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Friday, March 21, 2014

A different kind of snippet ~

Happy FULL Day of Spring to you!

 a couple of post's ago ~
I showed you my little paper cuttings…
or sherenschnitte ~

usually I'm surrounded by snippets of thread and wool, but not this time ~
this time my worktable is scattered with paper snippets ~

here is what I've been doing in-between my needlework:

Hares under Glass

 I have always loved to wear handmade jewelry,
so I've combined my little paper snippets 
with some glass domes and sterling silver bezels to create them…

Rabbit Girl ~
This pendant has ~ SOLD ~ thank you kindly Nancy!!

 I have 4 finished so far,
and am working on more for a couple of custom orders ~

simply pretty

 I'm stringing them on a long length (approx.  18") of natural/organic polished brown hemp
that I've waxed with beeswax…

tiny bubbles of springtime

 the pendants themselves are approx. 1 1/2" across
paper used is acid free solid-dyed core "black cat" 
and my own hand parched paper…

some of them have inked details such as tiny tulips and borders, 
and leafy vines…others are more plain but the cuttings themselves have such small detail that you have to really see them in person….

...they are $28.00 each + shipping
if you'd like one, let me know or if you have a custom request for one,
I'm happy to work with you!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day my Friends!

* Blessed be *


~Backroad Treasures~ said...

Once again you seem to amaze me! Love them... Curious if you will be making the punch needle designs you recently shared with us into patterns? And by chance praying and fingers crossed that the hooking frames will be back for sale on etsy? Would love to order one....
thank you for sharing your talent...



Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Awesome ... you are so very talented. Love all of them.

As always, Peace to all,

jennifer768 said...

Those are gorgeous! Such a fun idea.Be blessed,Jen

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

Dear Backroad Treasures ~
Yes, the punch needle designs will be available very soon ~ plus a couple of new cross stitch designs and perhaps some wool appliqué and/or a little hooked design :)
The frames will be available soon also, keep an eye on this blog for their return!
~ L

Chris said...

Hi Lori... would you happen to have 1 of these lovely necklaces available for me to purchase? Thanks very much, Chris

NMK said...

Your necklaces are adorable !!!! You are just so talented !!!!

quiltsbycheri said...

How Fun!!! requesting a basket & flowers, cat, bird.....Surprise Me! you have my PayPal email address I believe....
love being on the receiving end of your ever out doing it's self creativity.....

right now my days are spent playing house, reading books, making mud cakes and running to the potty....Lucy is potty training right now.... ahhhh but I wouldn't trade this time for anything....

so I truly enjoy letting my mind wander creatively as I relax at naptime with my favorite blogs....

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Happy Spring!
Prim Blessings

TheCrankyCrow said...

I've been a wretched blogger my friend....but, trust me, it hasn't been without good (ok, really HORRID)reasons. I popped by today on my search for something which now escapes me as these wonderful necklaces caught my eye.....And since it is my birthday (shhh, me thinks everyone finally forgot), I'd like to treat myself if you still have one available??? If so, could you let me know my choices? (Although each is wonderful, it truly wouldn't matter....) Hugs ~ Robin

TheCrankyCrow said...

....I'm really smitten with the black bunny head if he might still be available??? Robin

Faye Henry said...

They are so lovely.. xo

feltedhare said...

I would really love to have one of the black bunny's with the vine or the flower, if it is still available(sp?) I think you have my paypal info, if not let me know. Thanks Shann Allen

LaNelle said...

Just adorable such talent you have......

linda56 said...

Hi lori .....sad to sad but we are on our way home now from florida.....its going to be snowy and cold.....brrrr.....but ididwqnt to pop in and say once again you have me in awe.....i love the design of these necklaces.....i dont wear necklaces.....but if i did....i would want one....i would like to see these a little bigger and maybe in some kind of cool frame.....maybe 4by4......if you ever do let me know......you have so much talent.....i wish we lived closer....

Consider It All Joy said...

Lori, those are just adorable! What a gift you are blessed with! Blessings, Cindy

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