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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Wonderful Handwork ~

I am so excited to share this with you !
We are now carrying the beautiful & folksy quilt and appliqué patterns 
...from the talented designer Cheri Payne ~

I have admired her work for years ~ so original and true to herself...

Yesterday I received a box full of her patterns and shop models!!!

one of her newest patterns ~

 the workman(woman)ship in her models is stunning 
...her color choices are perfect for primitive-making.

echoing threads

 Cheri has a way with her motifs, that  make you feel like they are old friends ~
familiar crows, happy stars & saw-toothed borders...

Halloween or Not

Simple designs, yet complex enough to hold our attention
and make us lean in a little closer, like small basket with even smaller gingerbread boys...

... Her designs speak to me, for sure!
can you guess which ones are my favorites??

added details, like old pearl & cloth-covered buttons ~
multiple bindings and sashing...
make for perfect folk art.

Cheri's handwork is reminiscent of an earlier time 
...when we used up our scraps of this-and-that.

wools, cotton, homespun & flannel come together in Cheri's designs...

I hope you get a chance to stop in & see her models in person on Saturday for our Open House ~
and perhaps pick up one or two of her delightful patterns :)
and I couldn't resist sharing this with you...
I went downstairs for tea this morning, 
and on the counter was a grocery list that my hubby had added to....

I guess I'll be shopping at the puppy store today?

Have a wonderful day my Friends!!
* Blessed be *


Anonymous said...

LOL!!!! Beagles? Sounds like my husband:-) Love the quilts & am wanting to learn how sometime. Thanks for your time & blog.

Sheri said...

Will you be putting Cheri's patterns on your Etsy site? I'm definitely interested in one of them.


Cari said...

LOL…I love Beagles…cutest pups ever !!! Love Cheri's patterns, especially the 12 days of Christmas one. Happy Holidays !!

Jan Conwell said...

Those are beautiful...thanks for sharing. And don't forget the beagles.

quiltsbycheri said...

what a good start to my day, waking up to wonderful photos and compliments......will be walking around puffed for at least 24 hours! thanks, you were way to generous with your kind words but thanks!!!

a beagle with cream cheese :)

OldeThreads said...

Have always loved anything Cheri did....heck way back when I had all of her painting books! Such a great style, will look wonderful in your shop. And beagles are wonderful little dogs, toasted and smothered with cream cheese!

Stacey said...

I love stopping by to visit you my friend~ always inspiring! Love Cheri's designs and it makes me want to learn to quilt! Loving the Witch <3

Beagle and cream cheese club member

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

LOL! The quilts are gorgeous! And if I could quilt, I'd be snapping those patterns up ;)

Beagles...ha ha ha...my husband has the same problem! LOL!

Margs Primitive Quilts said...

I just LoVe all those small quilts Lori and I really LoVe reading your blog every day! Thanks for all the great ideas you pass on to me. A beagle mmmmm:) I say its a good thing they are cute !

Granny Bee said...

What a precious list! Hugs to you and yours this holiday season!

Colleen said...

I lovvvvve Cheri quilts! She is in my top 3 fav designers :o)

And beagles.... hilarious!!!

Lillie Bowen aka Margot Diersen said...

Oh my gosh~your photos are so much better than the ones on Cheri's site! She is amazing & your great photos show the detail and make them even more desirable! Also, about the puppy store ~ ha! But, really, you cannot not love a beagle ~ they're the best! :-)

annie said...

I just love her work!
The simple is so appealing, and I love the folk art style!

Chris said...

I think that it is more than 1 beagle..did you come home with a pack of hounds? LOL
The pieces you shared today are so wonderful.

denise said...

love the quilts!

Anonymous said...

How cute! A new beagle for Christmas, that's his subconscious telling you what he really wants for

kathiquilts said...

I am in love with the background on your header!!! Is it fabric?? paper??? where can I get access? Thnks so much!!

Mary A said...

I have heard that the corner store offers bagels with their beagles! What a deal ;) Mary A

susiedele said...

So funny! Is he gonna put some jam on those puppies? Better add it to the list.
I love Cheri's designs. I'm working on one right now.

Lee said...

I have done some of cheri's designs….they are uncomplicated and work up quick! My problem lies in choosing the fabric !
I was thinking the same thing as another commenter….her patterns look completely different on your site…alive and more colorful. Lee

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