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Monday, June 17, 2013

{ by hoop or by hand? }

I'm curious
...do you stitch by hoop or by hand?

do you roll your linen neatly to one side...
or crumble it a bit like I do?

 if you use a hoop,
is it new?
or plastic?
are you a collector of hoops?
I am....
 mine are older, some antique ~
some vintage and
both metal & wood...
I like to think about who might have used them before me ~
and how those hands have worn smooth the edges from mending
...or perhaps
samplermaking ~

I like to keep mine in old wallboxes in our front keeping room...
so I can enjoy seeing their organic shapes.
both boxes are in blue paint ~

~ my larger oval hoops go into this old clay pipe box,
while the smaller ones are tucked into the chippy blue box above...
the work that I'm doing above is the model for our next
the name of the next pattern is
The Little Red Schoolhouse, and I am LOVING the unique finish I have planned for it :)
the kits will begin shipping early July,
and many thanks to those who have recently become members!
so happy to have you join in on the fun
I'll share more progress as I get it stitched up ~
also, I have big news about needlepoint coming soon!!!!!
Lori from
Notforgotten Farm


Anonymous said...

I do both and have both old and new hoops, I love the feel of linen in my hand, you have lovely hoops and they look very at home in the chippy holders,

Debra said...

I sometimes stitch with a hoop, sometimes without. I roll my linen in my left hand. All of my hoops are wooden, I love the way they look on a work in progress.

Anonymous said...

I've only ever stitched in hand (left-handed!). I try to neatly roll the unused portion of linen and hold it with my right hand. Looking forward to the next Little Stitches kit.

Robin Hager said...

I always use a Q-snap or hoop. I am a professional framer, as well as an avid needleworker, and we are taught to never get the oils from our hands on our fabrics. This is the "correct" way from the conservation viewpoint. However, I say to do what makes you happy! That's the whole point, isn't it?! LOVE your old hoops, BTW.

Linda said...

I never use a hoop.....even though I think the old ones are really cool!!!! Linda

Lady Locust said...

I had a scroll for larger work & liked it, but passed it on as I do so little cross-stitch anymore. For most of my c-s and embroidery, I use wooden hoops. I've tried plastic and metal and still end up liking the wooden ones best. I tend to like the oval ones as they are narrow enough to catch the fabric and long enough to have a reasonable work space. Oh, and I'm a roller not a scruncher. I was so glad to see your collection of hoops - this means that I'm not a hoarder after all I'm a collector:)
Thank you for sharing - yours are so beautifully displayed.

Three Sheep Studio said...

Love your hoop collection. ;)
I also have a collection of old hoops, with my favorite ones being the ovals.

Patti said...

Hi Lori,
I have always stitched in hand, but after your inspiration I have started using my antique wood hoops on small count fabric - it definitely helps me see the holes better :) my favorite old hoop has the woman's name burned into the wood <3
Can't wait for your next club kit! I have a finish of the last one to share on my blog this week!
Blessings, Patti

Ronda said...

Hi Lori,,

Once I learned to stitch in hand I've not used a hoop. I do love the old ones, love your collections. I ordered a little kit of needlepoint just to learn a little, hoping to get to it soon. Excited to hear about your news..wonderful post.

Dorothy said...

I don't usually use a hoop for X stitch but I use them to embroider. I have had wooden ones for years. one ring in each pair is bound in calico to put less strain on the fabrics. I have all shapes and sizes.

Mouse said...

I usually stitch in hand and roll the fabric in my left hand ..Occasionally scrumple too :) Frames I use for my Large pieces or when I am beading :)
have still got my hoops though tied up with a pink ribbon and hanging from my window handle in my craft room ... adore your wee boxes :) love mouse xxxxx

Angie Burrett said...

The history behind the person who used the old hoop is a big draw. But I personally like to scrumple the fabric and sew! I cannot get on with a hoop. I always stitch from right to left - works well for me! Lovely post, your collection is great.

denise said...

hoop and wood or plastic. the old wood ones are hard to find. denise

Karen said...

What an interesting fun post!
I love working with both hoops but mostly the wood ones...I like the feel and I also roll-scrunch at the same time...I think you may know what I mean by that...lol
I love how you store yours and use them as eye candy/art.
I ready your prior post on Father's Day....what a sweet and sincere post. What a blessing!

NMK said...

I prefer to stitch without a hoop, unless the fabric is too flopy, like praire cloth. I have some neat old hoops too, my favorite one was my Grandmothers. I tend to roll my fabric while I stitch too. I like how you display your hoops in the pretty wall boxes.

Allison said...

I mostly stitch by hand, but recently found a small hoop and actually have my stitching in it!

msmartello said...

I do both depending on the size of the design. However I don't normally use a hoop. I use q snaps. In fact I just went and bought a few hoops to do my rug hooking. I didn't even own a hoop. LOL! I will show you my rug hooking soon. I am loving it! I think I am a hooker!

Robin said...

I use a 6" or 8" Q-snap most of the time. For little scraps of fabric, I use an embroidery hoop (plastic/metal). I can't stitch in hand any longer.

Robin in Virginia

Anonymous said...

I'm a hand stitcher. I used hoops in the past. Your hoops look great in your holders. Debbie

TeresaM said...

I use a hoop and try to keep the extra rolled up. Doesn't always stay neatly rolled up!

I use a small wooden hoop most of the time. I do have some old ones packed away somewhere in my stash of things.

Mary Z said...

I stitch by hand and I'm a crumpler...tho I do serge the edges of the linen so that helps with fraying. The hoops I do have are all modern..love your collection.

ladyjane22 said...

I like using the plastic spring hoops or if working on a larger project a scroll frame. I found that if I use the frame/hoops with the fabric on the inside then I am holding the fabric on the reverse (hope this makes sense)side. Love the idea of showing off the hoops in a hanging shelf.

marly said...

I'm a roller who crumples the roll. No hoops!

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