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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some Farmhouse Photos and other stuff! !!

Thought I'd snap a few photos of my little farmhouse for you...

I've been 'spring-cleaning' a bit...
(can't wait till the woodstoves are all finished for the season
and I can get the soot off of the windows !!)

I thought you'd like to see this little wood carrier that I keep my floss in...

...this is my very favorite little hooked rug..don't you just love it?

~ our dining room ~

~ our 'front parlor' ~

an old, OLD bent twig rocker that has rocking chair
rockers...a true make-do piece and I found it at
the dump!

I did end up putting a big, beautiful potted ivy
in that child's wheel barrow...so pretty!

Well, I took a fall last night.
46 years old & still falling down.
(stop laughing Sherry!)

I was helping my husband bring in our two baby guinea hens for the night...
one of them was in a tree above our duck's run, and the other was on top

of the chicken coop.

Peter grabbed the frist one, and said to me
"why don't you climb up on the chicken coop & get the other one?"

Now, why do I listen?

So I climb up...grab the guinea and go to turn around and jump down
(I was up about 5 feet off the ground)
well, my feet didn't cooperate, and did I mention I wasn't
wearing my glasses and that it was dark out?



I went to take a step back, got my heel caught on the ramp to the coop
and started falling backwards, guinea still in hand...

well, knowing she could fly & I couldn't, I let her go...
Up and Over me she went...
Up and Over me went my feet, and

Down I landed.
5 feet down, in the chicken yard,
...in chicken poop.


I banged up my left shin
(from the falling wooden ramp, which landed on me)
scraped up my right arm/elbow
(from landing on the ground)

and have a big old black & blue on my hiney.

and I smelled reeeally bad....

remind me again why I listed to my husband?
who, by the way, was in the duck's coop yelling:
"are you ok? are you OK????"

I couldn't breathe, but squeaked out the words,

now here he comes running, in the dark, with a guinea baby in his hand...
and what do you think he said to me when he stumbled over me in the dark?

"*you broke my ramp*".

....remind me again why I listen to him?

ahhhh.....22 years of wedded bliss....


connie said...

"you broke my ramp" LMAO..you should have told your husband he could spend the night in the duck's coop..LOL..sorry you were hurt but thank goodness nothing was broke..

connie said...

oops sorry I forgot to say I love the photo's of your house..

Kath said...

Oh I love your pics, just beautiful!
Like that wooden carrier you keep your floss in!

i didn't mean to giggle about your tumble! but that was a funny story!
So glad you didn't get hurt badly!


Kathy (woolfind) said...

I giggled too, but I hope you aren't too sore today. Love the pictures of your home. Very sweet.

UPON A HILL said...

Oh your house pictures are so beautiful. I would love to find a chair like that at the dump! Sorry about your rump, hoping that you are feeling better!

Rosie said...

You broke my ramp? i think my hubby would have been enjoying something other than a broken ramp had he said that to me....LOL
You have a lovely home, so nice to see it. Love the rug!


Your home pics look like a "real" home - warm and cozy - easy to live in. Love the little wheelbarrow and all your treasures scattered about.
I giggled also about the description of your fall...YIKES...bet you hurt today!

Bobbie said...

Love your cozy farmhouse, Lori! That is too funny, well, not "too" funny about you falling! Glad your weren't hurt! I love your ivy...I can't grow a houseplant to save my soul...can't even grow a sweet potato vine.


Katy said...

Your home is beautiful! Thank you for sharing the pictures! I wish i could come over and visit!!! :)
I am so sorry you had such a fall! I hope you are OK!!!

At the Honeysuckle Tree said...

Very cozy looking, Lori!!!
Take care - ouch.


Sherry said...

I love love love your farmhouse!! If you were referring to me about laughing -- uh, it was a little too deja vu not to laugh a little bit!! I have had pretty much the same fall happen to me under different circumstances! Fun to see your feet about your head isn't it! Hope you feel better soon! Bruises aren't fun!

basketsnprims said...

Love your cozy farmhouse. I hope you aren't sore & achy today. Cute story.

Cinlyn said...

Way to go grace...um..I mean Lori! You are sure to be sore for a spell...hope it's not too bad!
Loved the peek into the farmhouse! the hooked rug is beautiful & that quilt draped over that twig rocker! Love it!
Speaking of rocker...when I had my shop, one of the guys that consigned with me brought in an old chair...nothin' fancy, but it had SPRINGS, like bed springs, attached to the front legs of the chair...talk about make do!! Interesting conversation piece!
Well, stay in & take it easy today...have tea & do needle work...no climbin'!

primitivebettys said...

OUCH! Lori, I hope your bruises are healing!

ctlogcabin said...

Thanks for the tour, love seeing your farmhouse, very warm, cozy, and homey. Hope you are alright today, scary when we fall isnt it, ya never know what you hurt. And then add insult to injury you broke my ramp...lol Gee they are all the same, mine would have started to yell out of nerves. You are so right why do we listen to them. lol Thanks for sharing your story, and your home.
Hugs ~ Connie xox

janeu729 said...

Lori, Hope you're not too achy today. What a calamity that must have been. When something goes wrong at our house I usually get..."What did you do to the______ ?"fill in TV, computer, car, flashlight...etc.
Gotta love 'em. We celebrate 39 years of wedded bliss on the 21st.

Love your house pics. Coming to your place is always a special occasion!!

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