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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Fools Rush In ~

yes I know….
I'm rushing it here.
{no throwing rotten tomatoes at me please}

I apologize to those that are Summer-loving, 
hold on to the last hot day, scorching sun-worshipping folks out there….
I am definitely not from your tribe.

I am an Autumn girl.

as the mid-August sun beats down on my shoulders in my garden,
I'm dreaming of the first tangy smell of woodsmoke in the air ~

as I harvest tomatoes & cucumbers from the twisting vines,
I want to instead find myself on a wooded path hunting for wild mushrooms…

...as I watch the sunflowers, petunias & black eyed suzy's fade away,
I long to decorate with pumpkins 
~ and cozy up the farmhouse once again.

 even my sewing basket and my blog today
reflects the mind-set I'm in….

you may say I'm rushing it…
I say I'm willing it to come early ~
… so I can enjoy it's fleeting colors, sounds, sights & smells
for just a wee bit longer.

the locusts and cicadas are scratching out their last Summer songs high in the black walnut trees
and last night I heard the calls of two Saw Whet Owls deep in our back woods….

...how could my thought not drift to golden leaves and bright blue October skies?

~ my heartstrings are eternally entwined with Autumn vines of bittersweet ~

and I welcome the changing seasons once again….

If you stand very still outside today…
and listen carefully to the wind, the trees ~ the birds.
if you lift your face to the fading sun and feel lessening rays…
if you walk on the earth barefoot and feel the slight changes in the grass beneath your Summer soles
and inhale the scents of Summer's passing…
~ you'll know exactly what I mean.

Hoping you all have a beautiful & creative day my sweet friends!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~


zas said...

Lori, I love fall also. When State Fair time rolls around at the end of the month is my clock. Every year there is at least one day into September you have to wear a sweatshirt with your shorts. It's a cushy feeling. The smell of walking through leaves. It's the best perfume around. I welcome it every year.

Melissa said...

That top picture needs to be a cross stitch design!

Donna Rae Barrow said...

Autumnal greetings to you, Lori (let's will the season to arrive early together)!!!

Fran Caswell said...

I have a wood stove in my kitchen that looks just like the one in your picture. It is my main cooking stove all winter. I can't imagine life without it. There is nothing like backing up to a wood stove on a cold day! Makes me almost ready to start using it again.

Nancy D. said...

My dear father, years ago when I was young, pointed out to me how the light begins to soften in August…
an almost invisible glimpse into the coming fall season. I have felt that nuance every year since. I'm an
autumn soul, too...

Jimmie said...

Lori, Fall is my very favorite time of the year, too. I get such energy then...just like a squirrel gathering nuts. Love your pictures.

Diane in North Carolina

Constance said...

So beautifully said! I've been watching for every little change in the season. The shorter days and even the sound of the wind in trees is different. It will be here soon. I really enjoyed your magical post.

Karen Budnick said...

As much as I'd love to slow down time, I have to say I'm sad that we won't be welcoming Autumn with our annual October visit to Salem, this year. It's such a great way to get into the spirit of the season.

mrsduncanmahogany said...

That's okay by me! I too am an Autumn worshipper and my Halloween things have been coming out since the middle of July. :) If I could find a house like the one you posted with the large pumpkins in front of it and a universe that was perpetual Autumn, there's my happy place. I am willing it to come and linger as well!

capecodgirl565 said...

I am with you 100%. Just wish fall lasted about 6 months!

Bunky said...

I love fall..........I already have pumpkins in my dining room and can't wait to get new gourds..... I love everything about fall.........the smells, and all of the warmth it brings.....I just can never seem to wait until Sept to put fall stuff out........ LOL Living in Florida.... it won't be much fall here until early November....sort of..... but I am starting it now. Love it!!!

littlemancat said...

I love the Spring best, I think. All those tender greens hazing the trees - new beginnings. I like Autumn too -if it didn't lead to Winter ;-)! But the light is beautiful in Autumn - but sadly, it is less every day.
Love your beautiful work - the color combinations are wonderful.

penelope said...

Love your post my friend~

April said...

We are from the same Tribe Lori! Fall is my favorite season! I can't wait for this heat to be gone here in the South! I'm working on Fall things too!!!

Barb said...

I'm a Fall person too! I just love the feel of that season. I enjoyed all the pictures on your blog!

Kaniki's!!! said...

Oh- so enticing you make things sound- but I felt every bit of what you described.. Luckily?- lol- we've really not much of a hot summer as a lot of folks know it.. Seems like a mix of Spring and Fall- all "summer" long here.. And we're already seeing our landscape change- and the temps dropping lower at night- then they were..

Yes Lori- I do believe I am of your tribe.. However- I do love me that sunshiney stuff too.... And I am okay with Winter for a few weeks.. lol.. Alas- that season stays for almost half a year it seems.. Good thing for stitching, punching designing- wood stove- comfy foods, and family and friends.. Oh there's more- but a grateful soul I am...


Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

Love this post!
My heart enjoys the seasons, the flowers and fruits of Summer and the Spring rains...but my soul lies with the cooler days of Autumn and the arrival of Winter.
Perhaps it has to do with the time of year of our birth but the crispness of a fall breeze, the changing of the leaves and soup simmering on the stove reaches deep within my comfort zone making me so happy to be alive.
We shall enjoys these lazy days of Summer but long for the season of Fall just on the horizon...
Susan x

barb said...

You should have been a poet. Your lovely words are inspiring. Makes me want to go pull out all the pumpkins and make some fall things. So glad you are feeling better. Read your posts every day.

Jane Way said...

I absolutely loved all of the above! Had a moment of joy and surprise when I saw the last sunflower, just above. It looks just like the sunflowers in my new design ~ made me laugh! Even dry and withered sunflowers are a thing of beauty!

Jackie said...

What a wonderful post! Fall is my favorite season, too...

Robin Hager said...

I absolutely love Autumn, but miss the long days of summer. Could I put in an order for cool Autumn days, but daylight until 8:00pm?

Mary said...

If it wasn't for fall and October, I couldn't survive summer! Don't tell anyone, but I'm already burning some pumpkin-scented candles!

Judy said...

Lori, you won't get any judgement from me. I absolutely adore autumn and Thanksgiving. I even find it hard to put Christmas decorations up because my autumnal ones must come down. So bring it on! I love autumn!

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