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stands a humble little farmhouse wearing chippy white paint and a rusty tin roof...
it's here at our beloved Notforgotten Farm that you will find us...chasing our kittens, puttering in the herb gardens, or talking to the trees.

Our Needlework Shop & Studio
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ph. 434-263-6508
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Due to Covid-19 Health restrictions, the Shop & Studio at Notforgotten Farm is CLOSED until further notice...

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

~ Tuesday Morning Musings ~

…Good Morning!

our garden is growing!
~ my farmer is beaming!

squash, beans, tomatoes ~
corn onions & peppers…

leeks, white eggplant ~ lettuce!

cukes & zucchini too !

 A Happy Garden = A Happy Farmer
{hmmm….a sampler?}

here is my sewing box.
well, another sewing box…that is.
{I have many}

this is the one I use for my cross stitch ~
{I have one for each of my needle crafting}

I generally dislike the fabrics that are on the sewing boxes we find at Joanns & other crafts stores…
but this one, with it's graphic black & white somehow appealed to me ~
{plus I knew I could 'fix' it by staining/painting it}

I simply spritzed it with my walnut/spice dye ~
then added my touch to the lid & innards ~

on went the little cross stitched piece first:

...then on to the embellishing part!

~ I love little charms, so I had to attach some of my very favorite ones ~
using rusty safety-pins of course ;)
buckels & clasps & keys and ribbons….
the little basketful of ducks & the spider-web came from Kathy Barrick ~ them, love her.

I added a red calico heart & a wool strawberry too ~

I stained it too.

then added old photographs, antique pins & needle books ~

the little tart-tin holds my beeswax & magnetic needle-minder, 
while my giant stork scissors wait patiently to help with another project.

a tangle of threads on a huge safety-pin
are waiting in the wings for my sampler-in-progress to be finished,
...then they will be safely tucked away below this tray.

yes, that is $$ you see clipped on to my tiny-but-powerful Ott light ~
... every girl needs Mad Money you know!

underneath the tray you'll find linen, tiny wooden hoops, a sketchbook ~
and a small plastic box that holds my DMC thread cards.
{I need to get a few more of these boxes ~ one for my Weeks' & another for my GAST threads!}

while at the PSS Retreat this past Spring, I had the pleasure of meeting the girls from
and I bought these beautiful hand-dyed pins from them…
I will be using them in a future needlework finish, but for now ~
 they rest in my sewing box
...just being pretty to look at!

here is the progress I've made on my 'Huswifery' sampler ~
coming along nicely ~ and I'm loving the colors….

…and speaking of colors, since everyone has been sharing rainbows ~
~ here's mine.

Today is my sweet Mother's 85th birthday!
Elda Elizabeth Geiste Reed Berke Smith
 {a.k.a. 'Aunt Sissy' or 'Sis'}
the youngest of 6 children born to Pa German parents ~ born in 1930 in Harrisburg PA.

Happy Birthday Mommy ~ we love you a whole bunch!
see you soon ~

~ Blessings from the Farm ~

Sunday, June 28, 2015

~ Juggling ~

...did you all know that I can juggle?
yep I can.
~ both relatively & figuratively.

I can juggle those little bean-filled balls 
{so as not to hurt myself}
and I can keep them in the air for quite the little while.

I taught myself how to juggle back when I quit smoking ~
many many moons ago.
and I can juggle the checkbook, the farm chores, the shop chores too ~
all while I'm juggling life-in-general.

Peter can juggle too,
tho he is more of a 'professional' than I am.
He can actually juggle those shiny-plastic purple & silver pins you see at county fairs…
he can also juggle knives {machetes ~ somewhat-dull, of course} 
a few of you have even seen him juggle fire.
that's right ~ 
my man can juggle flaming torches soaked in oil & set ablaze 
….to the astonishment of myself and many!!!

Peter is also a juggler of life ~ 
he manages to keep many things going for us here on the farm ~
... he helps me with every-little-thing and does so with love.
sometimes things don't go smoothly and something will inevitably fall out of motion 
and kink up the whole shebang.

I'm sure many of you reading this can relate
and are expert-jugglers too ~
we should all run away & join the circus!

