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Thursday, July 28, 2011


This will not be a pretty post...

no glossy photos, no sweet words.
I am going to vent a bit.

ok, now, for those that are still with me,
do I come across as a liar?
I really hope not,
because I'm not.

here's the deal....
do you remember when I made those little wooden pendants
from wood and prints of my work and sold them
(thanks so much) in my etsy shop?
well I have had a heck of a time trying to figure out where the whole batch has ended up.

when I first shipped them out, I went to my local, very rural
(read: Mayberry here folks, they close for an hour & a 1/2 for lunch each day,
... and is run by two old women)
the one woman weighed one of them, and marked it as .44 cents.
I didn't agree with her, saying that they were 'fat', being the pendants were wrapped in tissue and bubblewrap, although they were very light in weight...ohm she assured me they were fine.
2 days later, I received in my mailbox, 16 small packages, wrapped in a rubberband, with a sticker that read
Insufficient Funds
on the top package...
I was mad as a hornet, and went back to the post office..NOT the same one I had preciously gone to, but a more busy, more staffed & technologically advanced post office where I had told the girl what had happened and she then promptly weighed & measured them, and they ended up to be
1.50 each (I charged 2.50 for postage & handling.)
and off they went....so I thought.

I received the first email from a customer saying they had not received theirs,
& I had mentioned to them the first post office incident.,..hoping they would understand.
they did, and all was quiet....um, for about another day.

THEN I received 5 or so emails, asking when I had shipped...so, I again told the fact of the mishap in Mayberry...and asked them to please let me know when their package arrived.

a couple of days after that, I did receive emails from some saying that theirs were delivered, but the packages were damaged. I was not happy about that & again, contacted the post office, this time, speaking with our postmaster,...she said she couldn't track them, as I didn't add a confirmation or tracking number to them when they went out.
SO, I did what I though was the right thing, and contacted the folks who had purchased the paendants and offered either a refund or credit for a pattern, etc.

I even posted here on my blog about this whole mess
(that, BTW, has caused me much stress)
asking to notify me of those pendants not delivered.

ok, long story shortened & on to the liar part...

I take great care to ship in a timely manner...
I packaged carefully, and really work hard to do the right thing for my customers...
and remember, I too order from esty, ebay & other websites
and expect the same service as you.

I have received an email from a disgruntled customer
((after offering her monies back, she accepted a pattern in return
for the refund, and the pattern was promptly shipped out to her address given))

now she's saying that she 'doesn't buy' my post office story,
has three friends that say they have had problems with my orders
(news to me)
and even went so far as to threaten to contact the Better Business Bureau ~

I love what I do..
I put my heart & soul blood, sweat & tears into my work
never become rich from making patterns, dolls or anything else and that's ok...
my reward is knowing that I have made friends and customers from doing what I do.

I am not one that vents too often,
as you can see by reading my blog, I try to keep on the bright side of the street...
there's way too much snarky-ness and negativity on this world for me.

I truly appreciate the time you spend here,
the words you use to uplift me to keep me going on
I truly do value you all.

now, I'm going to go drown my sorrows
in a humongous bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream.
(hey it's better than eating worms)

Blessings from the Farm...

I apologize for the long post,
but thought in this case that details would help you better understand...
hope I haven't offended or insulted anyone, that was not my intent for this post ~


old crow said...

Lori, sending you a big "hug" from my home to yours!! You are such a sweet lady, I have purchased from you in the past....and will continue to do so!! You are a very talented lady and I am proud to purchase from you!! So sorry you have received such hatefull messages, sounds like you did all you could to make these ladies happy!!
Big Hugs to you!!

Catherine said...

Hugs! Unfortunately it sounds as if you have encountered one of "those people" and have done all you can. Enjoy your ice cream - tomorrow is another day!!

Aunt Polly's Attic said...

Oh Lori, I'm so sorry this has happened to you. You can't make everyone happy, my friend, no matter what you say or do. You know, and your friends know, what an honest, hardworking gal you are. Don't let this bad apple spoil your day. Enjoy that ice cream and call it a day.


Heather said...

