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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lazy Days.....

Iggy is enjoying his Sunday here at the farm,
by trying out different resting spots...

under the dining room table ~ by my feet while I type...

and on the dining room bench on the long feather tick pillow....

so far, this has become his most favorite spot.

after a long, & meticulous bath he stretched out
and watched me until he fell alseep.

he is growing into such a handsome young man.
...he now has learned how to play fetch

with paper scraps & used paper napkins
(that he steals out of the kitchen garbage...I'm finding them all over the farmhouse)
will have to break him of that habit,
but we do love it when he plops the paper down in our hands
and chirps for us to throw it...
...Peter & he played for almost 1/2 an hour the other night...

he has lost two little fang baby teeth on the bottom,
so now he is teething terribly and drools constantly....oh how cute.
(really, he is cute...it's just that slimy kitten-kisses
and gummy ankle bites
get a little old after a while)

well, he is asleep now, bless his little thieving, ankle biting heart.

think I'll go start the vacuum.



Blessings from the Farm...


A Quilter Awakens said...

You gotta love the teen-aged kitty phase. Does he need a friend? Karmen

TheCrankyCrow said...

Funny, funny, funny!! That cat has the most unusual facial features I've seen!! Too cute! But I love him stretched out on the ticking pillow....makes you forget all about ankle bites and thieving ways, right? Ok, maybe not. We taught my Lizzi how to play fetch too - and it's so funny to watch! And you wouldn't, would you??! ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

hi, Lori
Iggy is growing like a weed~ getting the skinny~ My Gray Baby got like that~ they grow so fast & look long~ I adore kitty kisses, ankle nipping, but I don't like when they get in my hair & start biting & pulling~ giggles~ I say the dyson does miracles on cat hair and toys( paper, puffs, even had the toilet paper roll destoyed) but gotta love the furballs~

Robin said...

I still think that Eli needs to come and PLAY with Iggy!!! Looking forward to Tues...on the road again...can't wait to get on the road again!!! Talk later

sewprimitive karen said...

Iggy is so adorable!!

cucki said...

aww lggy is so sweet..kisses xxx

P.J. said...

Awww Iggy is a cutie. I could not help but laugh out loud at you vacuum comment. Loved it.

*Kountry*Porch*Primitives* said...

A kitty truly gives you love like no other...I think it's because we feel special if they decide to CHOOSE us :o) When my vacuum comes out my dog goes insane barking and biting at it! It's the most activity my old boy gets...not sure if it scares him or he wants to "get" it in play but he's done it since he was a pup. Our animals are truly blessings in our daily lives ~Kriss~

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