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Monday, October 4, 2010

Quiet Chaos

I want to come back as a cat in my next life.
well, let me state clearly,
that I want to come back as a cat only if I get an owner like ME....

This is Tippy.
our Maine Coon, & Senior resident
here in the farmhouse.

Tippy is very aloof, quiet (except when she's hungry)
and we hardly ever see here (read above)...
she is utterly nocturnal, and sleeps, oh...around 22 hours a day/night

I wish I could nap like she does....
lulling myself to sleep at the drop of a mouse or twitch of a whisker.
I am not a napper.
occasionally you'll find me curled up on the couch, but usually that's when I'm sick
or at night watching a movie....
Lately, Tippy's favorite place to hang out is this workroom.
among clutter, wool & fabric scraps,
piles of books and magazines and tangles of thread...
but she'll have to lounge somewhere else today.
I am moving furniture and finally cleaning up this room:

i really do have beautiful hardwood floors,
but you just can't see them....

and bins....
yes, those ugly-but-practical things that are overflowing with 'stuff'...
...they will finally go up onto the new shelves
and my laptop will finally go into the computer cabinet
that was meant to hold it, not other 'stuff'.

So sweet Tippy, sleep now...
(did I mention that she snores like a 300lb truck driver?)

~I'll work around you....

Blessings from the Farm,


Farm Field Primitives said...

I have always said the same thing about being a house cat in my next life. How great would that be??

Too funny.....your word verification is make dos.

Tina Eudora said...

Dear Lori, I too have many many totes filled to the brim and sometimes it is hard to even remember what the heck is in them anymore...sigh...I do hope I get the ambition to reorganize like you are.
As for sweet Tippy, I have 12 of the little beggers and they all love to nap on whatever they see me working on. I can lay anything down where they can have access, everything must be put in drawers..lol.
Have a sweet day and snooze on Tippy!
Tina xo

Robin said...

Yes...and when you are finished there...you are headed here,correct? I thought so. Glad we are such good friends!! Love ya, and give Tippy a pat for me.

Jacque said...

Wish I had your ambition. enjoy your organizing and give Tippy a pet on the head for me.

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