Oh Lori! I am so sorry for you having to go through this! I've had problems on and off like this, it does get the blood boiling for sure! You put your heart into your work only to have select people try and drag you down. Just remember, for those few select people, there are thousands and thousands who think the opposite! Keep smiling!

marly said...

There are people that are only happy when causing problems or complaining about something. Your fans, your customers, your followers, your readers, trust you. You handled the situation honorably and were more than fair. Put some chocolate sauce on that ice cream!

Shelly said...

And the post office wonders why they're losing money and having to close offices! I sell on eBay and have my own horror stories dealing with the USPS. They have so many little rules concerning packages and are they rigid or bendable. If a package at First Class is rigid, it goes as First Class parcel and there goes more money. Buying postage online gets people in trouble too. I bought one skein of thread from an ebay seller for $1.80 and shipping of $2.00 (i believe). She bought online postage and my $1.80 skein turned into a $7+ skein because my post office said she sent it off as First Class but it was in a rigid package, so therefore First Class Parcel:(

Have two humongous bowls of that ice cream! Sorry for my own rant!!

Joy said...

So sad you had to endure...sounds to me like your customer was looking for something "free"? You made it right and if someone else has a problem, they have to contact you on their own time.

One only has to watch or listen to the news and know the post office is not what is once was.

Hugs and happy thoughts!!

debbie said...

Don't let one crabby person take up even a minute more of your very valuable time! It's probably someone who's jealous that they can't be as gifted as you are! I love coming to your blog because you're always so sweet & I love your shop pics & patterns.Enjoy your ice cream & keep on creating ~ the rest of us appreciate you! Debbie :)

Judy said...

"You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time."

~~Abraham Lincoln

Stitching by the White River said...

I feel your pain.. you know I have been having problems with my post office also. I even went and spoke with my post master. But I can not believe that after living at the same address for 25 years, I was told that my address did not exist ,WHAT !!!! I know you have sent out my patterns , they are out there lost and I blame the postal service not you. I have even had others around tell me this has happen with their mail. So Lori hang in there. Love your work and can not wait for my charts to show up . I think I will go have me a bowl of Ice Cream with lots of chocolate. sheri

Beckyjean said...

I agree with Judy & her Abe Lincoln quote!! Enjoy that ice cream!!

Have a wonderful evening~Becky

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Awww Lori,

Most of us in this business and who have had to deal with the post office can understand completely this horrible issue. Sorry you had to have that stress.

Every now and then one has to vent and also IN THE HOPES of doing so 'THOSE FEW SKEPTICS ABOUT YOUR HONESTY' who were not pleased, may read it and understand that, that's one big story to make up just to cover ones butt...SO HOPEFULLY THEY BELIEVE YOU NOW...who in the world would go to so much trouble making up something like that instead of saying they goofed...really!

We all understand and believe you...
It was one of those things and hopefully it won't happen again...but you sound like you handled it well.

Hugs, Karen

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ok Sweetie - I'm having a bowl of ice cream with you - but Rocky Road with extra chocolate sauce....I was one who ordered your adorable little pendant charms - and am pleased as punch (after reading this post, now more than ever!) that they arrived timely and safely....Yikes! How lucky was I??? I've had problems, tho, too, sending and receiving through the post office in my Ebay journeys....Can't believe someone would be so heartless to discredit you....Obviously someone who doesn't know you. Take heart - there will always be "those" out there....Stay here for us....Smiles & Hugs & Happy Ice-creaming! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Teresa said...

Have your ice cream and remember you can't please all the people all the time. Some just don't want to be pleased. I know mistakes happen so I don't make a big deal out of it others see it as a reason to be sour. Try not to let it bother you.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Oh Lori-I'm so sorry to read about your problems with shipping...May I suggest you always use a delivery confirmation on your items, that way you have proof that you mailed it and where it is, and when it was delivered. It's worth the extra 80 cents or whatever and really provides protection for you. I just add that amount onto my shipping and no one has complained yet.
Good luck dear and I hope things turn out well for you. I'm sure you are so disappointed..especially when you have been trying to do everything right.

