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Monday, July 16, 2012

It's HERE!!!

the linen came this morning via our friendly Fed Ex man ~
(although Buddy & Lazy weren't too happy with him...he didn't bring them any 'bonies')
they looked so bummed out, and I swear i heard Lazy mumble some explatives under his bark.
{{better watch your tail next time, Mr. Fed Ex Man.}}

as soon as I unpacked it, into the dye pots it went!!

It's now on the lawn drying the base-dye...
I prefer to dry it this way, as hanging it while wet makes the dye uneven.
I know, how high tech am I?

see that 5 gallon bucket there?
that's what I keep my secret stuff in...
oh, you all are prolly sayin'
"yeah yeah, 'secret' stuff...plain old walnut dye? coffee? tea?"

um, yeah, all of the above and more...all organic and precisely measured out by me ~ teehee!
I have worked long and hard developing a dye that suits my primitive needlework,. & I guarantee you will not find this look anywhere else :)

so after this dries, comes the 2nd & third dye bath...then the aging and staining.
lots of work, but SO well worth it me thinks ~
I have received loverly emails from folks who are pleased with theirs...
please do send along some pics of your finished projects that you've used my linen for ~
I'd love to see them & share them here.

will ship out all of the pre-orders tomorrow, and will list some more in my etsy shop too.
I'll have more 28ct and a few cuts of 30ct & 32ct. to offer for those that missed out on the first batches :)

and what would a day be if it didn't include Iggy?
boring, plain, vanilla ~ ugh.

so here he is
on the back of the sofa in the Keeping Room
coy-ly watching the birdies at the feeder ~ from behind the sofa pillows...

HEY IG!!!!

"um, yeah Ma? oh !   um...nothing....just hanging out  ~ 
loving on the sofa  - love love love - oh how I love you sofa.
.......nope not doin' nuthun Ma...no birdies here...
...see Ma? I'm GOOD boy ...and CUTE too..."
Yes, cute,.... but BAD....but we love him to bits.

Blessings from the farm,


jody said...

beautiful linens and i think you have the perfect secret recipe! it took me a while to get my perfect recipe for my soaps so once we get it we have to stick with it! cute kitty and he looks like he may like to get into trouble! enjoy your day!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

I have a BAD kitty, too ~ that we dearly love!

Peggy Lee said...

I really like the primitive look of your linens. It is interesting to see part of the long process of dyeing.

"HI" to Iggy!

Raymond Homestead said...

Well Buddy and Lazy should be upset, I mean no bones?! Iggy looks so cute hugging the couch, lol!

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

My kitty is sweet and dainty...but bad to the bone. Her way to love...claws all the way! Love the linen!

Faye said...

Yipppeeee~~~ Linen is in!!!

Jan Conwell said...

Love the linen aging...you do have a great effect going. Our cat is an outside cat, and doesn't even pretend to be good. He hunts the birds and eats his catch and if I chide him for it, he claims he's cleanin' the birdie gene pool.

casey said...

Is Iggy an indoor kitty?

Most of my kitties have been BAD and I have the upholstered furniture to prove it...there's only so much artful draping of quilts and coverlets that you can do :0/

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