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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Happy Spring Everyone :)
I, for one, am SO happy that today marks what soon will be
the first of many warmer days...
we have been listening to the teeny green tree frogs here in the back of the farmhouse ~ they live near the creek and on the first warm day, they start their twitterpating & peeping.
it's a beautifully-deafening sound!
and, I have been cleaning out this old farmhouse ~
starting with my sewing room...
here's how my shelves look now:
neat & tidy

I decided to store the cut wools and their accompanying worms in my glass jars in front of their corresponding colors...
i really love how this looks, and the glass jars make it so easy to see the wool ~

nice & clean

of course, between cleaning ~
I take tea breaks and peruse my two favoprite magazines,
FOLK & MaryJanes Farm!!

staples in my reading pile ~

 after tidying up,
the sun was coming in so pretty this morning
that I had to take some snaps of where I spend alot of my time....

a cozy little creative-nook

I put the slipcover on my hooking chair
 after it was freshly laundered and hung to dry in the bright sun...
...now the whole room smells like spring!

my chair awaits ~

cleaning out items that I no longer need, the room seems bigger to me....

not really big at all, Peter says it's about 12' x 17'

I am happy & content in this humble farmhouse...
now onto the other rooms!!
Happy Spring Cleaning to you all!!!!
Remember, you can stand an egg on it's end today because of the Earth's rotaional pull...
try it, it really works!

Lori from
Notforgotten Farm


Primitive Stars said...

Morning Lori, everything looks so clean and comfy in your wonderful farmhouse....Wish I could hear those little peepers,:( freezing here, Spring Blessings Francine.

Orange Sink said...

Hi Lori,
I just drool every time I see photos of your fabulous farm house! LOVE the way you organize and the wool worms in the jars are just beautiful! I would need quite a few more jars to do that with mine ( Okay.. 50 gallon crocks LOL!) I also am in LOVE with your little pouch you hooked.... more drooling!)
Happy Spring and what I wouldn't give to hear those peepers in your back yard!!
Cathy G

Carmen and the Primcats said...

Looks nice!!!! Happy Spring!

Carmen and the Primcats

B.Prim said...

Love Love Love this cozy nook and love the pouch with the denim pocket. You are so talented. Thanks for sharing!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Looking forward to spring but not the cleaning!!!
So organized you are ~ looks great!!!
Hope your day is filled with sunshine!
Happy Spring!
Prim Blessings
Off to try the egg thing

Hickety Pickety said...

You make me feel soooooooo L A Z Y!
Love your cozy creating area...I Love everything about your home!

Anonymous said...

I could definitely stitch in that room!...love it Lori! Everything looks so fresh~ Happy Spring..

NMK said...

Love your work room ! Another neat idea you have of putting your worms in a jar ! I can't wait to hear the frogs chirping again....instead we have another coating of that snow...UGH Enough !!! Bad Ground Hog !!!

feltedhare said...

Your room looks so cozy and clean. Need to do that myself. this morning my husband was in the kitchen, I had the back door open and the birds were singing away and he wanted to know what that was. LOL he dosen't go outside. I told him it was the first day of Spring. Oh and isn't MaryJane Farms the best?

Karen said...

What a lovely space to work in - I'd sit there more often than not with the sun streaming in.
Such a pleasant room and I love the glass jars for the 'worms'...great idea.

Lori Ann Corelis said...

Happy Spring Lori!
i just love that sunlight streaking into your room and warming up your creativity:-)


quiltsbycheri said...

i would agree that is a beautifully, cozy room to spend a lot of imagination time in......wish i were
as motivated to clean!

Jane said...

Happy Spring, Lori!!! Love your pictures. Just can't wait to get outside and dig in the ground.

Trace4J said...

What a warm wonderful cozy room.
Love the jars of wool.
Woolie Hugs

Saundra said...

You're putting me to shame; the only thing I've cleaned out so far is the Two Roosters Facing that was won by Robin. I've a way to go to look as organized as you.


Martha Doe said...

Hi Lori,

What a comfy cozy room for hooking and needling!

Egg didn't stand in SC...guess we have a different gravity pull!LOL

Prim Blessings,

Robin ~ Bird In The Hand Primitives ~ said...

I am loving your cozy spot for creating !! Especially that beautiful sun shining through your window.....
I had to chuckle when I noticed your old big tin for a trash can...I have a big crock for mine in my craft room...everyone asks why I don't have a regular trash bin...WHAT ??? that's too.....regular !!!....lol

Lizzy said...

Nice Job,,, it was fun to visit.

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

What a beautiful and inspirational room, no wonder you create such beautiful treasures! Love your chair as well and I can imagine how wonderful it smells with it's freshly washed and line dried slipcover :O)

annie said...

I love your farm house, the work room studio is just fabulous!

Anonymous said...

you have created the most beautiful cosy nest for creating, I just love it and I love the spring in a jar!

Lori said...

I love your cozy room! I could spend countless hours in there..stitching away in that comfy chair..bliss! Thank you for sharing! Blessings, Lori

German Zollinger said...

Such a nice job in your spring cleaning project, Lori! It’s nice to see that you enjoyed organizing and cleaning every area of your place. Cleaning is important since dirt and bacteria are dime a dozen and can make our house unsafe. Being sanitary and responsible is a good counter measure. Thanks for sharing! :)

German Zollinger @ Total Clean Equip

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