Tiff said...

Oh ((((hugs)))) !!! I hate being in situations like this, I don't ever want people to be mad at me or think ill of me, especially when I haven't done anything wrong.
I don't have any words of wisdom to offer about this woman, but in the future I would start doing delivery confirmation.

Enjoy your ice cream and try no to stress too much.

Penny said...

What we say around here is, "bag 'em." Some people just can't be nice. It is not worth fretting over, Lori. My thought is that those people are unhappy themselves, and try to pull others down with them. You can only do so much........
We know you're a good and honest person!!
Have a nice night.....

Larkrise garden girl said...

Lori ,Your blog and you are so sweet. Clearly she doesn't read your blog.When people over react and act like that there is something else going on in their lives. What a shame.Enjoy your evening,.Hugs Cheri

Gail said...

I am so sorry. I work for the post office and this is horrible.

Go to usps.com and you can get a discount by buying the postage online and printing your labels. Also in some cases, Delivery confirmaion is free. If you use carier pickup, they come to the house and get your packages!

Call 1-800-Askusps and file a complaint. The post offices involved will have to answer, of course, answers are not what you want, but service.

Again, I am so sorry, sometimes things do happen but not to every package you mailed!!!

Sea Witch said...

Sweetie, you did everything that a concerned seller would do. YOu went the extra mile several times over. There is nothing more that you can do other then start a new day. Your work is inspiring, don't let a PO catastrophe bring you down. Sea witch

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Dear Lori,
I know there is nothing new that I can say that has not already been said, or that can take away the sad situation you are dealing with, but just know that I TRULY APPRECIATE YOU, your talent, and your heart, that shines through all you share and create!! Thank you for your lovely blog and how it touches so many....including me!!
I know all of this will work out, but in the meantime..enjoy that icecream and go back for seconds!!


Mary said...

Lori, I just wanted to tell you that I got the scissors I ordered from you. And I want to thank you for shipping them so quickly. So sorry to hear about your other shipping woes, but I learned a long time ago you can't please everyone. I will definitely order from you again.

Shirlee said...

So sorry to hear about this happening to you. Unfortunately some people are just strange. Try not to let it get you down. Blessings, Shirlee

Amy aka: ropergirl3 said...

Boy Lori, I have been down this street too with 'disgruntled' people, I say people because they are that way everyday not just when they are my customers! I am sorry you had to deal with that and I have been to your farm and my sister lives about 30 minutes away and um, politely, yes you put it politely when you said Mayberry! LOL!! I trust none of your good and regular customers or even 99.9% of them will hold anything against you! Blessings from up North!

Linda said...

Some people were just born mad.......enjoy a double scoop and move on.........if she's not happy you don't want her as a future customer. Linda

Nancy in MT said...

I would be having a glass of wine and a cigarette if I still smoked, have a terrible time understanding people who are just mean, plain and simple, would never deal with them, her again. I would have refunded her money, would not have wanted her to have my pattern. Just a way to let them know you don't need business from people who question your honesty. And I have that same post office here, closes for 2 hours for lunch, and they wonder why they are losing business. Vent, then let it go.
Nancy in Mt

kelley said...

Having ordered from you dozens of times over many years I have no doubt as to your word...you have always shipped quickly and with well wrapped packages...

So sorry this crank had to put a wrench in your day...hoping the ice cream does the trick and you can forget about such a fool...

I've had more issues with the post office the past few months than I have in my whole life put together...from in going to out going...

Big hugs my friend...

Maria said...

I have always been DELIGHTED every time I purchase from you! Excellent products and wonderful service!
: )

The French Bear said...

So sorry to hear this kind of thing, wow, I can't imagine anyone thinking anything bad of you. ...that hurts!
I know that sometimes you can't help what happens in the mail but I have had some woes with the the mail system......most of the time everyone is understanding. I feel bad that you have to go through this.
Margaret B

annie said...

Sorry you have been hurt like this. I really like your blog. I like your uplifting photos and posts. Brush it off and let it go as quickly as you can. You are not a liar, you have many fans who attest to that ever time they buy from you. Mint chocolate chip sure sounds good to me!

