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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


....I bought some new fabrics yesterday.
'cause I needed them.

I am shameless.
I am an addict.
I will never recover....


and I think that whatever group or program that I join for this affliction
will be one that knows & understands 

...with having a condition such as this,
common side effects are usually :
*loss of reason 
*confusion & memory-loss 
(ex. 'do I already have this fabric?')
(ex. 'I don't care if I already have this fabric!")
and perhaps the worst affliction, something I named
*TACTO-PHILIA ("tacto-FEEL-ya")
the uncontrollable urge to fondle your neighbors clothing while they are wearing it.


but ya know what?
there are worse things I could be doing.
so I will just be comfortable in my own skin and revel in the fact that


there are MILLIONS of folks who suffer along with me.
and there are wonderful support groups out there to help me along...

...these are called 'Quilting Groups'.

They meet in clandestine places where they gather to share their suffering (and new stashes)
and feel akin to one-another...
...these gathering places are called 'retreats', 
or 'sewing clubs'.

instead of being dimly lit & secretive,
 you can usually tell what's going on inside one of them 
by the glare of the Ott lamps 
and the non-sensical chatter of women fueled by tea, coffee, 
and/or sometimes wine and chocolate....

...we are little soldiers, aren't we?

let's band together and support each other in our illness.

...let's stand tall and hold those needles up and say

this latest plunder of fabrics was purchased at
Quilted Expressions in Lynchburg, VA

I bought cottons in my most favorite palette
 of muted browns, creams, blues and greens ~

not that I don't have enough fabric,
but my car has a built-in homing device for any needlework shop, 
...anywhere in the contiguous US ~

((I think it came with the vehicle.))

So tell me about your addiction ~ 
share with me your journey & woes...
together we can get through this!
(or at least enable each other...)

and just as I don't 'need' anymore fabric,
I surely don't need anymore notions
... like thread, buttons, ribbon, charms, or needles.
 the little trinket below jumped into my hand and came home with me as well.
I am hopeless.


I am happy.
and that's all that matters!

hoping you're happy too ~

* Blessed be *


Kathy L. said...

I can relate!!! I love fabric, linen, threads, needles and notions, PATTERNS (my worst addiction) and can't wait to get to a shop to buy more.

(and we know we are not alone)
Love all your new choices, now I want to go shopping.


Glenda said...

A few weeks ago my husband put on this gorgeous black wool sport coat with out thinking I started feeling the material! He quickly told me to get my hands off I could not have it! Lol well I know one day I will get it. Your material and the way you create with it are both beautiful.

jennifer768 said...

Lovely addiction! I too have a fondness for fabric but I really love thread.Just something about having a variety of thread that makes me feel warm and fuzzy.LOL! Christmas Blessings,Jen

rx2massey said...

Glad to see I don't suffer alone! My affliction/addiction is wool! I, too, wonder, "Do I already have this plaid?" Let's call it therapy!!

Martha Doe said...

I have to confess that I am afflicted with the same dread disease! I will never have enough fabrics, patterns, fat quarters, ribbon, buttons, cotton string, yarn, floss, thimbles, scissors, pinkeeps,wool felt,...I am truly sick and don't want to ever be cured!! :-)

barb said...

Well, me too! I've been addicted for about 30 years and I have the stash to prove it. Notions too. I was just in that sewing room looking for fabric to make my first great-grandchild a quilt. Couldn't find it so I will have to go buy more. Lori, you are so funny. I was going to shut down the computer but thought I would take a look at your blog today. Glad I did, you make me laugh. Have a great day.

Jan Conwell said...

No, you are definitely not alone.

backporchcarver said...

Love Love Love your post today, so well said, you covered it ALL.Loved your "new" fabric too. I got a real chuckle about feeling your neighbours cloths.

Orange Sink said...

Oh absolutely holding up my needle and rug hook here Lori!! Such an addiction knows no cure and for that I am grateful!!! Drooling over those new fabrics and the Singer needles omg... can't wait to see what's in store from that wonderfully creative mind of yours!!
Cathy G

Jennifer said...

