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Friday, March 6, 2009

What A BEEautiful Day!!!!!!

Spring-like weather again...
temps in the 60's...all the snow is GONE!
So, for my daily walk, I opted to go down the back of the farmhouse
to where the creek runs...
the water was running steadily, from the melting snow on the Blue Ridge Mountains....
fresh, clear, crisp, cold spring water....Ahhhhh...
I can see new moss growing on the rocks, the forsythia bushes are ready to *pop*
and the pussywillows that my friend Jane gave me have sprouted tiny, hair-like roots.
I'll plant these down next to the cool creek, where they grow best...

the view from the creek
As you can see, the hill behind our house lolls down to the creek...
it's this hill that will become blazen with yellow & white daffodil,
tiny, tri-blossom narcissus and
even tinier grape hyacinth...
of course, I'll post pictures when they are in full bloom!

Yesterday, I went to one of my fav antique malls,

Blue Moon Antiques
here in Nelson Co.

I found this sweet as a button child's wheelbarrow!!!
(Thanks Joan, you always have thee best stuff!!!)

I plan on filling it up with easter eggs, then I think I'll put in a nice little potted ivy...It may stay on my harvest table, or it may move to my dry sink...

I'll let you know where it ends up!

Hannah has been practicing after school until 8:00 pm for 3 weeks now ~
She has 3 parts in the high school musical, "The Wedding Singer"
it is based in the 1980's and she is getting quite the kick out of my old pictures of my with my HUGE hair, humongo earrings & shoulder pads...we've found some excruciatingly gaudy bridesmaids dresses in teal & peach (what were we thinkin?) so she can wear for her parts...we also found a pair of shiny pleather skin-tight leggings for her to wear under a black sequined miniskirt...
(watch out Madonna!!)

Opening night is on March 13, a week from tonight.
I can't tell you how proud we are of her,
she maintains an A/B average, is in French, Drama, Concert Band and is always in a good mood lately...although she's tired, she hasn't complained one bit...

(I'm so proud of you my little honeygirl!)

Who knows, maybe I'll be at the Oscars someday watching her acceptance speach?

did you see the fluttering of crows wings on my sidebar?
have you clicked on them to see where they might take you?
if you did, please let me know what you think by leaving a comment or two over there...
I'm really excited about it!!!

Well folks, off to the farmhouse,...that little needle weaving I started the other day STILL isn't finished...I do get sidetracked with other creative endeavors, but I will post pics of it when I'm done!
Speaking of which, I do think I'll write alittle instruction booklet for those that would like to learn Needle Weaving...seems like that is the popular vote!!!

I'm always pleased when you come in & visit with me,
and as you know, I like to email you back when you leave me comments...
it fills my heart to know that my blog makes you happy!!!

Have a *PEACEFUL* evening...
take the time tonight to visit the night & the beautiful sky....



Julie's Keepsakes said...

I like the Halloween blog ~ great idea, Lori!

I love that wheel barrel. What a fantastic little find. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

Congrats to your daughter - how special!

Cindy Lu said...

Hey Lori,
I love your new halloween blog. You always have such great ideas.

susiedele said...

Oh!...I have a 'thing' for old wheelbarrows. What a great find.

I followed your crows and loved your tall tale. That was fun. You are clever.

Goody Goody for the needle weaving booklet. I wanna try it.


Sherry said...

You do know,My Little Buddy,that The Queen collects those wheelbarrows don'tcha?????????????
Maybe the place that it should settle is MY house?????

The Queen

Jo James said...

WHat a charming little wheelbarrow. Filling it with Easter eggs sounds like a perfect centerpiece.
I'm so glad to have discovered you blog (I didn't know you had one).
I really enjoyed your "darker" blog too.
Looking forward to seeing you around EHAG!
Hugs- Joee

janeu729 said...

Your great finds always make me want to hit the antique/thrift stores!!
Get ready to fire up those woodstoves, again. Chilly weather's comin' back.

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