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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

the whole truth....

Howdy Folks!!!!

...you may have read Felicia's post,
and you may have read Robin's post....
here's what really happened:
a little stray kitty in line at the Simple Goods show...

one of the outside vendors....

some of the folks in line in front of us...

Ok folks,
I know you've been chomping at the bit to know,
so here's what REALLY happened at the Simple Goods show:

we had an absolute blast, but please know when three nuts gather together in one room,
after a 10 hour drive, in a car that talks to you (CONSTANTLY), driving through a freak snowstorm, getting bombarded by a humongous flock of blackbirds and almost running over an Amish buggy...
you tend to get a little,
we arrived at the hotel on friday eve ~ to find our friend Sherry, waiting patiently
(right Sherry?) for us...as our drive took longer than expected.
we got our room, went to dinner, then headed back to the room cause we were road-worn & nutty by 7:00...
Felicia decided to sleep,
I mean snore...
and Robin decided she needed coffee before bed.
so I layed in bed with Flea sawing ZZZZ's and everytime my eyes went shut,
Robin would start talking again...
now mind you, we needed to be up early, but Robin said she was getting up at 5:00 am~
okeedokee then, YOU go girl!
and she did.
by 5:15, she had started the gurgling/maniacal coffe pot, and was talking to it.
Felicia was now up and rarin' to go, having snored, i mean slept almost 12 hours ~
we headed out to breakfast & then got in line.
we froze our patooties off for a good 2 hours
as we waiting in line with the ever-growing throng of people...
we had a fire-pit, and hot spiced cider...we brought hand-warmers with us, but they didn't activate until after we were indoors, and in the throes of a hot-flash.
Robin headed east, Felicia headed North & I just kinda got lost in the middle somewhere~
everyone's booths were (as usual) beautifully decorated...
we saw Jimmy, Stephanie, Tiffany, Angela & Bobbette, Jackie & Derek, Kathy & Jack and Rachel, too...
we hunted and gathered & horded
and said "excuse me!, I'm Sorry & Ooopps!"
more times than I could count...
we bumped elbow, purses and fannies,
and Sherry ran over toes and re-arranged booths while she zipped around on her super-charged
let me tell ya folks~
Sherry is truly Hell on Wheels!

Robin & Sherry & I stayed at the show, and won door prizes (woohoo!)
and Flea went to town to an antiques show to buy more stuff
that we already couldn't fit into the now overloaded talking car...
we stayed at the show, circling the booths like already-fed-but gluttenous-sharks,
picking over the last remains of one terrific buying frenzy,
as the exhausted vendors simply humored us with,
"are you still here?"...
afterwards, John came to pick up Sherry~
we stuffed her goods and scooter into their van and wished them well on their journey home.
and after what seemed like a thousand trips up to our room, carrying our plunder,
we stood in front of what was our beds to find piles of stuff...no...mounds of stuff.
we ordered pizza, salad & cinnamon-dough-things...ate too much, got in our jammies and sat in our now cleared beds watching "Mayberry RFD" reruns while stitching....
Aaahhh...Life is Good!
The next morning we woke, showered,
dressed and left what was a perfect time with my friends in my book...
on our way home we stopped at more antiques shops and crammed more into the backseat of the car where Flea was....
so much fun!
Robin is a Professional Shopper, no doubt...
she could buy the pants off the Preacher if she wanted to...
Flea is a Professional Packer and can fit anything anywhere, anytime...
...and as for me?
I'm blessed to have such friends that I can laugh with, sleep with and create such wonderful memories.
and you can bet your woolen britches we'll be at the show in April....
~together again~

Blessings from the Farm,


Kattywhompus Primitives said...

Great recap Lori! Next year everyone will want to bunk in your room! It was so good to meet you Saturday. :)


Sherry said...

I DID NOT run over ANY Toes!!!!!

It is now Tuesday and my body is still trying to recover from one of the bestest times of my life!!!!

AND we're still trying to hang that big ol red shelf I bought LOL!!

The Queen

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

sounds perfect!

SUE said...

Yes, it sounds like a great time. What a blessing to have such wonderful friends! SUE

janeu729 said...

WOW!! It sounds like you all had a wonderful, fun time.

Carmen at Primcatshouse said...

Another brave one tackles the Simple Goods Shoe and wins a plunder!!!!

It was an amazing show! It was my first time and I loved it! I can't wait until the april show!!! Hope to see you there.

Carmen and the Primcats

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