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Thursday, December 10, 2009

{ coming soon }

I have been trying all day to put an annoucement up oon my sidebar here on this blog.
for some reason, it won't let me...
I'm posting this here, in hopes that it will work somehow, too...
I will be posting
(on said sidebar...hrrrrumph!)
the Winter/Spring 2010 Shop Class Schedule

I've been getting emails & calls from some of you
who would like to take some of the aforementioned classes,
but I don't have the particulars worked out yet for dates/times...
SO until I can't get the kinks worked out of my schedule AND this blog,
please accept this post as the announcement!
thank you.

I'm getting this shop arranged and (almost) ready for staurday...
the weather is suuposed to be sunny, but cold...heck, I'll take it!

I have to get my basket & long-jane's on
(yes, I wear long-jane's...I'm a girl...only boys wear long-john's!!)
and head out to my woods to gather some fresh pines & berries to decorate with.
I'll do that tomorrow, the fresher the greens, the better...
and bake cookies, and print out patterns, and, and, ....
oh yes, work on my rug when I get a moment!
(p.s. thanks for the emails regarding my chairpad on ebay...it is pretty, isn't it!)
Okeedokee...going to click the 'publish post' buttoon and see if it will work this time...
wish me luck?


1 comment:

janeu729 said...

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!!

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