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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Have you EVER??????

Seen a little gold beetle-bug like this???
forgive me if I sound shocked, ...but...
I AM!!!!

I was sweeping off the front porch of the shop just a little while ago,
and in the dirt pile was a sparkling little 'something'...
crawling along slowly but surely, trying not to end up
in my dust pan...
now we have our fair share of bugs here in the south, mind ya'll....
beetles like I've never seen...even ones with horns like a rhinocerous!!
but this little fellow is just precious...

I let him scedaddle away...
hopefully off to brighten someone else's day
and not be eaten!!!

please let me know if any of you out there know what he's called...
for now, I'll call him
Hot weather is doing a number on us here...
our poor gardens are just about spent now, and everything
(including me!) is wilting!!
It's too hot to even be in here (shop), so I'm heading
back into the cool old farmhouse...
I'll have a nice drink of homemade iced lemonade
and a slice of cherry pie for lunch,
then back to stitching in the AC!!!!
Stay COOL Friends~
Blessed be!!


sandi said...

Hey Miss Lori - that looks like a golden tortoise beetle. Mostly known to love morning glory vines - have not seen any here in Texas but think they're a nice bug as bugs go! Still mulling over your spec posts - I haven't been to an eye doc since I was 20 - and that was NOT exactly yesterday. Maybe your post will get me in for a check - would be nice to see my handwork for a change!

Constance said...

When I was little there used to be lots of beetles here in Eastern NC. They were green and we called them June Bugs. I haven't seen one in years and I have never seen a sparkly gold one. Thank you for sharing! We've had our share of heat here too and I'm just waiting for Autumn.

janeu729 said...

It was so good to see you, today!
Stay cool, de-stress, relax and enjoy all the beautiful things around you.
Big Hugs....

taylors*farmhouse*attic said...

The weather has been horrible here in Georgia all summer!!...I'm so ready for Fall...Stay cool and stitch, stitch, stitch....Then share with us what you've been stitching!!!...I'm starting on some samplers with my antique boxes I paint~~hugs,Jen

Sheri said...

Hi Lori, it looks like a baby Japanese beetle to me! And if it is, he isn't so sweet. He will skeletonize the leaves of your pretty flowers and plants !!! Preferably your rose bushes. Pretty, but BAD...

IsabellasCloset said...

Hello, I've seen this precious little gold bug/beetle here at my cottage....it was last summer (North east Ohio) and I found 2 eating away on my morning Glory plants. I could not believe my eyes finding the 2 very gold little bugs! I've not seen them again. Sorry wish I knew more about them.. "Midas" is a great name for him..
Love your blog!
blessings ~Mary~ :-}

William Bezek said...

Looks like baby Japanese beetle, and will eat everything in your garden in a matter of weeks, evil little things!

vintagepaletteart said...

I had one of these too this summer on my variegated sweet potato vine. It was eating holes all over my plant! I don't think these are baby japanese beetles however. It was more like a ladybug with it's little legs not visible and more helmet like in shape. I caught mine and put it in a container where it changed color! It's shell went all clear! I let it go after that and haven't seen it since.

=o) *Lori

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