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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Losing it....

I'm losing my mind....

and I know I'm not alone....
you're out there too.
yes, you.
the one sitting there in your sweatshirt and pajama bottoms reading this blog.
and I think I'm going crazy!!

my hair hurts.
my skin crawls.
I have freezing cold sweats after 5 minute-long hot flashes
that are trying to make me spontaneously combust.
my feet & legs are no longer my own,
for now they have become
" temperature-regulators"
uncontrollably jut out from under my bedcovers at night...
then curl back up like the Wicked Witch of the East's red-glitter shoes
... under the weight of a house.
I can't find anything.
I forget what I'm saying in the middle of saying it,
I'm mean as a snake.
I know you are going through this too...
maybe together we can battle this?

I promise not to laugh at you
when you are sitting there crying while watching
a Charmin Toilet Paper commercial,
if you promise not to snicker
at my nonsensical ramblings about the price of cheese
and the state of the ....um...what was I saying?
oh, and if you have any hints as to how long this will last,
I'd appreciate it.

Blessings from the farm,
~ Lori ~


Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

I love your post, it made me chuckle a little bit, then I thought wait a minute it's true. It's funny than it's not, why don't men go through this? Prim Blessings! Robin

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

maybe we need a break from the men, Robin, hence the MEN - O PAUSE part?

Rugs and Pugs said...

Lori ~
All our problems start with men ~
menstruation, menopause, mental anguish :)
Oh, you don't want to know how long this can last!!! And just when you think it's getting better ~ WHAM! It's back again with a vengeance.
Pug hugs :)

Sherry said...

Men DO go through it,but they usually end up leaving their wives for a 20 something looking for a Sugar Daddy and buying a sports car!!!!

Jennie Lynn said...

Oh goodness. When that time of the month comes I look forward to the day when I will be free from these unwelcome visits. But now you gave me something else entirely to look forward to. Does it ever end?

Lindy said...


I am going on 8 years of hot flashes..yes 8! I use to have 6 per hour when I started down this road now I have 6 or 10 per day....depends on the stress level. If you can't sleep...(after 3 months of self not sleeping) I went to thee doctor and got the "patch". (not metabolized by liver as with the pills) Stayed on that for may 13 months. Good luck!

janeu729 said...

Lori, I was on the patch for about 5 years. It did really help. Now I take those OTC Soy pills. However, this is year 7 of the hot flashes, but they are less intense. What gets me the worst is the memory thing and the fear that it will worsen as time goes on. Do you think "memory" was originally "menory"?

The French Bear said...

Oh dear, I am laughing at the comments....women are so funny about the menopause thing......I haven't experienced a lot of it but sometimes the crabby part and the forgetfulness.....that I understand!!!
Hope someone comes up with a remedy for you!
Margaret B

Susannah said...

Great post!.....made me giggle and giggle!


krayolakris said...

In sweatshirt, pajama bottoms...and eating chocolate before lunch!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not alone....I don't have the bad hot flashes, or night sweats, just the everything hurts, something new hurts everyday. I'm 2 years in and I love not having the P's, but I'd take them back just to feel normal again! I've taken Elavil for 15 years for nervous colon...thankfully it also aids in menopausal symptoms, hence no hot flashes. (At least nothing like I've heard you all describe). OMG, this can last 8 years?..Why do men think no matter how old they get, they still deserve to be with a younger woman? Foooey on them, once through this, we will be the better than we've ever been, they'll be sorry they didn't ride it through.
Menopause - just a pause in the journey, making us take time to reflect and realize what is important, a pause in our lives to betterment. I believe it to be a state of Grace, be proud that you have made it to this point, many don't. Do you remember how devastating it was in the young years of your p's, didn't you think you were dying then too?? I know I did..not much different if you think about it!
Have a great day everyone..as hard as it may be..try to say no to hormones...they are pretty scary to me!

Grammee Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

I call it MENTAL - Pause! Because we do go a little crazy, don't we??

