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Sunday, September 8, 2013

~ Miss Phoebe Moss-head ~

~ Miss Phebe Moss-head ~

...another little pumpkin-folk from Notforgotten Farm
Phoebe was named after her great great great grandmother...
Phoebe Millicent Scrubpot Moss-head
 and she hails from a long lineage of 
V I P's
(Very Important Pumpkins)
her heritage can be traced to Jamestown, 
whence the first settlers arrived on this continent.

Family history states that she is from one of the first pumpkins planted by the colonists ~
the seed of which was gifted by the Native Americans.

The Moss-head family
((not to be confused with the Mosshead family - which holds no claim to familial namesake rights))
have long rendered their unique abilities to Farmers and their wives here in Virginia.

Seems as though they possess the uncanny ability 
of being able to dowse for hidden water underground, 
...thus-far helping their farmer-friends with their crops during drought-months.
As which,
 the Moss-head family also holds the State record for finding the most 'lost' items, 
such as the rusty thimble which little Phoebe carries with her...
a thimble that was long ago lost by a young girl out walking in the woods 
...here at Notforgotten Farm.

Phoebe Moss-head would love to travel to your home ~ 
be it a cape, brick mansion or humble farmstead...
she is extremely hardworking 
and helps unselfishly with the supper dishes 
and rounding up the chickens at night before the fox begin to prowl.

She will gladly accept spare morsels of leftover cornbread and loves ice-cold buttermilk.

Please check my ebay auctions this evening around 7:00 pm 
eastern time to bid on the chance of her coming to live with you :)

~ Ebay Link is located on my sidebar ~

p.s. I do have another auction ending this evening at around 7:00 pm as well :)

*Blessed be, my Friends*
 ~ Lori ~


Christine Crocker said...

Miss Phoebe is indeed lovely~ what beautiful coloring, perfect for a dear member of the Moss-head family~

kathyinozarks said...

she is a sweetie

Karen said...

Love her. Would like to see you make a pattern for her.

NMK said...

I Love her & her family history !!!

backporchcarver said...

Love Miss Pheobe and I am enchanted with her family history. You truely bring life to your work.

Jennifer said...

She is just gorgeous, but what pumpkin isn't? I love her story; it makes her all the more charming.

Jane said...

Great story about Phoebe. That should be material for a book!

Flora said...

Had to tell you how gorgeous your work is, although I'm sure you've heard it many a time already!!!

Anonymous said...

love miss phoebe and her story!


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