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Friday, May 4, 2012

Just Sayin'....

Every creative soul suffers from 'creative block', 'funk', or depression....it is our sensitive nature & soul that reacts to outside influences...
Some of us dive headfirst into our work when feeling stressed, and some of us dive headfirst into our beds, covering our heads and hoping the world will go away...sorry to say, the world will NOT go away!!! SOOOOooooooooooo...here's what I do to help myself claw out of a rut:
(you can do one or all from the list below, I guarantee AT LEAST ONE of them WILL work for you!)

1. Phone a Friend ~ or email, facebook, tweet, whatever...find one of your creative friends and tell them how awesome THEIR work is. (doing this makes you feel better by giving positive praise...and that WILL come back to you!)

2.Go for a walk ~ anywhere, anytime, with anyone, or by yourself....walking helps us clear our minds, focus on breathing, and just makes us feel better through endorphins.
3. Have a Play Date: Invite a couple of friends (or one) person over...have tea (wine?) cookies, chocolate, cupcakes, whatever...each person brings some sort of project to work on, and some show & tell....don't know anyone? put up a flyer in your local market, bank, wherever there's a cork board, there's potential for new FRIENDS!!!!!
4. Cook/BAKE SOMETHING! ~ seriously...go through your cookbooks ( & I know you have many)...and pick out a meal a day ~ set one full day aside for shopping, and purchase all of the ingredients for that meal...OR, redo your pantry....restock your spices....don't cook? then just organize what you have at hand...it will make you feel better....seriously! working in the kitchen nurtures our bodies and soul...better yet, create your OWN gourmet creation!
5. Take a "ME" Day ~ get up early (or late?)....let your day begin gently with tea & scones, or fresh fruit...something light & healthy...as you 'wake up', gather your favorite things: magazine or books., baskets of un-finished objects (UFO's)...perhaps peruse your favorite blogs?
make a nest for yourself in your favorite chair and do nothing but what you WANT to do...watch an old movie...listen to your favorite music...
...sometimes we need to be a little lost...how could we possibly find ourselves if we don't get occasionally lost??? chances are, the much-needed break will spark a fire in your creative soul :)
6. Try Something New! ~ don't know how to knit? always wanted to learn how to paint? How about a new Yoga move????
...check out the tutorials on YOU TUBE....you'll be amazed at what you can do , even though you never tried to do it!
7. CLEAN something!!! ~ windows, floors, your car, the cat box....really :) Cleaning & Purging helps us to de clutter our homes as well as our minds...you'll feel MUCH better!!!
8. Redecorate....no, I'm not suggesting that you hire a professional....just take a look at your surroundings. Does that cupboard really fit there? Do you need to change out your curtains? Or better yet, take DOWN the curtains, WASH the windows and let the sunshine sparkle through...nothing like bright light to coax creativity!!!
9. Begin Slowly ~ Once you're more focused, start slowly...let your creativity build to a crescendo...what's in your head will flow smoothly through your hands MUCH better at a slower pace!!!
10.STOP Criticizing yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yeah, I know....THIS is a hard one)....but, take it from me...WE are our own worst enemies when it comes to sabotaging our selves, but....that's where we seem to be professionals!!!
So, for this one, my advice is to keep a journal, sketchbook. notepad....something where we can jot down our (MANY) random-but-creative thoughts, (all depends on how you look at things!!!) try to remember that we (as Women) are Creative to begin with...WE have the capabilities of giving LIFE to many things (perhaps not Human Life...) but equally as important: relationships, memories, artwork,, and just maybe to ourselves ~ if we give ourselves the chance....

Blessings from the Farm!


Beth said...

So true, Miss Lori! Sometimes ya just gotta break out of the routine and do something for yourself. =) Something that will inspire a fresh new perspective. Well said!

marly said...

All of the above while hugging a furry critter!

Robin said...

all of your suggestions are brilliant !! I am going to try a few things ...I just posted today about my struggle with some mild depression...some of it is due to some thyroid issues, but I guess I do get in a rut and just need to take a baby first step to get out of it...
I'd love to borrow a few of your furry or winged friends for some company, they are all so adorable..oh, even mr. lizard ....lol

Jennifer said...

There are days when I need ALL of the above! Great advice for when the stitching/crafting mojo is gone. Thanks for sharing.

Lori Ann Corelis said...

Lori . . . How did you know I have been in funkville?
:-). I love your suggestions! When creativity is needed to make a living it is sometimes difficult to summon it at will. I needed this reminder to relax and let things flow.
Thank you!
(Robin . . . I get the thyroid thing . . . Be kind to yourself!)

Lori Ann

Nancy said...

Your post was perfect timing for me! I recently went through a major decluttering mentally and physically - and am just getting back into cross stitching and other techniques of needlework. Today I felt in a "funk" and really enjoyed your post! Thanks for the wonderful advice.

Mouse said...

wonderful timing that girl :) love all your suggestions and I am going to try one or two out and take baby steps ... love mouse xxxxx

Happy Valley Primitives said...

What a timely post...I've been feeling the blues all week. It can be so hard to cope with when you're home alone and far away from friends. Thank you for your great suggestions.

Cherry's Prairie Primitives said...

You are so right!! All of those things work!! Especially to get the creative juices flowing!!

Jane said...

Love your uplifting, positive thoughts. I had a block about what to work on next....then I went strawberry picking for the first time at Seaman's. The view is gorgeous. I came home and even sketched it MYSELF!! It's on my frame and ready to go.

Patty ♣ said...

You have touched upon so many of my concerns! Someone else brings things into focus so often! Thanks Lori!

Prims By The Water said...

Great advise Lori. Have a great weekend! Take care, Janice

canngil said...

Wonderful advice at any time you feel in a mental "funk"
thanks for sharing your wisdom!

NMK said...

All of your ideas for getting out of the Funky Blues are Great !!!! But you forgot one....visiting your Great Blog Daily always brings a smile to my face & inspires me to get up & get moving too !!!! After ,I have my coffe & a chocolate chip cookie !!!

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

you all are very kind...but, I'm just like you! I get down, depressed, 'funky' too!!! I try to stay positive ALL the time...it really does help, no matter how hard it is...it's ALWAYS easier to
JUST GIVE UP...and I, my friends, am a fighter (in a good way!!!)

Thanks for all of your positive comments! :)

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...
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Crafts4others said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Crafts4others said...

Good advice, and one other idea that works is volunteer for a cause or make a gift for a charity. Sometimes you can't get into starting or working on a gift yourself, but if it is for a good cause you suddenly become motivated.

sjcountrycrafts said...

You are so right...........I'm trying to do some of those things now................I have felt that way since mom died

basketsbyrose said...

This is just beautiful! We beat ourselves up to offend, and need to recharge the battery once in a while!

Michelle said...

Those are all great ideas -- wish I'd come across them a couple of weeks ago when I was in my bee sting induced funk.

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