Down a dirt road, past fields and deep woods ~
stands a humble little farmhouse wearing chippy white paint and a rusty tin roof...
it's here at our beloved Notforgotten Farm that you will find us...chasing our kittens, puttering in the herb gardens, or talking to the trees.

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Slight Change in Plans ~

The Best Laid plans of Mice and Men...often go awry....
such is the case lately here at the farm.
we have had torrential rainfall, flooding our basement
(where I paint our wooden smalls)
and crazy-high winds that knocked out our power...
...thank goodness we have a woodstove.
it was 70 some-odd degrees yesterday and the day before, so the farmhouse was already warm...
but, in order to eat and wash ourselves with hot water, we had to have the woodstove burning.
which in turn, brought to life all of the hibernating stink-bugs and ladybeetles that were hidden on every crack & crevice...
oh could  be worse!
the electricity finally came back on this aft, so here I am posting...
I had mentioned on a previous post that I will be holding an update on the selling page of this blog, on Friday February 1st ~ BUT that is now changing.
The UPDATE will be on SUNDAY, February 3rd at 6:00 pm
here are a few peaks at the works-in-progress that I'll be offering:
linen & thread

birds and loving-sentiments

paper, pencil & paint muted tones & colors
and we'll be showing some NEW products for our
OLD as Dirt Primitives© line of wooden smalls for the Needleworker...
Sorry I have to postpone the update, but I hope you'll be pleased with our Goods on Sunday :)
Blessed be,
Lori from
Notforgotten Farm

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Painted Lady ~

Good Morning Friends & Folk!!!
Now that Spring is just around the corner, my thoughts are turning to Spring Cleaning ~
well, not really...but I am thinking about painting the trim in this old farmhouse to brighten it up a bit!
I have been devouring the humongous stash of magazines in my posession lately...looking for the 'perfect' color for our old girl.
(see honey? I old you I would NEED all of these magazines "one day" !!!!)

so in my browsing, I found these colors:
a mustard-y yellow:
nice sunny color, would look wonderful in the warmer months ~ but what about Christmas decorating?
I don't know about this is pretty though.

or this color: 

a little-less yellow, but still yellow in my book...

or this color:

a greay-blue perhaps? very Colonial-looking though...
maybe a bit too dark for me, since i do want to lighten up the farmhouse a bit.

or this color:

this is actually a putty-color...a green-based putty color.
I like the putty colors, but need to look at my 'inspiration' just a bit more
(read: make more tea and look at more magazines!)
or I could just browse Pinterest some more too! THAT sounds like a plan!!!
I love the floor in the photo above...
maybe i could paint the floor in the shop once the farmhouse is finished?
Hoping you all have a day filled with colors you love :))))
**the photos above are from the Summer 2005 issue of Early Homes magazine.
Lori from
Notforgotten Farm

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Randomness ~

Nocchi doesn't feel like having his picture taken this morning ~
Daisy scolds him for being so impolite...

 This is a little, knitted ear of corn that I found at a local antiques mall a few years back ~
I love anything handmade, so it had to come home with me.
Upon closer inspection, I noticed there was a small slip of paper tucked into the opening on the backside of the ear ~

the daintiest script, scribed in pencil-lead reads:

"Mrs. Edson's mother made this ear of corn, it is more than 50 years old. Mrs. Edson's mother was over 80 years old when she made it. - April 10 - 51"

I believ it is a tissue or hankie holder, but I'm not sure ~ do any of you know what it could have been used for? it is only 6" long...let me know if you have any clue!
and here is an old photo that hangs near this little ear of corn in our pantry ~
it is displayed on a wreath hung from our peg rack:

it is an old photo ~ taken in 1995! that's Peter, seated, and me standing behind him holding Hannah ~
we were vacationing in PA and decided to have our photo taken like this...
such fun!!!

and here is a shot of our pantry, you can see the wreath hanging over to your left,
...with the ear of corn and the photo of us ~

Wishing you all a Happy Tuesday!!
Lori from
Notforgotten Farm

Monday, January 28, 2013

Oh deer...lighten up!

Hello Friends & Folk!
and Happy Monday to you! tis a grey, drizzly day here on the farm...
a good day for chicken soup, as my sweet Mom would say!
so I think I'll do just that ~
put a pot of chicken soup on the trusty woodstove to warm our bodies & spirits...
this was the view out our breakfast nook window last evening ~
our little herd
hello little Friend!
I think you're adorable ~
one of the twin yearlings ~ we have two sets of twins this year

i see you!
 and since I've put the Holiday decorations away ~ I am simplifying the farmhouse decor...
trying to lighten things up a bit!!

here are a few snaps of our old green cupboard in the dining room...
ready for Springtime ~ love rabbits & ironstone
I leave my rabbits & sheep out most of the time...since we raise sheep and are often visited by wild rabbits in our fields, they hold a dear place in my heart.
a couple little black sheep in the mix

worn, chipped, cracked & yellowed ironstone ~ simple old farmhouse perfection!

