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Friday, November 2, 2012

the Last Finishes, a Handsome Boy & Gathering with Friends ~

A very productive past couple of days ~
here are the last two finished models for the upcoming,
...soon-to-be-released, new designs!

S. Claus ~ has been turned into a delightful scissor-keep
with a deep pocket on the back to hold your trusty scissors ~

S. Claus with his trusty scissors ~ how else could he manage to make so many things
...for the world wothout them????

...his little mittened-hand is at the ready to create ~ just like us!!!
and here is
Peace to All ~
a simple, small sampler ~

turned this one into a framed, hanging pinkeep ~
love the lines of this one!

the frame is an antique, found on etsy and I just love it ~
the sampler didn't quite fit so I added the pinkeep to the bottom...
using repro fabrics ~

"Peace to ALL"
....it is not your ordinary Christmas sampler,
because I didn't want to have it done in traditional colors
so you have muted colors to keep up all the year long ~

repro civil-war era fabric pincushion

and, Mr. Iggy
oh he is so handsome....
HE knows it ~
I swear he poses for me, poses for my camera and pictures that I send to Hannah...

He love sthe woodstove ~ being just a year old, this id the real 'first' time that he is aware of it...


the 'look'
(is he trying to scare me??)
ready for my close-up
he used to be SOooooo little....what happened???
fat fat water rat ~

today I was blessed with the company of Friends ~
we hooked, we stitched, we laughed....
Pat, Karen, Sue, Kerry, Joan, Flea & Jane came for a visit today ~

some brought wool, some brought some thread ~

busyhands ~
beautiful wools, handork ~

wool worms & snippets flying ~ so productive!!!
pat cross hooking my 'witches walk' from Spruce Ridge ~

a beautiful hooke fish from Sue ~
LOVE the colors...

here's Karen hooking a beautiful primitive floral ~
And lastly ~
Peter went to price a local job the other day,
and called me to say that he 'happened' upon a barn-full of 'stuff '...
and he happened upon this:

an local POST OFFICE from Norwood, VA ~
it has cubbies and hand carved/painted box numbers....
he called me & said it was a whole $65.00 and was I interested...
ummmmmmmmmmmm...let me think.
it stands 5 foot by 5 foot...has numerous, useful cubbies ~
is made from local oak...
and will hold fat 1/4's of fabric ~ in the shop and be decorated for our upcoming
Christmas Open House ~
Peter has cleaned it, washed it, blew it with his compressor,
and Murhpy Oil Soaped it...it is BEAUTEOUS!
tomorrow I will be dyeing the 30ct Olde Farmhouse Linen for the upcoming patter/kit release...
we will be open from 10 - 3:00 tomorrow (saturday) so stop on in for a visit if you can!

hoping you all have a peaceful, creative evening my Friends!

Blessings from Notforgotten Farm...


Paula said...

Dear Lori, I am so in love with your S. Claus Maker of Good Things... I love that! Your finish is beautiful and I love that it can hold scissors, as it goes perfectly with him. The Peace to All sampler is gorgeous! I love the old frame and the pin keep at the bottom. The fabric is so pretty and so are the colors you chose! Mr. Iggy is very handsome, indeed! My sweet Mr. Poppy loves to pose for the camera too. He is a piece of work! I am glad you had a lovely day with your dear friends! It looks like so much fun. The postal cubby is amazing! I am always looking out for one of those to hold fabric and wool. I am so happy that your sweet Peter found it for you and cleaned it up. You will have a lot of fun decorating it and filling it with goodies. What a great price too! It is truly a piece of history and art! Enjoy dearest!
Many blessings, Paula.... glad you weathered the storm well! xo

Jane said...

It was so nice to see you and all the wonderful hookings and critters, today. Thanks for all your encouragement.
Notforgotten Farm is a magical place!!

NMK said...

Ohhh Santa is Just Wonderful !!! How much Fun it must have been just hanging out in your shop & being creative with friends ! I would give my eye tooth to be there !!! I had a neat old cubby like yours, when I moved ,I sold it....one of those Stupid Ideas !!! I am not a Kitty person ,but have Grand Kitties....they are really gowing on me !!! Too cute !!!

HomeSpunPrims said...

What a great post Lori! Filled with so many wonderful things...new patterns...friends gathered and a great score by Peter for the shop!! What a day you've had my friend. Thanks for sharing. I can just picture that cubbie full of wool. What a great addition it will be in your shop and what a sweetie Peter is to clean it all up for you. Hugs, Lori

denise said...

oh,wow!!! denise

jody said...

lori, love your finished sticheries! and your beautiful kittie who has the pose down pat! too cute. wow what a nice bunch of friends with all that wool and frames ect. looks like fun fun! and i think peter did a great job on finding and cleaning that big treasure! perfect for in your shop! i can think of all kinds of uses for it! enjoy your evening! im going to read your post again!!

kelley said...

Peter is A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!! but of course we already knew that...

wonderful post Lori...looks like Iggy is trying to make Hannah miss him even more...oh that long tail...

Susannah said...

So many delightful things to read about and look at. Precious work!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

So love your newest finishes.
Oh how I wish sometimes friends would come over and create all day ~ you are such a lucky girl!!!
Such a wonderful piece your honey found ~ I wouldn't pass that up for that price either.
Your kitty is precious and I can't believe how long his tail is!!!
Prim Blessings

cucki said...

Wow my mouth is watering here..I wish one day I can visit the magical farm..
Love cucki xxx

Alice said...

Love the cubby, Lori. A friend and I were eyeing a similar one at Pottery Barn--much smaller and no "history". Can't wait to see how you accessorize yours. Good eye, Peter!

Doreen said...

Lori. I just love visiting you. Your blog is so cozy and welcoming and is so full of eye candy.

Goodness those rugs are just gorgeous..as is that cabinet..oh my goodness!!


Rosemary said...

Oh my goodness! I had one of those when I had my quilt shop and foolishly sold it when I closed it:/ I hope to find another someday. Great find!

Rosemary said...

Oh my goodness! I had one of those when I had my quilt shop and foolishly sold it when I closed it:/ I hope to find another someday. Great find!

Theresa said...

I love the new finishes Lori and Iggy is such a sweet cat. I always enjoy seeing your kitties. :0) Your hubby did a great job finding that post office cubby.....I wish mine found goodies like that for me LOL. :0)

Beckyjean said...

Beautiful finishes and I love that cubby.

Enjoy your night~Becky

marly said...

I was so enjoying the hooking photos and then BOOM. Those cubbies. Those $65 of magnificent perfect little cubbies. I will dream about that piece tonight.

Rebecca from Death By Thread said...

That cubby is to die for!!! What a man! Love the new designs <3


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