I too share your addiction to fabric (along with threads, yarn, charts, patterns etc.) My other vice is MAGAZINES. With the Internet and especially Pinterest, there is really no need for me to crave magazines.....but I do. Royalty, fashion, gymnastics, cross-stitch, quilting and my latest obsession, Food network Magazine.

quiltsbycheri said...

been an addict for years and have loved every minute!!!! no intervention or cure wanted!

kelley said...

Me too to every comment...new cotton...wool...patterns...notions...any little thing related to handwork makes me happy...a wonderful addiction...

Val Reaves said...

Hello, my name is Val.... I always felt a 12 step program was in order for me... I have to agree, addiction to fabric, notions and patterns exists with me and I consider it cheaper than a therapist! Enjoyed your post!

Ronda said...

Wonderful to have a 'safe' addiction!,,although one could starve for a bit,,tend to overspend! .. I'll gladly take the trade..
loved your post!

Tina McFadden said...

I am a total addict and proud of it. With my stash of fabric, wool, linen, books, patterns, threads and of course all the necessary accessories I could open up a shop. REALLY!

HomeSpunPrims said...

Yes my friend I am part of the same sickness!! You take the best pics of your goods and supplies! Love your new fabrics. They are right up my alley and oh boy do I wish I could see them in person. Have fun creating. A cute post! Hugs, Lori

Linda said...

I love to look at and buy fabric pieces. I love to look at and buy sewing notions. And the thing is...I don't sew, I don't quilt. I do cross-stitch and have used some of my fabric for that. But it is hard getting me to do it - because then it won't be in my box of fabric pieces to fondle anymore!

Linda in VA

denise said...

I'm right there with ya sister! your fabrics are beautiful.

prims by olde lady morgan said...

Lori, Oh my addictions... oh so many... primitives, child size.. oh fabric too, these are all good addictions! OLM

edie said...

My name is Edie, and I have SABLE Syndrome (Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy). No, Lori, my dear, you definitely are not alone; however, you are definitely one of my favorite dealers for my addiction. Ditto to all the comments! I even have one fabric I have bought THREE times! Do you have any fabric that you just can't bear to cut into,so you just take it out and look at it and touch it every now and then, I do. Very clever post, pix beautiful, as usual. I am so glad you do what you do. Thank you for sharing, oh, BTW, thanks to you I want a donkey or two, but alas that is not to be, so I'll just buy some more fabric, linen, patterns, books, rulers, etc., etc., etc. Love ya, Lori!

Sandra said...

You are, indeed, not alone in this condition.

Debra said...

My addictions encompass many of the fiber arts, but mostly fabric, yarn, and embroidery supplies. I knit, crochet, spin, quilt, tat, cross-stitch, and do surface embroidery. I also accumulate books about all of the above. Did I mention that I work in a quilt/yarn shop?

Colleen said...

Lol wonderful post and oooo I can so relate! I have a pattern addiction... have to have it just in case I ever want to work on it someday!

The Evening Stitcher said...

I have a bread board addiction as of late...added to my other addictions, I am one hot mess!! Love the fabric and at least they are small enough pieces that you can store them beautifully and in small places!!

Carolyn Boutilier said...

Lori, Love your post. I have the same addiction with fabric and wool. You must try the Quiltery shop in Fairfield Va. They have great fabrics plus civil war fabrics. I have some fabric I just take out to touch and figure I will save it for a future piece. Now I have a huge stash. Carolyn Boutilier

Jacqueline said...

I am right there with you.. cheaper than therapy or drugs in my book. LOL

Chris said...

Lovely fabric. There are worse things!! Mine is counted thread :)

Sherry said...

I don't quilt like I used to but I still love it. Cross stitch has always been my first love. Anything associated with either of these hobbies is a must for me. Thimbles, fabrics, threads, pin cushions, safety pins, buttons, ribbons and more!

Linda said...

I s-e-w understand. Piles of fabric are lovely decor items and very soft if stumbled upon. Your thoughts are so well stated and the photos lovely. We have such a kindred spirit and I wish I lived closer. My bucket list includes a visit to Notforgotten Farm.

April said...

Lori, those are gorgeous fabrics! I share the same addiction to reproduction fabrics. I am also seriously addicted to hand-dyed wool and Valdani perle cotton threads. There is no hope for me. I must have them all! :)

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