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Friday, May 18, 2012

Simple Things from the antiques Show today ~

Hi Folks!
thought I'd share with you all what I found today...
it was the Fishersville, VA Antiques Expo and Flea & I went together...

while we were there, we saw many friends and one in particular,
...Mr. James Cramer (Season's at Seven Gates Farm) ~
I haven't seen Jimmy in at least a hundred years ~ last time I spoke with him was at the Wilton, CT show where he and Dean sold their beautiful wares...Good to see you Jimmy! xoxox

I found a whole collection of THIMBLES!
(on our way home we stopped at a barn sale hehehe!!)

12 OF THEM TO BE EXACT...what's that? you only counted 11???
Oh, that's because Miss FLEA scoffed one of the sterling silver ones with tiny birds & vines...
(actually, I gifted her with it xoxoxox)

can you see thee tiny little thimble...
there, second to your left, next to the bakelite thimble??
it is embossed with the words
"For a Good Girl" and doesn't even cover the tip of my pinky!
too eeeepin' cute!

This pincushion, below...is mid to late 19th C. and is beaded/needlepoint/wool
stuffed with excelsior...gorgeous piece of work!!!
(HAD to come home with me)

...backed with velvet that's so worn,...it's shiny :)

and the best for last...

*ack*...sorry about those squiggles...
it is SO worn...done in what-looks-to-be wool onto homespun linen...
red, pink, browns & gold...with some white lettering as well

sweet motifs of
2 red hearts, a 'tree' and perhaps a bird(??) in the bottom right corner...
Maria Hadley and the date is 1826
~ I saw this sampler sitting on the ground in the direct sun and thought I'd tell the dealer to move it into the shade a bit to try to save it from fading even more...I picked it up and saw a price of 135.00
which I thought was a great price for such a humble bit of naive handwork...so the dealer said to me,
'oh, that's not the original frame' and I took another look at the price sticker and it actually said
$35.00 ~ not $135.00 (so I thought it was a print) nope...it's real.
uh huh....it now proudly resides in my humble farmhouse and I can't stop looking at it, trying to uncover more clues as to what it says and perhaps who Maria was & where she'd lived...

I am a candle freak. the second thing I do upong waking up in the morning,
is to light my candles ~ I love them. they can make the house semll so cozy & inviting,
comfy & clean...(sometimes they even trick Peter into thinking I've been baking! HA!)

so, when I came into Cecilia's booth

I had to purchase two of these amazing Aqua Ball jar candles from her...
the labels are so prim & farmhouse-y...but their scents are heavenly...
this one is "Primitive Blessings" and the other I bought is called "1899 Early Buttery"

BOTH are delicious!!!

I will be in the shop tomorrow, and if you're in the neighborhood, please do stop by for a visit ~
I know there are some of you that will be attending the show in Fishersville tomorrow and will be stopping in ~ can wait to see you!!!

For those that want to come by to hook ~ come on!!!
I'll be hooking (or punching) so bring your projects and visit with me for a while :)

Blessings from the Farm!


By Thy Hands Tinkerings said...

Ok, i will be the first to comment...Love everything Lori....


Rugs and Pugs said...

I love finding new old treasures ~ especially when they are a bargain. Great find on the sampler!
Hugs :)

Hand of Bela Peck said...


How I love a good bargain! The Sampler is an amazing find! Score!!

Enjoy all of your finds :)


Jennifer Stumpf said...

Wow, what a pile of glorious loot! Love it all. What an incredible find on the sampler. Beautiful! You are one lucky gal!

Lana said...

Wow, Lori! You came home with some treasures! I joust bought a collection of thimbles this past week hoping to use them in some of my designs later. LOVE that pincushion, too!

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