this rabbit below, was a planter in another life ~ it holds a favorite pair of red-handled children's scissors
and a hand written note from my friend Netty L. ~

 the small parakeet clip below,
is an old one ~ it was found in the bottom of a decrepit box at a yard sale...
of course it had to come home with me...I would put it in Barbara's cage, but I'm afraid the paint on it might not be safe for him, so it sets amongst my sugar & creamer on the cupboard....

pink transferware platter, and old bottle ~
... here's a view of all of the shelves:

I know, an ecclectic mix of things, but they fill my heart ~
I decorate with things I love and things that hold memories...

baa baa black sheep
 seashells, McCoy pottery, rabbit candy containers ~
...soup tureens, handstitched samplers & old wood...
bright & cheerful for my old farmhouse!

seashells from Connecticut fill an old ironstone tureen ~ a frosty-blue, handpainted shotglass from a thrift store reads:
"Compliments from J.R. Allen" in gilt-gold paint
Hoping your Monday finds you enjoying the little things that mean so much ~
Lori from
Notforgotten Farm

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Musings ~

Hello Friends & Folk ~
and a Happy Sunday to you!
...what a week it's been...
filling orders for our new OLD as Dirt Primitives line...painting, sanding, aging.
working on new designs for that as well.
punching up new models for soon-to-be-released patterns, such as this:
Pennsylvania Tuilip pattern
 ...which was designed, size-wise, to fit nicely on the lid of our little
Sewing Coffer (chest)...
i love to punch!

soft, muted colors in this one ~ perfect for Valentine's Day or any day!

and I'm also working on a few finished goods for an update here on this blog
on February 1st at 10:00 am ~ you can click on the link titled "Goods from Notforgotten Farm" under my header picture  ~ I'll be offergin some finished & framed frakturs/watercolors, a few small needle punched items and a few framed & unframed cross stitch samplers ~

need to finish these now ~

playing with pencils, paint & ink ~

everything I do begins with a sketch of some sort, so I have many sketchpads full of my designs to pull from whenever I want to release something new for your amusement ~
((I carry a sketchpad with me wherever I go....))

folky folks, hearts & flowers and birds ~
Today I will FINALLY put Christmas away!!!
yepper, have had the house all decorated for Christmas still....had to keep it that way for a reason,
which I can't share with you at the moment *(neener neener neeeener!)*
but I'll be happy to start decorating for SPRING!
(this includes the shop, too!)
lots of work, but I love changing out the seasons,...don't you?

Have a peaceful Sunday, my Friends ~
Lori from
Notforgotten Farm

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hidden in plain sight ~

remember the "Battle of the Bed" game that I posted about the other morning?
and some of you commented about the sweet
Garandmothers' Garden quilt that we keep at the foot of the bed?
well, I have been taking a closer look at it lately ~
...and saw something that I didn't realize was even there...

there. in the lower right of the photo below, you can see the tears in the GG quilt top:
can you see what's hidden underneath?
 upon closer inspection, I realized there is a whole other quilt UNDER this one!
turkey red & madder brown calico's peaking out between layers ~


oh boy!
 early shirting cottons, some thin-as-tissue checkered & plaid cottons....

where are my scissors??????
 aHA!...there they are!
Ig ~ wanna help me a bit?
Iggy seems to be left-handed.

I want to snip away ~ carefully of course ~
the GG top and reveal the much-older quilt underneath ~
snip by snip...

careful there Iggy ~
 "I've got this, Mom..."
such a helper.
see the old cotton batting? there are still seeds from the cotton plant in it!
way cool ~
right there, Ig ~ gently, gently.....

the more I (um...we) snip away, the more we can see ~
...the photo below shows the older quilt's backing fabric...
a brown with red floral ~
how funny that the old faded fabric closely resembles the green/red floral on our new comfortor!

and here is what the front looks looks like predominently red/brown, but there are a few surprises in there that I'll share with you once I get more of the top snipped away.
I am taking my time with this ~ just as the women who first stitched them did ~
releasing so many memories with each snip...
how old is this hidden quilt? who stitched it? why was it covered with another quilt?
So many unanswered questions I have ~
in the meantime, I'm daydreaming about the hands that stitched them so long ago.
{{{{oh, and Thank You Mr. Igatious Katt ~ you are a big help, and cute to boot !}}}}
Lori from
Notforgotten Farm

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

fur & feathers ~ and a love story....

along with our own farm friends, the cats, dogs...
the donkeys, sheep, chickens, peacock & guinea hens,
we also feed our fetahered friends at a couple of feeders around the farmhouse...
most days, we have an abundance of buntings, doves, cardinals...
titmice, junco, jenny wrens & the usual woodland/field variety ~
i love to watch how they all interact with each other.
this little dove, below, is one of a pair that visits with us every morning~
she has a crippled foot and tends to keep to herself whilst her mate feeds at the feeder,
knocking seeds down to her and the ground feeding birds at it's base.
prettly little friends
I love the way she coos and fluffs herself up ~ but I hate to think how cold her little feet are!!
oh, she can fly alright, but she can't perch on a branch
...because of her crippled foot, so she tends to stay on the ground.
sweet eyes

Recently, we've begun to have 'other' visitors to the backyard feeder...
ones of the 'fur' variety.
Hannah called out to me the other morning, saying:
"MOM! there are CHINCHILLAS in the backyard!!!!"
of course I came running ~ I surely didn't want to miss seeing
to Hannah's dismay, and my amusement, were these:
Brown Wood Rats.
yup. fat, round & yes, cute as buttons....
but not chinchillas....*sorry pumpkin*
(there goes our chinchilla-farm & fur coat factory ~
just kidding, wouldn't hurt a flea on their fuzzy backs)


see how big they are next to our dove?

and, only those who have either visited inside the farmhouse, or have been on the phone with me
will know that we also have a parakeet/budgie named "Barbara"
Barbara came to us from a local pet store ~ Hannah wanted a bird, so Barbara was her choice.


