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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Hall of SHAME ~

every once in a while,

(well, mayybe more often than that even...)

Some Kind Soul emails me, to enlighten me to a new
pattern or design on the market
that closely resembles one of my own...

this happend yesterday, as I received an email from
a very upset customer and follower of my work
(thank you so much)
to let me know that my
cross stitch design that was released in 2007,
was being used as 'inspiration' for a new design from
Waxing Moon called: Witches Dance (?)
above you can see my original copyright(C) design...
here is the link for 'theirs':
please correct me if I'm wrong, but this is just a little too 'inspired' for me...
SOOOooooo, being the gracious, yet professional person that I am,
I emailed them.
Short & Sweet.
To the POINT., and wishing them well on their journey.
I'm not mean, nor usually critical, but it burns me up when this happens...
and I just can't help but speak my mind.
My continued Heartfelt Thanks to my loyal customers
and followers of my Folk Art, for always standing by me...

it hurts terribly when this happens, as it has in the past,
and probably will again sometime in the future...
a person such as myself stumbles, strives and eventually,
with the help of Folks like you...
I value each & everyone of your opinions,
PLEASE leave me a comment letting me know how you feel?
Blessed be,


Margaret said...

Sorry, that's blatant plagiarism. Straight copy of your piece, but in one color. Geez! I've always loved your original. That's the one I'll stick with.

Cathy B said...

Wow -- that's pretty much the same as your design!

Very sad.

Anonymous said...

Frankly I think it looks exactly like you art piece. The witches are holding 2 owls - geeeeez think that they thought this would make it different. You should remind them of the copyright laws.

magikalseasons said...

I love your work and they stole it! Copyright laws should protect you. I've been seeing a lot of this lately. I'm sorry. I think they should find their own style and not take yours. The change of color makes no difference! You work is yours and yours alone! Becca

clothnclay said...

Oh! I have always loved your Artist's Statement and never thought "imitation was the best form of flattery". Even though it shows that obviously, others really like your work, I think it still hurts. Good for you, letting them know that you are aware of the "similarity" of their pattern to yours. Your work is beautiful AND original! Becky

Jennifer said...

I would be quite upset to see this. I would persue any and all legal interventions to reprimand this copyright violation.
I'm so sorry to see this happen to you. Your original is the prettiest though. But, again, I would persue quiet legal intervention. It has to be stopped because if they did it one time, they will do it again, maybe not your design but another persons.
Just my opinion.

Jennifer Dalenberg

It's me ...Mavis said...

Hi Lori,
I think it's close....not exact but you can see where they pretty much copied it. The other thing I noticed was if you click on her "other" designs...they do not have that primitive folk art look to them at all...at least not in my mind...they look more country. hmmm

farmgirl beth said...

Booooo... Hissssss...

Jeannine 520 said...

Ouch, that's horrible! I'm sorry this has happened to your design, it must be incredibly frustrating. I can't see how that can be coincidental. :-(

Katrina said...

Wow, I have to say I agree with you! It's just way to close to be considered original. It's small comfort but I think yours is so much nicer.

Constance said...

Hi Lori,
I don't publish much of my work because usually I sew and and paint just for myself or friends and family. Sometimes I will see things very similar ( real similar) to my designs but I have to write it off to "like minds" however your work truley has it's own person artistic stamp and this surely looks like a copy to me. I'm so sorry.

Barbi said...

Oh my gosh!!!! It's practically the same! The concept and everything. Stinky Business Waxing Moon! NOT NICE!!!!
I'm angry right along with you Lori, sorry this happened.

Deb said...

Wow, that is absolutely awful what she did. I would be extremely angry. It's like she took your design, added a couple little things and some color and called it her own. I think I would pursue some type of legal recourse. It's blatant plagerism!!

missy said...

OUCH!!! That is just to close to your original design. I see more and nore of this lately!!

Stay strong and secure that your an original!!

Sandi said...

well, that's just not right...

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Wow! Absolute plagiarism.. I'd like to reiterate what Beth said above - Boo Hisssss on Waxing Moon.

Nancy said...

