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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Say hello to my little Friend!

my name is Peaches....
happy to meet you folks!
well hello there Peaches!
 I am Lori's new Quality Control Inspector here at Notforgotten Farm...
one of my job titles includes checking all of the fabric.
Each & every piece must be thoroughly inspected for frayed edges
(with so much fabric here, job security is NOT an issue)

Hmmm....this one seems ok...

I also have the daunting task of being continuously adorable.
(very tiring indeed)

sweet peaches
 When there's need for a paperclip, have no fear!
I am here to serve....

oh how clever you are!

Thank you Peaches.

of course, during breaks,
I get to play & eat snacks...
so many perks to this job!

I was born on October 11th 2012 ~
I am a Sun Conure who loves to snuggle under my Momma's hair.
I can 'step up' when you hold out your finger, and I give kisses on demand
(and mom is rather demanding with them!)

I give great manicures and pedicures, and can check your entire person for freckles in a flash.
(of course, I also try to remove said freckles from your person as well)

I will live for another 20 to 30 years in good health,
and I will have quite the vocabulary too...so please talk to me when you visit!
(hopefully I won't pick up any...um, 'colorful' words from my Mom!)
My beautiful feathers are rainbow colored, and I keep them extremely well-cleaned by preening constantly...I also love to preen Mom's hair too...
I am so excited to meet you all in person!
Now i am off for a nap....*yawn*
(((I'm only 6 months old remember!)))
Lori from
Notforgotten Farm


Karen said...

Precious peaches!
He's just beautiful

Patti said...

So sweet! Such a wondeful addition to your farm :) I had a half moon parrot in high school named George that I adored.
Blessings, Patti

Nancy Bauer said...

He's a PEACH!

Penny said...

What a pretty bird! Peaches is the perfect name with all those beautiful 'peachy' colors!!

Bittersweetfolkart said...

what a beautiful bird ..

gloriahanaway said...

WHAT A CUTIE!!! You can see my Quaker- Tweety and Scooter- cockatiel (both orphaned when their owner passed away)on facebook (sorry- don't have a blog. It was 2 years before Tweety would let me pet him. Peaches looks like a DOLL!

Orange Sink said...

Oh Lori He's just a peach!! Great photos! It's about time you got some help there around your place! LOL!
Keep the photos coming!!
Cathy G

From Sherry's Heart said...

OK Peaches now remember as we discussed last nite you will always address me as The Queen when talking to me on the phone!!!
The Queen
PS: You ARE a Pretty Boy

susiedele said...

Aw...He's so sweet. I have a cockatiel named Riley, named after my dad. He whistles the Andy Griffith tune.
You'll have such fun with him. What does Iggy think?

jennifer768 said...

Gorgeous new friend!Love the personality of Conures.Hugs,Jen

msmartello said...

Love him!!!!

Saundra said...

Oh but he is a very pretty boy indeed. Loved your comments too.


dogwoodfarm said...

Oh my, my, he is so, so, cute!!!!!
I can't wait to hear about all the things he can do.

Sweet Sue said...

Howdy-do Peaches, you're a mighty handsome fellow indeed ~ hope you visit often!

Robin said...

He is so awesome and friendly, can't wait to visit with him again. Thanks for bringing him to see me. xxoo

Jane said...

Peaches is pretty and precious!!!

thesimplequiet said...

Simply the sweetest of Peaches! How nice to have a new friend!


DianeM said...

Awww, Peaches is so cute <3 What a sweet companion, and so helpful too :)
Smiles, DianeM

Tina said...

Oh wow! What an absolutely GORGEOUS cutie pie! And beautiful too! I will be looking forward to more wonderful pictures of Peaches!!!

Patty ♣ said...

Peaches is adorable!!!

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