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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Snow Pretty….

yes I know ~
most of you reading this are sick & tired of the white-stuff.
here in VA, we don't get much of it
and we have gotten lots of it in the last week…

...so we are enjoying how very pretty it is.
{safe in the comforts of our snug farmhouse that is}

Iggy runs to-&-fro,
windowpane to windowpane
chattering at the guests at our feeders…

our old gnarled bittersweet vine is covered in ice this morning
after an ice storm came through last evening…

...a winter wonderland to us!

even my sweet annie gets a coat of ice ~
every dried little bud seemingly sparkling in the morning sun.

and my car really does look like a candy apple now!

an old crow friend dances at the base of our feeder…

~ as mrs. redbird fluffs her stuff against the chilly wind.

I know that you are tired of seeing the snow ~
but just think:

in a few weeks it will be Spring again.
we will turn set our clocks ahead to greet the morning earlier.
we will see signs of new life stirring under that melting snow
that has been seemingly hidden for these past long months,

..and we will begin again with new attitudes towards our little worlds.

to me,
like the soon to come Spring rains,
the Winter Snow & Cold
cleans out everything from the year past.
it refreshes and renews
and while I may be housebound, and unable to do as much as I would like to,
that somehow helps me to gather my thoughts
...for what is sure to be a wonderful new season of life.

while we complain about the disadvantages of winter;
the poor driving conditions
the heating bills
the inability to be outdoors, etc.
we should keep in the back of our minds
our families, neighbors and friends and how we can perhaps help them cope better.

a  phone call, a shared ride to the grocery store…
just a simple smile in line while we wait to buy that bread & milk
...instead of complaining…

we're all in the same boat ~
and our boat really is drifting to sunnier shores!

I hope you can find the beauty and peace in today ~
...while you dream of a better tomorrow.

~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 


Three Sheep Studio said...

What a warm and thoughtful post.
All so true ! Thanks for the encouragement this morning ;)
The sweet Annie is gorgeous encrusted in her robe of glistening ice !

Gisela Suski said...

I love your photos and you always give me inspiration to stitch. I am not a summer person because the heat here in the Midwest is overwhelming and you get tired of air conditioning. A nice fire in the fireplace is a better deal.

denise said...


Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Thoughtful words to live by.
Our snow here in NC mountains have turned to melting slushy ice and snow. Rains came this morn, temp is up and sun is coming out. A very welcome sight.

Jane said...

The turning of the Seasons' wheel WILL happen! We all should try to appreciate the NOW and the beauty of what is around us. Thanks for your lovely post!

Patricia Kemblowski said...

Thank you for the uplifting start to my day!

penelope said...

Beautiful post! Yesterday we awoke to a wonderful snowy winter day...yes I said wonderful and winter. I love the flowers and warm weather but I love winter.Next we will be complaining of the heat of summer! I enjoy everyday as it comes in it's own beauty one season at a time with no rush. Thanks again for your wonderful words!

NMK said...

We woke up to another 8" this morning....now the hum of snow blowers are all busy on our street. Your post today was so nice, people around us are so grumpy, they act surprised if you do smile at them ! Hopefully March will be a more pleasant month here in New England !

Orange Sink said...

Lori I thank you for your lovely post this morning! It doesn't look right to see all that snow in VA!! Seeing it through your eyes gives such a positive outlook though!
Take advantage of the white stuff to clean your hooked rugs ( the ones you use on the floor if any)!
Happy stitching and snuggling by the fireside!!
Cathy G
p.s. LOVE your license plate!!

Penny said...

Love your winter wonderland, especially with the forsythia in the window.... I love each season... summer has become difficult as I don't tolerate the heat very well anymore, but I enjoy them all as best I can. TFS your wonderful tributes to each day of each season!

backporchcarver said...

It is so refreshing to read your blog. I always feel a lot cheerier. I love your snow photo's, I always think peaceful thoughts when there is a good layer of snow covering all the dead grass and muck from winter.

Diva Kreszl said...

Such beautiful pics of winter, it certainly can be quite lovely when we open our hearts to the magic. Thank you for the reminder to enjoy the beauty in each day and yes spring will indeed come as it always has.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Here in Arkansas we are getting rain, which is supposed to "transition" to sleet in the next couple of hours, and then another switch to snow before morning. Snow is rare here too so we're always glad to see it, even if it means we lose power. We are prepared for that, thank goodness but would rather not have to test ourselves. :) blessings, marlene

Jane said...

It is very pretty. I live in Northern Michigan and believe you me, we get plenty of the white stuff, but I still find it beautiful. Reminds me of my childhood.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Beautiful post!

P.J. said...

I love snow. Makes everything look so fantasy beautiful with pixie glitter when it is powdery fluff. It creates a relaxing calm in the surrounding woods; you get lost in your thoughts it is so quiet. Thank you for sharing your snow beauty.

Doreen said...

This Winter has been a long one in terms of cold but the snow is GORGEOUS nevertheless!!!

Thank you for sharing your snowy pics with us.


ps..LOVE your license plate!!!

Martha Doe said...

Love your pics...especially Iggy bird-watching and your "candy apple car" love the STITCH plate!

We have snow in SC today! We don't get it very often.

Love your stitching pics, too!


woolwoman said...

beautiful snow scenes from the farm - I wish I could see snow like that. I know everyone farther up north is sick of snow and bad weather but it sure looks picturesque. Enjoy the day Mel

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