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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oh boy.....

Have you received your new issue of
Primitive Quilts and Projects
magazine yet?

the postman handed me mine yesterday....

and like I don't have too many wip's and ufo's floating around my sewing room
(read: HOUSE)
NOW I want to make every last project in this issue!

here's a sneaky-peek at mine:

yes, it is a Fall issue,
packed with crows, pumpkins, vines and
those wonderfully-drab colors that we love so much....

so why, do you ask, did I decide to design a
for the Fall issue?

well, at the time I was designing it,
it was Spring, and I really was looking forward to Summer in all it's glory....
so a patriotic mermaid, rolling waves and a sailboat came to mind...

(((right now I want to hop into that sailboat,
harness that mermaid and sail over those rolling waves to

a land of perpetual autumn!!!))

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

If you would like to purchase a copy I have some available ~
just email me at not4got@aol.com
they are $9.99 + shipping....

I will be cleaning this old farmhouse today...
I have an electric floor-scrubber and these old wood floors surely need a scrubbing...
I'm an old-fashioned girl,
I will not scrub floors by hand anymore!

Hoping you all have a wonderfully creative day!!!

Blessings from the Farm...


SUE said...

I received my copy yesterday as well! Now I must become a quilter to create all of the goodies in this issue! I love the mermaid; it still hot enough to dream of water! SUE

susiedele said...

Hi Lori...I got mine last week. I made that wool sewing kit and it turned out great!
I like that sweet mermaid, too. The water looks inviting. It's still way too hot here in OH.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Your mermaid looks sweet, Lori....Consider yourself "early" rather than late.... Hmmm....an electric floor scrubber....I still get down on my hands and knees - but let me tell you, my floors are getting scrubbed less often the older I get!! ;o) Have a wonderful Wednesday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

annie said...

Once upon a time, Lori left the Land Of Not Forgotten, and sailed into the Land Of Perpetual Autumn on a Mermaid. The Mermaid promised her she could fulfill all her wishes, filling her head with Autumn designs galore, cooling her with winds of whimsey, and letting her fly with colorful leaves of imagination.

Lori found all her dreams of a most glorious fall season. She chased the leaves upon the orange sea of delight. She swam in warm scents of apple cider as the water crested her locks. This filled her head with samplers and quilted needfuls most enchanted, and laughter bubbled from her lips.

On and on she floated and dreamed never realizing her beautiful land of Not Forgotten lay just beyond the veil of misty dreams.
Suddenly her joyous partner in crime, decided he had had enough of her soothing sighs, he wanted to giggle and wriggle with her.

So he jumped into her lap, and startled her awake. With purring breaths of the most insistent kind, he woke dear Lori from her dreamworld and she jumped with a startled yelp. He immediately flew through the farmhouse to his favorite Kitty Hideout.

Lori, meanwhile rubbed her eyes sleepily and glanced across her workroom. All was peaceful and serene and she realized what a lovely journey she had taken. Laughter one again bubbled from her rosy lips because she remembered every inspired thing she had seen and done.

She flew across the workroom glanced happily out upon her much loved oasis of creativity through the window and blissfully began another wonderful creation to inspire her beloved followers and friends.

The End

Sea Witch said...

I must obtain this magazine but espcially because you designed a mermaid in the 18th century style that I adore. Sea Witch

Stitching Cat said...

Lori! I received my magazine today and LOVE the mermaid! I'm off to find some linen and the DMC to stitch her. Thank you. Debra

Jackie Myers said...

Hi Lori ~ just went to the site and Ordered this magazine . Looking forward to checking this out :) Have a great Week ! jackie

*Kountry*Porch*Primitives* said...

Hi Lori, I have never seen this magazine. I'll have to check my local Barnes & Noble. If not I'll have to get one from you. Thanks for leaving your kind comment on my blog...makes a girl feel better to know she's not alone in the craziness of too much to do!! BTW You're more than welcome to come do my floor when you finish with yours ~Kriss~

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