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Sunday, October 28, 2012

just another obsession ~

So after yesterday's visit to Mizz Pat,
Joan, Flea & I ventured down the road to 
"Cottonwood" quilt shop in Charlottesville, Virginia ~
it really id thee best place to find my favorite repro fabrics & such ~

I stocked up on fat 1/4's and fat 1/2's of fabric in my favorite color palette ~

blues, browns, creams, reds, cheddars...
in cotton and flannels ~

I brought my stash home and directly set them in this old wooden carrier ~
see the brown and red velvets?
only good things can come from these !

beautiful to my eyes ~

I'll set them in my view for a couple days, so they can inspire me ~
all of those colors, designs & textures...

then I'll turn them into wonderful things for the upcoming Christmas/Winter season...

I'm even planning on having an online event!!
(more on that to come)
((that black box, below, came from the Simple Goods show, ca. 2009))
...it holds my TV remotes and other needful things

after we left Mizz Pat's cozy-home yesterday, and after we left Cottonwood,
Joan & I (unfortunately) had to drop off Flea....but...
then Joan & I went to a couple MORE shops where I found this O L D cheesebox ~
the blue paint killed me dead, so I had to have it...
THEN I realized it hailed from Virginia ~
THEN I realized it was dated....

how could you not be mine??

"STAR of Henry...Bright Pounds, Leatherwood, VA...
oh...my poor Henry....
 I will be making this cheesebox into a large, make-do pinkeep...
I just have to choose the fabrics for it ~

a little damage never disourages me ~ I see thee potential in all things!

...such wonderful stenciling in olde blue paint...
i wish our goods came in boxes like they used to.

a damaged corner will never stop me...
this only adds to the charm of the finished 'look' I'm going for ~
I'm sure you'll be pleased as well.

like age spots or wrinkles, we accept them...
a little character to authentic goods only helps to quicken my heartbeat ~

never heard of Leatherwood, VA ~
Flea has given me the model for
"S. Claus"
now I just need to figure out what to do with it...
meaning,...how will I finish it?
a wall pocket? scissor holder?
Stay tuned for that tomorrow ~
I'm sure I'll come up with SOMETHING!!!!
I want to thank you all for following my blog,
for your dear comments and email's
 You ALL need to know that I LOVE blogging ~ it's on my mind every minute of every day ...
I find SUCH JOY in preparing a post and taking pictures that may interest you,
keep your interest ~
It fills my heart to know that you visit me so often ~
Please ~~~~~BE SAFE in the upcoming HURRICANE SANDY ~
we have bottled our well-water, charged our cells phones & laptops...bought more candles and batteries that we will 'prolly EVER need ~
my thoughts on this??? she says with a grin:

that WALMART created this storm, only to "UP" their sales before the election or holidays..
((really, i DO know better, but the ALARMIST Newscasters & programs have gone waaaay beyond their normal coverage this time ~ dont'cha think???)))
oh my stars....don't get me started!!!!
Blessings from Notforgotten Farm...


kelley said...

you are nuts...exactly why I like you so much...WALMART created this storm...bwwwahahahaha...praying that it spins out to sea...

every day your blog is a joy...except when you lose a dear frined...furry or fowl...then it's a blow to all of our hearts...

collecting fabric to sit around in boxes and baskets is a marvelous obsession...one I hope to never lose...

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

I love to put new crafty things on display too. I will tuck things in my purse and set them out on my desk while I'm at work, lol. Crazy? Maybe a little. :-)

annie said...

love the new colors, and the box, Leatherwood? uuhhuumm?
Walmart profits, no matter what else occurs!

Pat said...

Holy Crow........You ladies had quite a day. As you left I said I didn't "need" anything. Maybe I should have gone down to Cottonwood to see what I may have "wanted".

Everyone be safe. This looks like an ugly storm!!

Cinlyn said...

What great finds! Always enjoy reading your blog....you are an inspiration!

Mouse said...

ooooo gorgeous finds and wonderful fabric .... just catching up and sorry about your wee duck :(

loved the tour of that house ... had to show to DH that I wanted my craft room to look like hers ... don't think it will happen any time soon ..lol
fingers crossed the storm isn't as bad as they are predicting .. take care :) love mouse xxxxx

NMK said...

We just came back from a Beautiful show we were set up in at Marlborough, Mass. It was the Folk Art Festival Of New England. If you ever came back East , this is a Must See show, but unfortunately, last year we had the October snow storm & were without power for 6 days !!! Lots of people missed coming to the show due to all the warnings, even on the Mass Pike signs were flashing & warning you ! We did okay, but worry about the many crafters who traveled from VA, PA, Ohio,NJ...we hope they all travel safely....Good Luck to you....it's no fun to be without power for more than 1 day !!!

Anonymous said...

Be safe with the incoming storm, Lori! Are you in the "snow" or rain band? We are slated for rain and wind! I think you should hunker down and craft away!

Robin in Virginia

PS Love your crate find from Leatherwood (the name of Patrick Henry's plantation in Henry County).

cucki said...

such lovely finds...i love reading your post so much..
big hugs xxx

*Kountry*Porch*Primitives* said...

Can't wait to see what you create, love that box. I agree, how wonderful would it be if things were still packaged that way?? getting ready for the storm here also in NW Pa....really?? We have never had warnings for hurricanes here. Hoping & praying we don't lose electricity!!! Happy creating & stay safe, dry and warm ~Kriss~

Bittersweetfolkart said...

Love your wonderful finds !

Well it has been no fun here for the past couple of days with sandy
so be safe out there!

Karen said...

Good morning Lori,
well I thought I had a 'fever' for fabrics till I read this post and then the one prior...oh my goodness you picked up some beautiful 'quarters' - I so love to 'look' at my fabrics too...they are decoration so to speak when not being made into something.
I am so sorry about the loss of Henry...this is so sad...I know it's part of living a rural life with animals but it still hurts deeply cuz we sure put them into our hearts don't we?
Thanks for sharing with us -your posts fill me with the things I love but can't always get to do myself. Guess I live through all my blog friedns who have talents way beyond what I ever expect to have.


Linda said...

I love the treasures you found! That crate with the Star of Henry on it! It was waiting for you to find it!

Linda in VA

Paula said...

Dear Lori, I love your pretty wools and fabrics. The old wooden box you store them in is perfection! I look forward to your online event! The black box and old cheese box are fantastic too! So glad you found something special from Virginia! I think it will make a perfect make~do pin keep! Keep safe during the hurricane. You and your dear ones are in my prayers! Many blessings, Paula

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