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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

By Hook ~

an ongoing collection of mine ~
vintage, unique and or early rug hooks...

each one tells a story of time and memories in wool.

some I use, most I do not....
only because they don't fit my hand ~

...this larger hook below, is one I love ~ with it's early turned wood handle
that to me, looks like an old Indian Club used for excerise back in The Day...

it has a nice sharp barb, and a long shank too ~
but the handle is a little too long for me.

This Early hook ~ below ~ is my favorite....
it is smaller and not as heavy.
It has a nice barb (a bit dull from years of hard work) and fits well in my hand ~

my favorite thing about this little hook?
the initials that someone inscribed onto the handle-end...
"MWL" or if you turn it upside-down, "LMW" ...you decide.
I just think it's quaint however I look at it ~

little hook with initials ~ fits my hand perfectly!

first hook I showed you...a little too large for me.

Here's a hook I found online ~ can't remember which "E" site...
it has a uniquely shaped handle, and Peter says it's made from mahogony.
I like it, but the shank isn't wide enough for my wide strips...
so I keep it in my box of hooks instead!
(I like how they look in there)

pretty, but not practical for me ~

Here's a little hook that someone gifted me with (can't remember who) ~
it surely is different, and not ever something I'd use ~ but the thoughtfulness of a gift goes appreciated nonetheless...so into my hook box it goes!

please forgive the dirty fingernails and farmwife hands of mine ~ they are MY best tools!
Do you have a collection of hooks? I would love to see them!
Peter & I are thinking about coming out with our own line of Rug Hooks for the Primitive Hooker...
we are doing some research, and we'll let you know what we come up with soon!!!

Hoping you all have a wonderful day filled with things that keep you creative ~
Lori from
Notforgotten Farm


Jennie Lynn @ Appleseed Prim said...

I know I know this has nothing to do with rug hooking but I noticed a tattoo on your left wrist. It's very pretty, a vine and rose? My first tattoo is on my shoulder blade. Didn't feel a thing. I regret it only because I can't see it therefore can't enjoy it. So my next tattoo was on my wrist. Still didn't feel a thing but passed out cold the moment I saw my blood. Got a concussion hitting the floor. That was my last tattoo :)

The French Bear said...

Love this collection Lori....I love how it feels when you hold a hook or sewing tool that is old and worn.....so much history! The little box that holds them too!

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

haha Jennie Lynn! too funny ~ yep, I have a 'couple' of them ;)
~ L

Linda said...

what a wonderful collection!!!!!!

Trace4J said...

What a great collection.
My dream is to one day learn to hook.
Maybe one day soon.
Woolie Hugs

NMK said...

You find the coolest treasures !!! I have several hooks, one was my Grandmother's, but looks like all my others, :-( I would LOVe one of your hooks when you clever folks design it !!! The comment about the tatoo was hysterical ! When my daughter turned 16, she wanted a belly ring...now she has a tatoo, but I almost passed out when she got the belly ring ! I definitely would have passed out for Days if I watched her get her tatoo !

kelley said...

Hi Lori...love all your old hooks...I've whittled down my collection to mostly Miller pencil hooks, the only one I hook with...hanging on to a few gorgeous old and worn early purchases...thanks for sharing your sweet collection...would love to know the story behind each one...

Robin ~ Bird In The Hand Primitives ~ said...

I love all of your hooks !! I ma the same way with all of my antique cooking items....I look at them and hold them, imagining a young new wife, just starting out, learning new cooking skills, or an aged old woman, using the tools to make long time family favorites that have no recipes, only what is still preserved in her mind forever..
I only own 2 hooks...One I use all the time, but both were gifted to me by Kelley Belfast ( kankerdoodle) when she was whittling down her collection...They are dear to me, as I probably would never have begun hooking, if not for her encouragement, and the gift of the hooks, wool and some beautiful linen backing on which to try my very first hooking experience....

woolwoman said...

I'd love to see what type of hook you and your husband come up with. Maybe some of your antiques could be prototypes. I love the one you said was maghogany - so interesting but then arent' they all and all with a story to tell.
Thanks for showing them - Mel

Gayle said...

I'll have to pull out all my hooks and share them too - look forward to seeing the ones you design.....

Mary A said...

I would be very interested in hooks made by Peter especially the pencil kind ;) Mary A

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

Jennie Lynn my first tattoo was on my wrist and it hurt like you-know-what!!! :-)

HomeSpunPrims said...

Thank you for sharing your hooks and the stories behind them. You have a wonderful collection. They look so nice in your box too. I have 4 new hooks I use but if I ever saw an old one for sale I would grab it up! So wonderful to think of another's hand years ago hard at work and that hook still functioning today in your hand. Hugs, Lori

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