😊

NMK said...

Oh your new projects you are sewing & hooking are so pretty !!! Love your colors you have chosen . We got 3 inches of snow her yesterday afternoon in Western Massachusetts ! It covered the streets , was a bit slippery driving home from work , but it did look pretty . It also was so windy over night & today . Thankfully the snow is gone ! Back to Fall weather ! Can't wait to see these goodies when they are finished !!!

Nancy D. said...

I fell in love with her face. And her brown dress. It's as simple as that for me. Love the simplicity and the combination of mediums, Lori. 86 degrees here…trees are mostly still green. I want Autumn before Winter!!!! :)

Penny said...

I am loving this new project you are working on!! Makes me wish I had just a ounce of the talent you have... to just whip up something so wonderful!
We saw a couple of flakes of snow yesterday, then all rain, but a good day to hole up in the house and putter. I am NY born and raised, left for many years, and am now back living in my grandmother's homestead in my home town. Love the changing seasons and the cool of autumn and the cold of winter. Love being in my peaceful home!

kelley said...

your stitches and hooking are wonderful as usual...am so excited for you to be at Sauder next year!!!

elaine allerton said...

Lori,,,, lovely pics of ur works in progress!! They are all wonderful! Love ,,,,
Its abit milder here today,,, but we had snow thursday,,,,,
I love summer days, but no humidity!! Breezy , warm days for laundry on the line,, but love fall the best!! Definitely soup and hooking and punching weather,,, cozy time,,, love it, too,,,, take care,,,,

Gisela Suski said...

You amaze me with the wonderful creativity you have and you enjoy it so much. You work very hard; don't like summer at all.

woollabeast said...

Love your post today Lori...funny how "creative kindred sistahs" are usually of like mind & spirit! I too was born in the month of February, but far from CT on the "other coast" with wind & rain soaking us that day I was born. It most often rained on my birthday growing up & I loved putting on my galoshes to stomp around in the puddles carrying my bright red umbrella! Funny how growing up in the Golden State with all our glorious sunshine, I end up moving all the way to New England where I have felt most "at home" & (now) can say "how much" I have fallen in love with Autumn & Winter & snuggling in this time of year.

There is a definite peacefulness & calm that comes with the brisk cold of late Autumn. I lit my faux flicker candles everywhere, began burning my Pumpkin & Apple Spice Candles & sat for some hooking time in our Keeping Rm. Ready for a nice roaring fire tomorrow when hubby can sit with me. Time (does) seem to slow way down this time of year & it is MOST welcome for this busy lady. I love to watch our birds & critters scurrying about with such excitability...they know winter is coming soon!

Love your prim lady with her uneven whip stitches...she's just perfect Lori! And love your warm tones in your little rug project too...can't wait to see these when they are finished! Have a lovely Sunday with Peter! ~~ your friend up Nawth, Diane

Annemieke said...

Such pretty projects. So nice to know you like Autumn and Winter too.
Although living in a totally different part of the world (The Netherlands) I'm always enjoying your posts. NOT many people here know what needle punch and rug hooking is. I would love to learn and/or know where to buy tools for it.Do you have a suggestion?

Ginney Camden said...

I love reading your posts and seeing the spaces where you create.

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