Barbara entertains us here in the house with chortles, wolf-whistles and constant chatter...
never idle not even for a moment ~ hanging near the window where the bisd feeder is in view,
Barbara can dream of becoming friends with the 'outside folk' ~
um...did I mention that Barbara is a BOY???
yep. he is....found that out not long after we had him...but Hannah wanted to keep his name, thinking he would get confused if we renamed him
(confused? about that!)

Hi Barbara!'re a pretty boy!!!
Hannah figured that Barbara was lonely ~ always looking out the window at the 'outside folk'
so she convinced me to visit the pet store and bring home a friend for him....
so she chose a beautiful, lemon-yellow sunny little girl-bird that she thought would be perfect for Barbara....but she felt bad that Barbara was named after a girl and was a boy.
Hannah figured it would be best to name our new little girl-bird....
(yep, that should make everyone feel good.)

Sylvester and Barbara fell in love ~ he immediately became smitten with her...
he would swing frantically back and forth, vying for her attention ~ hopping around on one foot while ringing a little silver bell that hangs from the middle-top of their cage...
even going so far as to sit directly under that bell and wear it on his head like a hat.
That did the trick....soon they were *twitterpating* and we noticed that Sylvester began to act a little strange ~ she grew a 'bump' and started staying at the bottom of their cage more & more.
We did some research and found out that behaviour was indeed indicative of a bird-in-waiting ~
...waiting for a little one to arrive!
So we bought a sweet little nest which hangs on the side of the cage,...we bought pre natal bird vitamin juice stuff ~ we bought fluff & stuff for the new arrivals' bedding....
we waited.
all the while Barbara sang & whistled proudly ~ as Sylvester grew more tired and fatter,
and acted more & more strangely.
Time went on, and sadly, no little one ever came ~
Sylvester became quite ill, and soon passed ~
we found her one morning laying at the bottom of their cage, with poor Barbara stading over her,...

we, of course, had a funeral and buried her beneath the sunflower patch outside where our other friends are at rest and where Barbara can see where she is...
sad story?
no....a story of love is never sad.
Barbara continues to sing and whistle and wear the bell on his head
~ happy that he found love at all.

With Valentine's Day around the corner,
I will be offering some finished items for sale on Friday, February 1st ~
I added a new page here on this blog, you can see the tab at the top of this page, under my header picture that reads
"Goods from Notforgotten Farm"
that's where you can click to see my offerings ~
I'll post more about it as it nears ~
I'm working on some frakturs in my handpainted frames, small pinkeeps, a framed sampler or two and some punch needle things.
Hoping you all have a day filled with folks who love you most!!!
Lori from
Notforgotten Farm

Monday, January 21, 2013

Punching along ~ and a constant battle....

Good Monday Morning Friends & Folk!
the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the floss is flyin'!
I am punching along nicely on a couple new designs and here's my progress thusfar ~
this is designed to fit onto the lid of our little sewing coffer:
this is titled "Pennsylvania Tulip" and here's the back....
design may change slightly from what's shown...ya never know!

and the front ~
hoping to have it finished up this aft....

sorry about the squiggles....

and as I sit quietly,
losing myself in the rythym of my handwork,
...I hear a commotion upstairs ~
it is the daily
Let the Games Commence:::::
Suzy slumbers on my pillow, not a care in the world ~
she got on the bed whilst I was making it up, so she was declared 'The Winner' today....
ahhh...comfycozysleepy morning nap.....

but wait!
not so fast there missy....
I was UNDER the bed during the straightening of said bedcovers...

...doesn't that count for anything?.... Mom??

notice the floofed-up hindparts on the Igmeister...he didn't know Suz was up there!
ok, win today, Mizz Thang.
but there is and will be a forever of tomorrow's...

a little embarrased Ig?

I'll just make myself
and watch you sleep....that's right...
close your're
(((oh wait, that was me dozing off...sorry!)))

come a little closer, Ig, ...I dare ya.

I didn't realize you had the CAMERA ~
here, let me pose for my peeps ~

Suzy thinks he's a nerd....she's right.

here is how I want my fans to see me...
handsome, strong...look at those whiskers...
(notice Suzy hasn't batted one of her beautiful chartreuse eyes
...and I sure wouldn't if I were her!)

you may adore me now....
we'll see who wins tomorrow...

Hoping you all have a playful day!!!
Lori from
Notforgotten Farm

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