Melody said...

Lori, so sorry to read of your difficulties with your mailings. It's not easy to please everyone no matter how hard you try.

Someone is always going to find fault...

Chin up and carry on. You know you did the right thing.

Take care.

Witch of Stitches said...

Hey Lori - hang in there, enjoy your ice cream and let the rest go. As for the person not buying the PO story, let me add one. Back in April I ordered a CD from a blogger - family records their own music. Several weeks went by, no CD. Sent an email and they were really surprised, sent another right away which I received, by this time in May. Day before yesterday I get a package dated April 19 - the original CD! So... the PO messes up now and then. On the other hand, I've had stuff delivered with part of my address missing - I guess that makes up for the other stuff. Hang in there, you and just about everybody else knows you are a great gal who puts her heart into her work. XO

Sherry )O( AutumnTurtle said...

oh Lori that is just BS!! I have bought patterns and your beautiful paintings from you and shipping to Canada and never had a problem! Some people need to remember after they are out of your talented hands, you can't control what happens next. I am sorry that the person did this, even after you sent her a pattern OMG'S, good thing Karma is a bitch! lol sorry had to add that she will get her's x3 or more

XOX Sherry

Primitive Echoes said...

Oh enjoy your ice cream, some people are just crabby.
I have had a lot of problems with our post office in the past few months as well. I have sent things that never arrived. People have said they sent me things as well that I never received.
I asked my post office and the lady said that most states have a holding warehouse that the packages go to and get sorted again. She said "who knows what they do with them there."
However now that I put confirmation on my packages I have never had one not make it where it was going. Hmmm strange huh?

Mouse said...

Ohhh ... sending ((((HUGS)))) and some chocolate and a huge mug pf tea ... some people really ... honestly I can understand where you are coming from been there seen and had it done to me ... keep your chin up .. she is only one horrible person ok :) love mouse xxxxxx

cottageprims said...

Lori~ I just had one of those customers too.Unfortunately their are people out there who are a little off and have nothing better to do in life but harrass.Mine called me a liar and said I was one of those people who only care about myself and think I'm special.Ok futhest from the truth.You did what you can went above and beyond.You know you did right now just ignore her and don't feed the fire(there is no reasoning with these people,no matter what they are right)....On a differnt note can you make your words a little bigger it was hard to read a little.I love the pretty black eyed susan behind your header.Big hug for you today!~Amy

cucki said...

i am sending you lots of hugs from far away south africa..dont worry dear..we are all with you always..
cucki xx

The Cinnamon Stick said...

Take your salt shaker - dump it on the table and look at one tiny little grain...that is who SHE is - Why anyone would think you would "lie" over a couple $$$'s is beyond me. However, I ALWAYS put "Delivery Confirmation" on my packages when I mail them ...costs more but in the long run makes me feel I have some control. (The customer pays and I tell them that up front)!
(wish I read this last night as I wouldn't have eaten my ice cream alone)!!

*Kountry*Porch*Primitives* said...

Hey Lori, isn't a shame that some people have nothing better to do than be miserable?? My honest opinion...she was looking for all she could get!! Did she by chance read your blog post of post office issues with the order(I remember seeing it)and decided to ride it out further? You have beautiful things and maybe she thought she could just get a little more out of you hon. Maybe she is also just a bitter person. Things happen in life...it's not like you didn't try to fix what SOMEONE ELSE did wrong...even offering $ back & a free pattern?? SHAME on HER....hope she reads all these comments! Keep doing what you're doing, you know we all love you and that you love what you do..it shows. Feel sorry for her and happy for you that you are done dealing with such a nasty person!! Have another bowl of ice cream! Chin up, chest out and move ahead! ~Kriss~

NMK said...

I am so sorry to hear what has happened to you....you are so talented and make the neatest things !!!! I to have had things lost in the mail & now only use UPS for any package I ship. It is so frustrating. I hope you enjoyed every sppon full of your ice cream last night !!!! Too bad the one customer spoiled your day. But there are Lots of Us whose day is made very special when we receive one of your beautiful creations !!!