...but then again, 
isn't life somewhat a circus at times itself?

ah well,
that's when we pick up whatever has fallen,
dust it off and begin again….


I have been working on my
"Huswifery" design that I stared a few weeks ago ~

the hot temps & humidity has kept me indoors as of late
and I try to put that to good use.

my favorite stitching spot

using my favorite tiny hoop, gold needle and favorite scissors ~
slowly coming to life in thread…

I have been charting other cross stitch designs
~ as well as sketching new punch needle designs…
{there's that juggling-thing again}

I have three names chosen for my upcoming cross stitch designs ~
I have chosen three wonderful stitchers to help me!
the names of the designs and who will be stitching them are as follows:

"Hallowe'en Treat Bag" ~ being stitched by Jim Waldecki
"The House that Jack Built" ~ being stitched by Pat Simon
"Olde Mustarde Moone" ~ being stitched by April Whitaker

all three of these fine-folk are members of our beloved
Prim Stitchers Society group on Facebook ~
{link to group on my sidebar --->}

I'm excited about adding new stitchers to help with my models ~
and I cannot wait to share the finishes with you all…

I have so many designs in my head they need to get out!

sometimes I just can't do it all.
that being-human-thing I guess…

this stitch-in-progress, "Huswifery" ~
 is being stitched by me in between the house-cleaning, 
~ order-filling, banking, shipping, laundry 
and any/everything else that happens to come my way daily…

it will all get done, 
… as everything good usually does :)

what are you juggling lately?
….taking care of your family?      …. tending your garden?        …. work?

whatever it might be ~
remember to keep those balls in the air,
and if one should fall
it is OK.
 it is always OK….

just toss it back up there and keep going!

where you'll find me ~

~ Blessings from the Farm ~

Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Delightfully Dreary Day ~

My mother can attest to the fact that I love rainy days ~
always have ~ always will.

today, between running back & forth 
from shop to farmhouse, farmhouse to shop…

I stopped for a moment to enjoy the cool-dampness ~
{not that we haven't had humidity, but this is different.}

moisture-loving boston fern drinking it in ~

some of our hosts have bloomed again ~ seems early to me this year?

beautiful digiplex/foxglove wearing shades of pink

puddles in the stone

our farm-bell shines in the mist ~ {Roxy in the distance}

I've been accomplishing a lot lately 
{i think so anyway!}

I've been going through 'things' here in the farmhouse
 and the shop and am preparing to make a few changes in the decor of both…

nothing drastic, no major renovations…
just some new paint-colors and new curtains ~

I want to organize my sewing room a little better too…
and look who is here lending a paw:

my grand dog 
~ Willie Nelson ~

hi willie!

well, actually he was snoring resting in my stitching chair when I snapped these….


….see how helpful he is?


the rain makes us both lazy, and I would love to join you Willie,
~ but I will get back to my work now.


Hoping you are all enjoying good company & the weather, 
wherever you are...

~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Howdy ~

...just a brief post to say
~ that our Summer House Scissors Fob Class
on Saturday July 18th is Full!
class begins at 10:00 a.m. 'til 3:00

I cannot wait to see everyone :)

to give myself a break from sketching, drafting, designing and stitching...
like many of you,
....I visit Pinterest ~
{ ~ You can visit my Pinterest Boards ~ Here }

I found this beautiful rendition of White Work Embroidery ~
it is loverly, don't you think?

~ white-work ~

I am hoping to incorporate something like this 
....into my Yuletide/Christmas designs ;)


*Friendly Reminder*
the Farm Shop will be
C L O S E D 
until July 11th ~ it's just too hot in there for guests,
 plus I am doing some much-needed shop inventory, 
getting the July/Aug/Sept 
Little Stitches Handwork Club kits 
ready to go!