First I have to tell you that I stitched and had framed Giving Sisters the year it was released, and I love it! As of now it's my favorite Halloween sampler. I can't believe Waxing Moon had the nerve to release this design! If they can't use their own imagination maybe they shouldn't release the pattern.

The Evening Stitcher said...

WE need to rally and email the people at "Waxing Moon" and inform them, that we, as stitchers, do not appreciate nor will WE do business with a company that practices plagiarism! It is blatent, disgusting, and I for one..will never purchase anything from them again! We need to support Lori & other designers who work so hard in creating patterns for all of us to enjoy!


Patti said...

I'm sorry to see this Lori. I've heard of this happening to other designers as well. One told me that if it is altered a certain percentage they can issue the pattern. Isn't that crazy?! I've also heard that it is so expensive to legally pursue this type of infringement.

I think it is fun to purchase a pattern and make changes to colors etc. while stitching it. But to release and sell a pattern so close - that's insanity!!!

We can all vote with our wallets and buy the patterns from the true artists like Lori!

Blessings, Patti

pj said...

I agree with all your friends who have posted comments. That is truly sad that a fellow designer would take such a step in the wrong direction and then release it for sale. I will not be purchasing any of their designs either. Creativity is free to all so why copy others? My oh my, greed is showing its ugly face again. I hope you pursue this. pj

OldeThreads said...

There are some people out there Lori that just can't be original, they ride along on others designs. So sad. Hang in there, at least people recognize who really designed the pattern.

Shelley said...

Well, I'm going to go against the crowd here - always dangerous on the internet. :)

I looked at both pictures closely, and had my husband and son look at them. We agreed that while they are similar, we would not say that the WM design is definitely a copy. We're not experts in the field, just our opinion. I've seen this style of witch all over the place in all sorts of media - it's a very popular motif right now in crafty circles. Seriously - witches facing a cauldron have been around since Shakespeare. I see differences in the owl, the torso, the cauldron, the steam and the border. It's an iconic motif, and yours is a lovely interpretation, but since this is a legitimate designer, I would be hesitant to label her as unethical.

An idea is not intellectual property, the interpretation is. It's often been said that there are only five plots for a novel, and the same principal is true for all art. In an age where an unprecedented number of people are expressing their creativity, and trying to make a living from it, it is inevitable that some of the things produced would be similar.

I hope this isn't taken as trolling or flaming, as I am a loyal fan and love your designs.

William Bezek said...

They have some nerve! Inspiration indeed. Thievery I say!

Anonymous said...

Too close, when you like an artist you can pick her work out of a crowd, & this is how I am drawn to Lori's work. After looking at the other artist's work this does not appear to be her own unique style.

This is not the first so I can understand your frustration, I've seen another copy that you could practically place on top of your work it's so close!

Everyone is entitled to an opinion:)


A customer/friend, after seeing many likenesses of our work in other places made me a sign that hangs in the cellar doorway of the store. It simply reads.."A COPY IS NEVER AS GOOD AS THE ORIGINAL" !! It helps to read that every once in awhile. Sorry this happened...BUT ...the copy is not nearly as good as the ORIGINAL!

Terri M said...

When I first saw Waxing Moon's design, I was dumbstruck. I'm glad someone told you. It's far too similar to be a coincidence.

Suzie said...

Lori, apparently the people at Waxed Moon Designs agreed with you, too. They have honored your copyright after bringing it to their attention, because the pattern is currenly no longer availabe at ABC Stitch.

I did see it before it was removed, and it amazed me that they thought that they could change a few little details, but then keep others besides the main theme, down to the fringe on the bottoms of the dressees, and the same shapes of the brims on the hats, and the curlique of the the crown, among others, then pass it off as their own!

But, even then, their pattern didn't hold up to your original. It lacked the charm, and was emotion-less to me.

So congratulations, Lori! You stood up for what was rightfully yours, and in a nice way, and you were successful! What a great way to end an ugly situation!!

Lori said...

absolutely a wonderful way for a situation to end...she has earned my respect now for righting a wrong....

thanks everyone!
Blessed be~

Julie's Keepsakes said...

I didn't get to see what theirs looked like. They must have taken it down already.

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