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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

To Hoop or not to Hoop?

Like most of you ~
I collect wooden embroidery hoops…

mostly made from wood,
~ and all different sizes ~

I like to cross stitch "in hand" though too, 
with my linen rolled & pinned to one side as I work.
my arthritic fingers have been giving me trouble holding that rolled linen
and I'm finding it more comfortable to use my hoops now.

pretty little hoops

since I'm using them more
 I asked Peter to make a stand for my hoops ~
one that would accommodate the varying sizes of those I use most-frequently….

and he did ~

oh boy

He brought it to me the other day,
and I am SO happy!


just look at how nicely it holds my work-in-progress ~
this is my 7" hoop in the stand, below:

he made it from strong, but light weight poplar wood 
that he cuts and mills right here on our property…
then he stained it a beautiful Golden Oak color 
~ that blends nicely with the patina of my old hoops.
then he sealed it with wax to protect the finish, 
{and protect my linens most-importantly lol}

it is adjustable, with it's unique sliding mechanism
and can accommodate a 5 inch all the way up through an 8 inch hoop!

the edges of the wood have been chamfered to make it more 'pretty' too ;)

 it has a wood-joined assembly, making it strong ~
and he designed it with the same quality & concepts as our 
Hookinpunch© Adjustable Gripper Frame
{for rug hooking/punch needle}

I love it because I can use it on my lap or on a table ~

Once your work is in your hoop and your hoop in on your stand, 
you can easily tilt the hoop towards you or leave it flat, {depending on your preference} 
...by loosening/tightening the hardware nearest the hoop.

If I want to change the width of the stand to change hoop-sizes, 
he made it 'slide' at the base using the same hardware…
just loosen the single wing nut on the base, slide the stand apart and place your hoop into the slots.
then tighten that same wing nut to hold everything in place ~
easy peasy!!

the stand itself measures approx. 8" tall x 8" deep x {6" - 8" when fully open}

We will be offering these in our Etsy shop this week ~
if you'd like one for yourself!!

we will also be offering the beautiful 
Hardwicke Manor Hoops as well
{so very excited}

I just like how my stitching looks displayed in it! 

Thank you Peter 
for always offering wonderful things to help us needleworkers with our addictions
We are calling this little gem the
"Sit & Stitch Hoop Stand"©
 from Notforgotten Farm

~ Let us know your thoughts!!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~


Doreen Frost said...

Lori ~ this is wonderful. Oh, what a talented husband you have..do you think you could bottle a bit of that and sell it on ETSY? My husband is wonderful but he has no talent for woodworking. :)

I will definitely be wanting one of these and one of the Hardwicke Manor hoops!!! It's funny, I was looking for a new wooden hoop yesterday and couldn't settle on one...I guess I was waiting for yours! :)

hugs, doreen

ScrapBee said...

So excited for this! I have been looking at various hoops and stands and this looks wonderful! Your hubby is a "master"! Thank you to both of you for sharing <3

teresa said...

This looks great! When can I order?

MoonBeam said...

Looks like hoop heaven.


karen said...

Can't wait to order! Love this !

Annie said...

Peter is a keeper!

Pat Dougherty said...

Awesome idea! Will for sure be needing one of these. Same as ScrapBee, I have been looking also.

Debby said...

Wow! Very nice! It would be fun to have just to display what you/I am working on at the time:)

Queen Bee's Musings said...

Order please. Sounds like a wonderful plan.
When will be available and price?
Peter may find hisself very busy for us stitchers🌻

Fran Caswell said...

What a great idea! I love how pretty your stitching looks displayed on it. Peter is so talented!

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

WOW, how wonderful. Will they be able to hold larger than 8" hoops? These sound great for my smaller sizes?
Lucky for you that you have such a talented hubby.

Ronda Tedder said...

Peter does it again, this is wonderful Lori, you are so blessed! Beautiful stitching, that hoop stand makes it a beautiful addition to any vignette. Have a great eve, great job Peter!

janice15 said...

A wonderful idea, I would one as well.. love how it looks too.. When will it be avaiable?? with love Janice

The Eveningstitcher said...

I would love one!! I get tired holding my hoop too...my arm gets sore...let us know when they will be available....you have such a wonderful and talented hubby!!

Pamelajinga said...

What is the best way to order one of these hoop stands? Can we order them directly from you? I can no longer stitch in hand either and my hand (and arm) get tired from holding a hoop. This looks like it could be the perfect solution. Do you have an approximate price for them yet? I can hardly wait to try it!


Martha Doe said...


Love the idea of the sit and stitch atand. Look forward to affording one...maybe next soc. sec. check Lol

Peter is such a blessing!

Hope your feeling better now.


Patti said...

I think I will be starting to use hoops ;)
The best part is that it opens the holes in the linen for tired eyes ;)
Blessings, Patti

Jackie said...

What a great idea!

The Primitive Window said...

What a guy!!

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