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

absolutely NO HRT for me,...NO SYNTHETIC HORMONES...I truly belive that my sister Jo's breast cancer was caused by her HRT, ...hot flashes versus cancer?...hmmm./..no brainer to me!

Margo said...

What did I just read? I would say it will pass in time but I'm getting really old and it is still here!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Yes, I agree with the others~ years ~ it can last for years! I took no hormones and am glad but I did get relief from an herbal supplement, Dong Quai ~ seriously ~ give it a try!! My feet are like a thermometer ~ I can cool off by hanging them out of the covers ~ still! And I'm a long way past menopause!! Good luck, girl!!!

Martin House said...

I just love that picture - I feel like that alot!!

angel parker said...

I love your post and all the resulting comments. It doesn't really seem fair that men don't go through this but you have to admit, they are not as good at handling pain and discomfort as women.

Denise said...


I love your blog, just haven't commented but when I saw this post, I had to join in. It's been three years for me. The hot flashes haven't been too bad however I do have memory problems and I usually stick my foot out from the covers also haha. The thing that bothers me most are the sleepless nights. Hang in there, you are in good company.

Melissa said...

Lori!!! I've been writing sporadically here and there on my blog about the insane six months I've been going through. My family must love me because I seem to be a different person every day.

I was searching for some homeopathic remedies for all the insanity, the bulk herb store has a menopause tincture, you mix the herbs with vodka, let it ferment or brew for a couple of weeks then take a few tablespoons everyday. They were sold out the last time I checked, my husband seems to think the vodka alone would cure my mood swings, LOL.

The mood swings are killing me! I mean I sit there and say, this is not real, the fact that there are no wheat thins in the house is not the end of the world, but at that moment, the wheat thin is the most important thing....EVER! And I begin sobbing uncontrollably. LOL

The research I've done has said that menopause can last ten years.

My husband says, "Bring on the vodka". LOL....

Witch of Stitches said...

Welcome to the world of power surges. Use them for your benefit, LOL!!! XO Very cute post!

edie said...

Oh, Lori, it does end. As someone else said, your feet are your thermometer, if you get hot, put your bare feet on a cold floor OR, now I did this after the nurse of my OB/GYN suggested it -- put an ice cube in your bra -- no I'm not well endowed, and no it won't show on your clothes and YES it helps. I was unable to take HRT, and I made it. Hold on to your sense of humor, and talk to your girl friends. This too shall pass. Oh, get one of those little battery powered handheld fans -- they do help. You'll make it!

Robin said...

Welcome to MY world girlfriend!!! You know I have said that this will be year 9 for me, and the day I turned 50 I thought maybe they would ease up a bit...WRONG. I should be a prune by now with as many showers as I take. There are no miracles, but there will be lots of laughs!!!! And this too shall pass...after YEARS and YEARS!!!!!!!!!

from me to thee......... said...

Lori, I am through this, lasted about 3 years, used natural HRT, worked pretty good, but $$$$$$$. I feel for you, because this is really a horrible time, but, yes it will pass....promise.

Lori Ann C. said...

Oh Dear Lori . . .
As they say, this too shall pass . . . but while it's here it will definitely make itself known! You have my sympathy and empathy! In this household one of the best coping mechanisms is definitely a sense of humor. On the part of myself as well as my husband! Maybe men don't have as severe a "change" as we do...but they suffer with us none the less. Or because of us! ha ha!
When I lower the heat, my husband puts on a sweater ..or two! Bless him! Thankfully after a few years it is getting better! This is the first winter in many that I can actually wear a turtleneck sweater again!!! I can't believe how excited I am about this, but it used to be my uniform and I have spent years in camisoles and cardigans for quick exit!
Be thankful for small victories! As for what to do . . .
I did take Estroven off and on. Tried natural HRT and both time bloated like a little piggy in 3 days. Decided to try the "graceful" unaided route! Note graceful is in quotes!
Also have 3 fans in the studio . . and paper ones everywhere! You will find that no matter where you are or who you are with...if a hot flash comes on you will grab ANYTHING that you can use as a fan!! Don't ever be embarrassed ! :-)
Best of luck . . . and remember just keep laughing! Even when you are dripping!