Jennie Lynn @ Appleseed Prim said...

Anyone who uses the USPS at all knows these types of issues are all too common. It certainly wasn't your fault. Whenever I come across people who seem to be treating me unfairly I always think that perhaps they're having a tough time of things themselves. At any rate you got a bowl of ice cream out of it :) There's almost always a bright sidee.

From Sherry's Heart said...

This old lady's been around long enough to know that some people just DON'T get it!!! As I sit here lonely and very heart sad with tears filling my eyes (AGAIN)I'm once again reminded that some people just don't understand what's important in life.Lieing is something that has ALWAYS been at the top of my list of what I cannot abide.If you did have a lieing bone in your body,we would not have been "Heart Sisters" for as long as we have.At this time I'm just on edge enough and sad enough to want to say to those people,Leave My Friend the hell alone!!!

Wendy said...

Hi Lori, Unfortunately, there are people out there that you will NEVER please, no matter the situation. I totally believe you on the post office, as I have a similar post office in my little town....which by the way I totally avoid ;) So try not to let this bother you. Your customer service is outstanding and you did everything in your power to rectify the situation promptly and professionally.

Nancy said...

As others have said you have encountered one of those people that cannot be pleased...they live to complain so try to just let it go...easier said than done I know. Hope that mint chocolate chip was delicious!!

susiedele said...

That lady is an idiot! She's probably making someone else feel bad today. Choose to laugh about it. :o)

Nan ~ Threadwork Primitives said...

Sometimes there just is no pleasing someone. Know that you did all that you could.
I think in this business there are more nice people than nasty, so chalk it up to the fact that this woman is one of the few not not deal with again. I have always enjoyed your blog and your patterns and find you a real inspiration. Enjoy your ice cream and hopefully it will melt your stress away.

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Aw, sorry about all the stress Lori. Out of all of it, I hope you enjoyed your icecream.
You know that you did everything you could to correct it. Things like this happen with the post office. I just had a letter returned to me that went off to someone in the hospital back in March. Never got there. And I have had my share of damaged packages. It just happens. You offered every way you could to make it right with the person. Hopefully this person has calmed down and will offer you an apology in a private email to you. They might have just reacted instead of taking some time to think first before they said anything.
Chin up :)

Theresa said...

Lori...no you don't come off as a liar. I've purchased from you many times and I've always gotten things in a timely manner. My packages have always come in great shape too.
I think some post offfices aren't managed well... they're contracted out to the cheapest bidder by the government...so who knows who runs them. It's a sign of the times.

Kathy Simpson said...

xoxoxoxo...you can't please all the people all the time. Dust yourself off and begin again. I love your blog to pieces as do many many others. Some people live to make others miserable. Hopefully they will move on to their next prey! Kathy

Lena said...

Lori, I'm so sorry to hear that someone as kind and generous as you are, is experiencing such a time.

I'd just like to say that I've ordered from you in the past, and in recent times, and have always been very happy with your service, and with the items I've ordered. I even remember in the early days, simply ordering through email, with a check, and you sent the item, before receiving my mailed check. I only know you to be very kind and honest when dealing with your customers.

Take good care.

patti said...

I haven't ordered anything from you but, I live in a small town too. Maybe not as small as yours.
:80) I am sorry that people have not been understanding - I wonder if they've ever had trouble with anything involving another person. Please don't let this keep you from other attempts (obviously, you need the up-to-date post offices since the other apparently isn't).
Sending hugs from another small town.

Trudy said...

Hugs, hugs, hugs to you! I am so sorry to hear what you have been going through. Please don't let one bad apple spoiled everything for you. Some people find fault with everything and have to 'dramitize' things because their own lives are so miserable. Put this behind you if you can, and move on. You have a wonderful reputation as a great reliable and honest businesswoman and it will take more than that sour apple to ruin it.
Vent whenever you like, thats what blogs and friends are for.

LadyV said...

Enjoy your ice cream...Don't let anyone take your joy away...Stay as you are...Alright?



Vivian said...

(((hugs))) I'm sorry that's all I can offer to comfort you.

