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Friday, September 26, 2014

Hooking ~

I have been bitten once again by the Hooking Bug ~
but then again, when am I not infected with wool venom?

I'm working on a couple of small too-dads for the web show on sunday evening ~
this one is almost done…

little pumpkin folk

... there is just something about working with that wool…
it pulls you in and wraps itself around your heart.
don't you think?
{of course you do}

yes, I'm working on burlap.
no, it's not my favorite ~ but I will use whatever is at hand.
I prefer to hook on linen….you?

Here is "Old Tom"~
the rug I showed you yesterday….
YES it will be a paper pattern, available soon!!

I wanted to add a little 'something' to the finish of the rug...
 I like the triple-border too.

perfect Autumn colors ~

~~~  I swear I am thee wonkiest hooker I know!
I used an abundance of as-is wools from Heavens to Betsy
for this rug and I love how it all comes together for his feathers….

all of my loops are akimbo ~ heading this way & that ~ but that's OK with me :)

and here is where that little feather ended up…
I used it for his 'beard' !!

"Old Tom" ©Notforgotten Farm ~ L. Brechlin

Will be in the shop today & tomorrow from 10:00 ~ 3:00
resuming our regular shop hours once again ~

Come on out & see me tomorrow, 
bring your needlework or hooking with you too!

* Blessed be * 


penelope said...

Just a wonderful piece! Love your style of hookin'!

Sandra Sullivan said...

Absolutely love him Lori!!!

Jane said...

It's a gorgeous day for hookin' outside. It's something I can do while puppy-watching!! I think Old Tom has personality.

Please stop by if you're in the neighborhood. We are home most of the time, these days!

ronda at simple thyme prims said...

Wonky is good!!! love Old Tom...have a blessed day!!


Vicki Jo said...

I LOVE "Old Tom"! That wool looks perfect as his beautiful feathers! Outstanding! Thank you so much for sharing him with us.

Saundra said...

Old Tom didn't get to be Old Tom by accident, I love him. I prefer linen too but have definitely made use of burlap for small pieces which aren't meant for the floor.


NMK said...

Your hooking is Great , wonky is Great ! Your colors are so warm & pretty !Love how you even added the feather !!! You are just So Creative !!!

woolwoman said...

I totally agree - the pull of the wool is great this time of the year. When things cool down and there is a decided difference in the look of things, the sun at a different angle. Love Tom the Turkey - sooooo cute! He would be a good pet for my Merrie Halloween - Enjoy your weekend Mel

Karen Larsen said...

Lori... How does your web show work? Are finished items for sale??

denise said...

love! :)

Ginger said...

I love wonky hooking, I like it so much more Primitive than prim!

Cathy said...

Hi! I think I read somewhere that you might be offering Old Tom as a paper pattern? Is that available yet?
Thanks much!

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