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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Meet 'Lizzy' ~

This is who greets me every morning on the back porch ~
a little blue-tailed lizard that I've affectionately named
(and if per chance she is a he, why then I'll call him Leonard)

aren't her colors beautiful?
she lets me stroke her sleek back sometimes...no, she's not slimy!!

she suns herself and sometimes sleeps right next to my foot while I'm working on my needlework...
she sometimes startles me when I go to move, because i don't even realize she's there!

there is one little problem however,
if the chickens knew she was anywhere near...they would gobble her up!!!
she is about 6 inches long, but they don't care one bit...she will become an appetizer quick!

I'm not one to be sqeamish with lizards, frogs, snakes...or really any bug either...
but DON'T let a spider get too close to me!

I don't kill them, instead I hightail it in the opposite direction,
...or ask Peter to kindly remove it from my personal space...

Hope you all have a friend to keep you company!!

Blessings from the Farm!


taylors*farmhouse*attic said...

Oh my goodness!! I get them in the house here in Georgia! I have my lizard catching kit..lol...A huge plastic cup and a piece of sturdy cardboard...The plastic cup to put down over it and then the stiff cardboard to slid under it so i can take it outside...UGH! They are fast!!

Ronda said...

Isn't Lizzy sweet. She'd be cute in one of your punch needle designs..maybe with that spider she'd like to eat and those chickens that would like to eat her!....Have a great evening!..~Ronda

Nancy from Widgets & Wool Primitives said...

I think lizzie feels you are her protector.

Any idea if Peter will be making any frames? I need one soon!


Carol Stuck said...

Lizzy is quite sweet. Hmmmm....better step lightly. Thanks for sharing your cute story.


Jo James said...

Awww, a fine little friend you've got there! It's a skink, in case you were wondering :) A young one too, judging by its bright blue tail. Luckily, they eat spiders so maybe she'll be your protector too. We had a cat who kept eating them when we lived in FL. They're quite poisonous to cats, makes them drunk, all falling over and purring up a storm.

Karen Walker said...

my boys found a lizard...or skink...a few years back. He had only three legs and we called him "MR. Wizard the 3 legged Lizard". We had him for quite a few months feeding him crickets. Then one day he started moving slower and slower and slower...the weather turned and he was no longer. :/ I put the little cage outside under the eaves and when the spring came i was determined to be outside and finally clean that cage....to my surprise, Mr. Wizard was alive! I guess they hibernate! who knew???

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

oh Karen, I'm So happy that Mr. Lizard was just sleeping!!!

frontporchprims said...

How fun, a quiet friend, pretty too. I hope she continues to keep you company all summer. -Steph-

Cherry's Prairie Primitives said...

I love his blue tail!!

Mouse said...

awwww love your wee friend ... gorgeous colours and nice that it feels happy having you near by too .. my friend has a bearded dragon and I was having a hold and stroke the other day ... soo cute :) love mouse xxxxx

rockriverstitches said...

Lizzy is beautiful! Wish we had lizard around where I live. Used to catch them when I was a kid when I visited my grandparents in Florida.


susiedele said...

There you go again, Cinderella. You never cease to amaze me. Critters really love you...

Saundra said...

I just love the blue tailed newts and have many living here with me in my wooded area. Today there were two snuggling together in the sun on my front porch.


Melissa said...

We call those skinks down here in Florida. I love their blue tails.

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