Just breathe, go touch your flowers in your wild garden, hug a tree, find your family and share the icecream with them.

Take care,

Cheryl~ZanyMayd said...

So sorry to hear this... The .80 cents for Delivery Confirmation is well worth it, just add it into your S&H fee. I also had a problem with a package being delivered, yet broken, they did not pay the extra $2 for insurance, but to keep my 100% feedback, I refunded their money anyway, Now I have added, that if an item is broken, I must have the broken item back, or a Photo for Proof~ it's the Rotten Apple that really does spoil the bunch, Now Go have another bowl of Ice Cream!

Chrie said...

No need to apologize for venting! There are some people who just love to find fault, even if it's a fabrication of their mind! Love your work and your patterns..have several of them...just eat your ice cream and realize that those folks are a minority and you have many, many loyal, and very satisfied followers!!!!

dixiesamplardesigns said...

Lori dear...my grandma always says, "You can please some of the people, some of the time; your can even please most people most of the time; BUT, you can't please every body, every time!! There is always going to be one bad apple in a basket...don't let this one get you down! You did ALL that you could to make things right...and, you will never change her mind; she is determined to be unhappy with anything you do at this point.
And...I highly doubt she has three friends...that are disappointed in you that is :)

dixiesamplardesigns said...

Wow, who knew my grandma was quoting Old Abe, LOL! Cheer up my friend and enjoy your ice cream...you've earned it!!

Crosby Kenyon said...

I'm just wondering what's going to happen when/if postal service is reduced. Sorry to bring it up. I guess there are other services...not always convenient, though.

Lynn said...

I am so sorry that someone is being rude. You know anyone that makes handmade items and sells them on ebay or etsy is not making a killing. Most of the items I think are sold for a lot less than the work that went into them. I am happy to have a handmade work of art from the heart instead of something with Made in China on the back!! I have had issues with my mail too. A package that was mailed to me with delivery confirmation said it was delivered. It was on a Sat. I had no mail in my box on Sat before we left to run errands. On Sun, my lid to my mail box was open but nothing in my mail. I contacted the person I ordered something from and they said it was delivered on Sat. I called the po and they said they put it in the red rusty mailbox. That is the mailbox to the empty house beside my house. But, there was no package in it. There is nothing they can do, and I am out the money for the purchase and the sad fact is that whoever took it will probabaly throw it away. It was a George Washington and Abe Lincoln pillow tucks. I was so upset and apologized to the lady that sent them and told her I was very sorry, I had a replacement mailman while my regular mailman was on vacation. I have told the postmaster to tell the drivers not to leave packages in my mail box but to put them on my covered front porch. Okay now you need more ice cream thanks to my vent.
Anyways, I love your blog, your stories always make me smile.
Hugs and ignore the haters of the world. The exist to try to suck the joy from other people.

rosek1870 said...

So sorry this happened.
There is one every once in a while that is just a miserable human being that nothing makes happy. I work in a small school and although most people who come in my office are wonderful there are 3 or 4 out of 100 that I can never make happy no matter what I do and it is hard to let it go. Know that you have made dozens of people happy with your talent but some people just like to make everyone as miserable as they are. Enjoy your weekend! Rose

Denise said...

Lori, don't let a few, disgruntled,
unreasonable customers upset you.
There are always that certain few who enjoy complaining and causing a stir. We all know that you are a conscientious, hard working, talent needlewoman & crafter....and most of all, honest.

map said...

I just have to say that there are always people out there who continually have "bad Karma" and you are certainly not one of them!! Dealing with the "public" takes talent which you have in spades!!! Ignore the "bad apples"!!!

Sharon Stevens said...

Lori we must be sisters! Almost this exact thing happened to me. I tried to explain the mixup to the customer and she (even tho seemed ditzy from the start) ended up calling me a "scammer" etc to the point of harassing me!
Some people's children!!! Sound away girl..I hear ya!!
I'm a true believer in what goes around comes around. I have enough stress in my life, believe me.
I'm sure I was brought to your blog today to help me get over my situation.
Wishing you the best you deserve, my friend.
Mustard Seed Originals

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