Lori Ann

Peggy Lee said...

I read your blog with every post but rarely comment (sorry)....
I HAD TO comment on this one because it is as if I wrote this post word for word. I just recently started experiencing hot flashes and mood swings (I will be 43 this summer). I was told I would go through it earlier than usual because I had a hysterectomy in my 20's. They left my ovaries so I didn't have to take hormones.
And oh... the comment about men going through this too but they end up leaving their wives for 20-something's who need a sugar daddy........I'm THAT GIRL!! :o)

Sheila said...

I am with Lauren and Melissa, OMG sometimes it is so tough!

oldecrow said...

Hopefully your symptoms won't last that long! For me ...about 8 months and done! Occasionally I might have a hot flash, but maybe only once or twice a year.I think I am very lucky though, some of my friends are having a rough time. I think we need to keep our sense of humor and just try to roll with it!Your doing a good job so far!

Gail said...

I still act like that!!! I thought it was just the way I was...my least favorite, hot feet. I find lotion helps or an ice pack.

Sandi said...

ohhh, LOL at Sherry's post!

sounds like my ex...and come to think of it, he still has that stupid sports car...
yep, yep, yep...it all starts with men...MENopause...

susiedele said...

By the time I got here to the comment box I forgot what I was gonna say.

Was I going up the stairs or down?

Now what was I looking for?

Did somebody turn up the thermostat?

Where did I park my car?

Oh, what fun!

Prairie Patch said...

This post made me chuckle! I'm in the throes of peri-menopause now, and my body doesn't know whether it wants to stop having periods or not. I skipped 7 cycles, then had 2 regular cycles, and now I've skipped a cycle - only to have about 4 weeks of PMS - lol!

I get the hot flashes from time to time. Mostly I have the joint pain and numbness in my legs and feet. Black cohosh tincture helps with the joint pain. So does chocolate!

peony said...

Hello Lori! I've been told by friends that they still have hot flashes - at 83 years of age. I have felt as you have-- going crazy- losing my mind, hot flashes every 15 minutes- all day long - that last about 8-10 minutes, start to finish. I started taking Estroven, maximum strength, which has helped lower the number of flashes per day, but doesn't eliminate flashing altogether. I don't have much of a sense of humor about it all--I hate it. "Rageing" is an unwelcome and involuntary symptom. I mostly am learning to manage the flashes: usually have a "sippy cup" of ice water around all day; wear v-neck or square neck tops; strip off layers when it comes on. The sooner I get cool air to my neck and chest, the quicker the flash goes away. In summer, will have to wear paper thin tops. I may have to design a tank top that will give maximum coverage and be "air conditioned" at the same time. I don't celebrate this "season" of my life-- it would be fine if not for the physical uncomfortable-ness. I'm just glad hubby understands- that's the best part.....

The Carolina Peddler said...

Lori, I can totally relate to all of it. I went thru all that for months on end. Just when I thought everything was getting better the wicked witch came alive and my family, grandkids included told me I'd lost my mind, I was mean, I was hateful...heck that didn't stop me...I didn't apologize I just held my head up and drove right thru those walls. I just figured after all the junk I've been thru I deserved to raise a little h**L...so I did...and I'm fine now...after all of that, my family and some of my friends cringe when the "mean looks" appear. I've done it all without any HRT or abc. I was adopted and I have NO family history so I just winged it.


Melody said...

Love your comment! I can relate!!

fun4teena said...

This is so funny!!! I just told my DR. why doesn't anybody ever talk about this :-) Had spine surgery 9 weeks ago and a 8 week period yuk!!! Told the doc I'm done can't do this anymore!!! So had another sort of surgery last week, can't remember the 2 things he did hahaha but things are looking up............hang in there everybody..........and keep talking about it!!!

Cinlyn said...

I'm right there with ya sister!

Cinlyn said...

I'm right there with ya sister!

Myriam said...

Madame Ménopause est aussi passée chez moi!!!!!!!

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