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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

yeah, so…..

here ya go….see what happens when you ask?
be very careful what you ask for….

~ Blessings from the Farm ~


Nancy D. said...

I've been suffering from the 24 hour stomach flu…and look what I've missed in that short time!!!! It's back to bed, but I will be looking so forward to your video about embroidery, Lori. Yay! Something nice to look forward to tomorrow! I think I'm already feeling better!!

Emőke said...

♥It is very pleasant to be in in your sewing room, thank you for insight into!♥
Emőke from Hungary

chickenchupacabra said...

Excellent tutorial! thanks :)

Nancy D. said...

Good morning, Lori! I really enjoyed your stem stitch lesson, very informative…and you are a hoot, lol!

Silent Stitches said...

Sure hope the Public Broadcasting System, Talent Scouts are watching... a TV Show is in your future. The videos are informative & fun! Thank you for sharing your time & talent with us. ~Best wishes.

Wendy Porter said...

Love this!

HCRAG said...

Hi Lori,

Love your tutorial and am looking forward to more.

I sent you a few questions about some items in your etsy shop; please answer them as I am going away soon and wish to place my order so I can take my sewing with me.

Thank you,

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