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Friday, June 15, 2012

Earlywork Update & BULLSEYE!!!!

Howdy Friends & Folk!
my Patriotic-inspired Folk Art paintings are now available on my Earlywork Mercantile page :)
please visit all of the fine artists' work ~

and here is a not-too-pretty photo of my poor hubby,
with a textbook-classic portrayal of a bullseye that is responsible for making him SO sick these last few days....

while we were in Richmond, visiting Hannah's college for her orientation,
Peter began complaining of a severe headache, fatigue, sore joints and sore throat...
he had a fever that felt like hell-fire and was freezing to death in the hotel room...
as soon as we came home on wednesday, we took him to the emerg. and they diagnosed him with
click on above to learn about it

they put him on mega doses of Doxycycline & Ibuprofin, plenty of fluids and rest...
he's feeling alot better today, but he still has that classic bullseye ring on his left shoulder.

the dr's said that he could have been bitten months ago, not even knowing he was bit, and that Lyme's is notorious for laying dormant and then rearing it's ugly head...

be careful when out walking in tall grass, (the ticks love tall grass) and wear long pants & socks...
check for any bites or swelling and if you do, get to the dr.'s fast before the bullseye gets you!

{{{{Damn Ticks!}}}}

Blessings from the Farm!


Vera said...

Oh, so sorry to hear that Peter has Lyme disease. Our son was diagnosed with it a year ago (and he is fine now, thank God)...but it took a very long time for him to be diagnosed -- he did not have the bulls eye ring. Most likely he was bitten in the summer and it wasn't until the following spring that he started having joint problems and then, finally, couldn't walk one day! The doctors he was seeing (where he was going to college) didn't think it was Lyme Disease because it is not regularly found in western PA. Anyway, bottom line is that he is fine. Best wishes to Peter for a speedy recovery and no residual effects. Vera

Raymond Homestead said...

Oh my gosh, that is awful! So glad they got it diagnosed! Your right....damn ticks!

Jane said...

Sending Peter good wishes for a quick recovery. Too bad we can't get shots like our dogs!!

gracie said...

That looks mighty sore. From what I have read it is not an easy desease to deal with. I wish he will soon feel better...

ann hermes said...

my son got Lyme disease, too. Antibiotics did the trick pretty quickly!

moosecraft said...

Yeeeeesh! That has to be the biggest and clearest defined bullseye I've ever seen! I hope the meds do the trick... and quick!

Misi said...

I am so sorry for your husbands discomfort. Its worse than any flu or pulled muscle ache for sure. I am sure that with you being a CT girl in mid 70's ..you remember the hysteria that was going on... I remember being all set for the Bicentennial celebrations, dressed in my Laura Ingalls outfit.. excited to spend the day at a one room school house... well when we got there they began checking us for ticks at the gate.. I and 4 of my friends were sent immediately to the medical center in New Haven for a health examination & questioning on where it was we had been together most recently...at 10 yrs old we were afraid to mention that we all had just recently climbed a wall and went fishing on the private property of the author Steven Kellogg. The next thing we knew was that his beautiful estate located near Lake Zoar in Sandy Hook Ct became a bio hazard type area due to our 5 cases of Limes Disease... All of us had the bulls eye ring, but i was the only one to have been struck with Bell's Palsy two years later. (blamed by Limes).. L.D is a curable disruption ..Please keep a good eye on your guy. Wishing the best for him {{HUGS}}

Jacqueline said...

I hope he is on the mend and back up quickly. Who would ever think of Lyme disease when you aren't feeling well !

WoolenSails said...

Unfortunately, I know all about it and have no idea when I got mine, but it has been years, so it was debilitating me, bit by bit. I am taking cats claw, since long term cillin will make me sicker, works great and really helps a lot of other problems. Are they going to keep him on the cillins for a few months?


Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

hopefully, after this initial regimine of antibiotics, they will check him and see where he is.
I am NOT a fan of antibiotics, but, if needed, the dosage that they are prescribing him will work for the interim,...
We are very supportive of Holistic meds,/;healing/and the like...so whatever we can do Naturally, we will do...thoughts & prayers of healing, of course, work wonders too...so PLEASE keep it up!!!
Many thanks,
Blessed be!

Cindy Lu said...

Oh Lori I am so sorry to hear about Peter. Im sure that you will look after him and make sure that he does just what the Drs. say. If there is anything that I can do for you just call. Thoughts and prayers coming you way

annie said...

So sorry to read of this, blessings for a safe, healthy healing & return to a normal routine quickly.

Beth said...

My Dad had (but was not diagnosed with) Lymes Disease for years back when I was a teenager. Back then, in rural PA, it was unheard of...so Dad was not tested for it. He had to travel to New Jersey to get diagnosed.
Such a horrible disease...SO glad that Peter actually GOT the bullseye...such a tell-tale sign! Praying for a speedy recovery!

valerie said...

Oh no! I'm so glad your husband is ok. I hope he feels better soon! Ticks and Lyme Disease are so scary!

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