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Sunday, March 31, 2013


A very
Happy Easter
 to my Christian friends ~
PA German Onion Skin-dyed eggs that I made with paper silhouettes

And for my friends who may follow another path ~

Many Blessings to you all ~
May you celebrate your day with those that love you most!!
Lori from
Notforgotten Farm

Friday, March 29, 2013

Back in PRINT & Hot off the Press!

After a break from printing,
we're please to announce that our pattern books are now being offered again!


"American Folk"

"A Winter's Walk"

"Harvest of Primitives"
Please visit my ETSY SHOP to view them & purchase ~
(((*and don't forget I gladly combine shipping!)))
Lori from
Notforgotten Farm

just a little inspiration ~

I love to peruse the internet for
 vintage hooked rugs...
I found the ones pictured here on Pinterest,
of course ~
i love that this rug has such a dark background and vibrant colors...

the striations in the dog perfectly balance the meandering vine of flowers along the border of this rug....

black cat, rabbit, dog, horse and goat....beloved farmyard animals ~

different shades of blue, paired with cream & army-blanket still my heart! there ANYthing about this rug that doesn't make you smile?
...those little peeps crack me up.

this is a sculpted rug, the technique is known as Waldoboro-style.
the dense-ly packed strips of wool are hooked at different heights, then snipped and sculpted for a 3D effect.

the way this rug was hooked, very straight & orderly, keeps it rather serene and quiet.
love those black cats.

the expression on the horse in this rug is priceless.... the corners with hearts & flowers.

my heart sings when I look at this vintage rug ~ robin red breast's on a log...
Hello Spring!

and I think this rug is my all-time favorite...
hooked in true scrappy style with a heartfelt sentiment.
I'm sure the maker of this had as many wool worms in her collection as I do!

"Warm Friendship
Like The golden Sun
Sheds Kindly Light
On Every One..."
Hoping you all have an inspirational day!
Lori from
Notforgotten Farm

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Almost Finished ~

Usually when I'm at this stage of a rug ~
between blocking & binding,
I like to just lay it on a chair and look at it for a day ...
Scrap Cat ~ ©Notforgotten Farm
 I used so many pieces of scrap wool from other rugs for this little one ~
and I am pleased with my results!
lots of wool in there!

it's size is approx. 11" x 9"...
and it will be turned into a purse as well.
now I just have to figure out what type of purse :)
a handbag with shorter handles?
another long strapped one to wear across your chest? (my personal fav)
or, maybe I'll have to dream a little and come up with something different...we'll see.
time to put on my thinkin' cap :)

I am also happy with this cat's tiny little eyeball    >^..^<
I cut the black and white wool strips super-skinny
and worked them in after hooking the outline of the eye...
sorry about the blur and the cat hair!

in a different light

and under my ott lamp's light ~

...... a better snap of his eye:

what's wrong with my camera today?
So, how many of you hookers out there 'fit in' little details of your rugs like I did for the eye?
did you plan on doing that or was it a 'happy accident' like mine was :)
I will try to replicate this again and hope it works out as good ~
I'm working on another video tutorial too,
this one will be a series of how I start & finish a rug,
...with all of the steps in between.
I gaurantee it will be interesting to say the least!
Have a wonderfully creative wednesday my friends!!
Lori from
Notforgotten Farm

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

for the birds ~

 it began quietly...
tiny flakes fell randomly from the grey sky.

we should have known ~ the birds were telling us, but we weren't listening.



getting ready for the snow...

here it comes !

Iggy is always watching...

little sparrow

snow bunting

where'd ya go?

intense bird-watching

our back yard feeder

dove hunkered down under our cedar bushes

we got about 6-8 inches of fluffy, cotton-like snow in total....


I actually started this post yesterday, 3/25 ~ our power went out in mid-blogging.
it is now 3/36, 8:30 am...
our power just came back on!

we spent our evening with our candles flickering and flashlights...
it was nice at first, but...enough is enough!

the snow is almost all melted now (and I say YAY!!!)
so we have a mud-mess in the farmyard ~
but that's ok...I'll take mud anyday over snow & no electricity!
I wanted to also say that the shipment of tin sewing tray bases arrived yesterday
(yes, our UPS driver is da bomb!)
and I will be feverishly packing all of your orders today to get them out for you...
thanks for your patence with that, I should have had more on stock.
my mistake & I do apologize ~

So, today after packing orders, I will head to my hooking chair ~
and watch the birds out the window with my friend.

keep watching, Ig ~
Lori from
Notforgotten Farm

Sunday, March 24, 2013

playin' hooky

 Yesterday was our weekly hooking day in the shop ~
it was s fun day ~
(even though I couldn't keep the fire going in the woodstove and it was a bit chilly in there)
*sorry about that*
 below are Madison, Joan, Margaret, Pat & Eretta
Eretta & her grandaughter Madison are new to hooking ~

hi girls!
 Madison is only 8 yrs old, but she has an 'old' soul...
...she was very quick to learn how to handle the hook and wool and
 began hooking a little heart design ~

no one ever wants their picture taken, but that doesn't stop me...
just look at this crew turning away from me!

notice also, that Joan didn't get the memo to wear plaid?
... just kidding, I just noticed that!

Margaret working on the binding  of her first rug ~

Pat working on her Bunny Trail needle punch...

Eretta working on basic hooking techniques ~ she did a great job!

Joan working on binding one of the MANY kits she has dedicated herself to finishing
and we have faith in her that she will do just that.

little Madison hooking on her heart ~

I am making progress on the Scrap Cat purse....

filling in the background ~

liking the darker background,...

adding some purple to the background ~ can you see it?

many different shades and values of greens used in the leaves of the plant ~
3 different reds used in the bowl.

there is some of that purple!!
it's a dark value, but it's enough to break up the monotony of the mixed black background and outline...
plus a touch of purple is just plain fun!
Have a beautiful Palm Sunday my friends ~
Lori from
Notforgotten Farm

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