~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

July 18th Class & other News ~

~ Good Morning Friends & Folk ~

another hot one in the works…hoping you're all keeping safe & cool in this heat-wave!
it is WAY too early for this heat, me thinks…
can't wait until August {not.}

I have finished up the little
Summer House Scissors Fob class project model
that I showed you yesterday ~

here it is :)

~ all done ~

I added tassel made from beautiful Valdani pearl cotton
{"Terra Cotta Twist" ~ O510}
...a wonderful mix rust & burnt-orange shades 
that I think lend nicely to the  DMC thread colors used in this stitch ~

I love the way the Valdani pearl cotton has a 'frizzled'-look to it…
it is #8 weight, so not too thick for a tassel 
{and perfect weight for my punch needle too!}

I am putting together a new Designer Collection of Valdani colors, 
to go along with my upcoming
Autumn & Hallowe'en punch needle designs ~ 
{{you can find my "Spring" by Notforgotten Farm Valdani Designer Collection: HERE}}

….look for more news on that real soon!!!!!

the little scissors are just another pair in my ever-growing collection
 and are available from 

these scissors are aptly named "Vintage Black"

I have just a few spots left if you'd like to join us for this class ~
you can call the studio at 434-263-6508 
or email me at to reserve your chair!

I will be serving refreshments ~ 
brewed sweet tea & fresh-baked treats :)

Hoping you all have a bee-you-tea-full Summer's day my friends!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Little Houses & Last Day of Summer-Hop!

Greetings Friends & Folk!

Today I am finishing up the small project for our 
July 18th Cross Stitch Class
here at the Farm Shop….

I figured there was such a nice response to my Summerthyme Blog Hop 
that I would make another, yet different motif ~ 
for this class….

{we have a FEW spots open for this class, if you are interested please email me at}
class size is limited ~ class fee is $28.00

i love this huge thread ring that friend Joan gave me ~

it was SOOOO hot yesterday the chickens were laying hard-cooked eggs.
but it was really hot.

so after morning chores I hunkered down into the chill of the AC
and stitched away….

do you have a favorite hoop?

Using my favorite tiny wooden hoop,
a piece of my hand dyed 30ct Old Farmhouse Linen ~
and a few threads of Summer-y colors
...I let my needle bring my idea to life.

~ ' a stitch a day keeps the madness away ' ~
ok, not completely true, but it rhymes ;)

the whole time spent stitching I was dreaming up all-sorts of wonderful things….

~ some new paintings, new paper cuttings, new punched designs & wool appliqué 
a few hooked wool pieces too ~ so I had to get my sketchbook out and jot them down on paper.

and all are in an  Autumnal frame-of-mind…
{maybe I had the AC down a little too much? naaah….}

lots of Jacks, black cats, owls & other friends on the way…
waiting in my sketchings for me to bring them to life in one medium or another.
~ thrown in with a few twisting vines and pumpkin-leaves for good measure.
and of course a little Good Witch…or three!

~ look at all the swing-y & bling-y "stuff" hanging from my scissors ~ 

Do you see my stitches there down-below?
I usually use just one single ply {one thread} of floss for my work…
since this is a 30ct. linen, it accommodates two threads nicely ~
I wax my threads with beeswax, 
then separate them, THEN put the back together 
always before threading my needle and making that first tiny "x"

"x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x"

my sterling needle case holds my tiny gold needles on my bling-y scissors fob

and these are my favorite scissors at the moment ~
they are called 
"Primitive Vineyard" from Kelmscott Designs 
and you can find them

perfect for my Summer Sewing Basket


And Speaking of Summer,
do you know what day it is??

it is the last day of
Buttermilk Basin's Summerthyme Blog Hop

and is Stacy's Day!!!

click HERE to visit her blog

I would like to personally THANK Miss Stacy for hosting these wonderful blog hops ~
and for allowing me to join in on the fun :)


and one last thing:
the Farm Shop here will be
this weekend!!!!
{but our Etsy Shop is Always Open}


Hoping you all have a wonderful-Summer-ful day!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

New Little Stitches Handwork Club project & we're still Hopping along!

Good Morning Friends & Folk!

another sweltering day ahead ~
 so I need to get myself going on my chores before the sun scorches us!

but first,
I thought I would share with you the July/Aug/Sept {3rd quarter for 3015} project for the
Little Stitches Handwork Club from ©Notforgotten Farm

this is called ~
"Liberty Angel Sewing Book"

a gentle patriotic angel helps you hold all of your sewing needfuls….
on the cover, she helps with your threads ~

on the inside,
you will have a pocket for your scissors and a place to rest your pins & needles…

I wanted to keep this super-simple, but folk-y too :)

I chose a brown/cream floral cotton for the back cover,
I think it echoes  nicely the wreath/thread-ring that our angel is holding….

