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Thursday, August 25, 2016

~ Cats & Jacks ~

Good Morning Friends & Folk!

and a hearty-happy Thursday to you all…
it's gotten a tad warmer again ~
 but that won't stop me 
from wishing for my beloved Autumn to arrive.

Lately I've been enjoying taking candid snaps of Iggy {Mr. Ignacious Catt}
in his natural surroundings ~ 
which have been known to include baskets, boxes & bags…
windowsills and wool piles.

here are some that I thought came out well;

a little crow-watching

we see you.


and here is another little hooking-in-progress that I started last evening ~
a Jack, of course!
Tis the Season, you know

This Jack is the exact motif from my new 'Jack's Folly' wool appliqué 
that I wanted to use for hooking ~
you can use it for hooking too, if you'd like.

almost finished, on to the background next...

but before I even begin a new hooking project,
Iggy must inspect each little snippet & worm of wool,
so color-planning my projects takes a little longer…

"hmmm….maybe not that green, mom…"

"That one! yes, that one…."

"and perhaps a few of these orange worms too ~"

"MOM! are you listening to me??? and why are you laughing?"

… oh well, 
at least he has a good eye for color!

Hoping you all have a color-full day my sweet friends :)

 ~ Blessings from the Farm ~


Nancy D. said...

Good morning, Lori and Iggy! You're so fortunate to have a color advisor, Lori…I'm sure he's getting richly paid in pets and cuddles…Your Jack is wonderful, him being traditional. Every Halloween while others carve fancy designs and such, I continue to carve the same traditional Jack-o-Lantern face because I've loved it so ever since I was a child! You sound as though you are feeling better, the Lori we know. Have a beautiful, stitchery-hookery day!

Debra said...

Iggy is such a great stitching and hooking companion. Your traditional Jack is perfect, and just the thing to create an autumnal mood during these sultry days. You do sound better, Lori, and I hope that all will be well.

Susie Hoover said...

Love your Iggy posts & pics! That first shot needs to be turned into a note card! So adorable!

elaine allerton said...

Love ur posts, lori!! Your jack looks great! I am hooking big jack now,,, loving it,,,
Got my punch needle club kit in the mail yesterday!! Love it,,, going to start it today! Thank you lori,,, going to be fun,,,
Love ur kitty,,, great pics, so special,,, hope u r feeling better,,,,,

gracie said...

Iggy is quite photogenic. Jack is wonderful. Hope you are feeling better.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Lori,
I also hope you are feeling better! You have been in my prayers!
I was thinking the same thing about making your photos into note cards! Maybe you should think about doing a line of cards from Notforgotten Farm! The ones of Iggy are just adorable and cat lover's would just love them! So much beauty to be captured at your lovely farm!!! What about a calendar, too? Just some ideas for you to ponder!!
Enjoy your week and keep feeling better!
Heart Hugs~

Krissy B. said...

Love the 3rd one and the last one. You have a great helper.

Cheryl Reeves said...

Everyone needs an advisor and Iggy is perfect..so photogenic too.
Feel better

Winnie Nielsen said...

Lori~ I am a newcomer to "The Farm" and I love today's post with your sweet kitty. My kitty is currently on my desk looking out the window. When I saw that your farm was in Amherst County, I knew I needed to know more. Although I now live in Florida, I grew up in Charlottesville, Va. and also know your area well. Fall in Virginia is beautiful and every year my heart aches to not live there anymore. Your farm is quite lovely and I if I lived a tad bit closer, I would attend your upcoming Fall Open House. It looks like it is such a wonderful event!! I hope you have a great weekend weather wise so that all of your visitors can enjoy the many vendors that will be there!

woollabeast said...

Helloooo Lori (on the 'other side' of morning)!! I think I was born to be a witch...the goody witch of the night, hee-hee! Always up till the wee hours & just wanted to see what you were up to before I finally head off to Zzzzzland! I always love your posts & especially seeing that "impish helper" of yours, precious Iggy boy! You have such a nice, open & airy farm house & it captures such magical light through your windows...perfect for the wonderful photos you take! Oh yes...great idea to add a line of Notforgotten Farm cards... the every day images around your farm are just perfect! Love the way your Jack's Folly little rug came out & the colors you chose for the background. Keep feeling better with each day!♥ Woolly Hugs, Diane

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