**Current Club Members:
your kits will begin shipping the first full week of July ~

**if your membership is expiring, you will receive a renewal reminder with your kit.

To Renew or become a NEW Member ~
you can now visit my Etsy shop 


and don't forget to visit the
Buttermilk Basin's Summerthyme Blog Hop!

and see Calico Moon's post

Have a beautiful day my Friends ~

~ Blessings from the Farm ~

Monday, June 22, 2015

Flip Flop ~ Hip Hop

So I know it's June.
…the first dawn of Summer even.

and it is 
{supposedly in the 100's today?}

why is it I'm dreaming of

{ more linen needs to be dyed }

and I find myself wandering 
through our woods & fields with my camera
like this?:

{ i've been talking to trees again }

and I want to be her,

glamorous in my pumpkin patch

but I can relate more to her

nice mushrooms!

yes, this time of year, as the wheel of the seasons  has once again begun turning ~
…the seasons inside my head are flip-flopping between Summer & Autumn.

...personally I'll choose a perpetual Autumn every time.

and so I guess you now know
 in what direction my needle & thread has taken?


since it is Summer, it's yet another day on the
Buttermilk Basin's Summerthyme Blog Hop!

to learn about today's designer
and see her beautiful work!

as for me & this heat today?

you will find me in the farmhouse, in the AC, in my stitching-spot.
where every Good Witch should be on days such as this ;)

please remember your fur & feathered friends by offering fresh, cool water generously.
I leave out little bowls all over the front of the farmhouse & farmshop for my lizard & toad friends too!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Dad-day, Sewing-things & the Hopping continues….

Hello Friends & Folk!

...and a very 
Happy Happy Father's Day 
to those wonderful people who have raised us, loved us, stood by us & put up with us!!!

My dear, sweet husband is one of those guys who was born to be a Dad…

from day one you have been by my side helping to nurture, guide & teach ~
and our reward is a loving, compassionate daughter who loves us just as equally-fierce.
 ~ do you remember the day I told you "we" were finally pregnant after 7 loooong years?
I will never forget the look on your face.
...and do you remember how you fell head-over-heels in love 
with that tiny baby that was just born?
I do. 
I watched you then & I watch you now, 
and I have learned from you so much...

we are so proud of you for your accomplishments 
and I thank the stars everyday for you ~

Peter & Hannah

doing what he loves to do ~ work!!! lol

…enjoying just one of many of our animal-friends ~ this is Peaches, our Sun Conure {parrot}
ok, enough of that mush ~

on to 

…do you remember a while back when I re-did my ugly sewing box?
well, Miss Joan has followed suit and has re-done hers!!!!!

and just LOOk at this beauty ~


Miss Joan has taken one of her {{{many}}} vintage needlework pieces 
and stitched it to the top of her sewing box!!!
she added a dark blue rick-rack to the edge….perfect!
she also wrapped the handle with red/cream homespun which she loves so much….
~ very clever girl ~

at first Joan thought this was needlepoint, but upon closer inspection, it is actually cross stitch done in wool!

 and here what's inside ~

Miss Joan is an antiques dealer, 
and as such ~ she has the opportunity to hoard um…'collect' many things.
BUT her downfall passion is seeing items!!

I will be taking my camera to Miss Joan's House 
and capture her sewing room for you all to see in an upcoming post ~ 
oh my stars & garters you will NOT want to miss that post!

~ just look at all that great stuff in there ~
makes me want to go buy another box just to re-do it again!!!!!!

Thank you Joanie, for allowing me to share your beautiful sewing box with my readers :)
{now go dust that sewing room 'cause I'm coming!!}


Next on the 
Buttermilk Basin's Summerthyme Blog Hop is ~

also remember to visit Stacy's blog learn a little more about each designer

Thanks for the kind words regarding my little Picking Posies Scissors Fob ~
I would love to see your finishes!

Have a beautiful day, my friends ~ spend it with those who love you most ~

~ Blessings from the Farm ~

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