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Saturday, July 30, 2011

a new day ~

I want to thank you all for your recent comments on the last post I made....
it surely is enlightening that we (sometimes) expericence the same thing....

from now on, I promise not to burgeon you about seemingly negative things...

I truly do understand that we all experience bad karma in some way or another...


please know that I will
NEVER again
release such negative energy to you all...

SO, with that saying,...
I changed my blog from dark to light (& I reeeeeeally need to keep it there)
and will, from now on, continue to focus on GOOD.

That is the advice i;ve gleened from you all and will head to it.

may we ALL be blessed with:

Good Friends
(next door or a thousand miles away...)
Good Food!
(I'm fat & I'm Happy & my Hubby LOVES me!)

Good Views
(seriously, go look out your back door & tell me that where you are isn't beautiful ~
it's not>???? then MAKE IT BEAUTIFUL!!!)
Good Thoughts
(really...think about it....if you're in a bad mood, and perhaps something creeps into your mind about how you could have done something, this way, that way or the other...)

CHALK IT UP & learn from it!!!

I am SO not saying anything new here friends...

you know what to do....

BE the change you want to see in the world,

Practice random act of Kindness,


remember to thank the STARS~
for putting you

my kharma just ran over your DOGMA!

(((Look It Up)))

Blessings will fall on the positive ~
I can't tell you what will fall on the Negative...

but I do know...


"...shit runs downhill..."

I live on the Hill....how about you???

Blessings from the Farm...


p.s. ok...that was just me, again.
I don't wish to offend anyone ~

...I'm Just Sayin........

sorry to swear.

P.S.S. If I could I would hand deliver all of your orders...

I would harness -up old Pinocchio & off we would clop...

down the dusty roads to your house ~
THAT might take longer than the USPS,
I'd be sure to know where your packages ended up....
PLUS, maybe we could sit & stitch a while
before I headed back home to Notforgotten Farm ~


such a simple life...


Tam said...

When life gives you lemons, add tequila and salt, to heck with the lemonade. HA

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

We all have times when we have to vent...and I read each comment on the previous post...we know you, we love you, we understand!
Hang in there and I try as often as I can to follow the examples you posted here. Some days it's difficult...other days I'm RIGHT ON!

Hugs, Karen

cucki said...

more hugs for you my dear..cucki xx

Jane said...

It was so good to see you, today. I'm glad you're feeling more positive! My friend's granddaughter loved Daisy and Pinocchio.

Mouse said...

oooo so good you got the light today :) and I'm giggling at you final words :) take care and happy stitching :) love mouse xxxx

susiedele said...

There...Didn't that make you feel better? Stay on top of that hill, Sweetie. snicker-snicker


The Cinnamon Stick said...

Happy people turn the negative into a positive and you did just that - making us laugh !!

Notforgotten Farm said...

Oh so happy that I didn't offend...I'm really not snarky, just thought that quote was appropo ~


Nancy said...

You are so right, being positive is the best, we have to choose light over dark!

primitive spirit said...

lori, i truly understand your feelings being a fellow mail order business woman. keep your chin up. you and your business are lovely.

Susan said...

Hi, Lori, why is it that the nicest and most thoughtful people (you) get dumped on?
You have your head high and a successful business. I am so happy that I received my invite to join Samplermakers. A HUGE Thank You for sending it so fast.
Warm Regards,
Susan B., Western MA

Maria said...

Ah...Lori! I think you and I were once sisters in another life... & now we are kindred stitchin' sisters!

You are beautiful in every way. No matter what the few funky folks say...I know this because every time I look at your blog, or your patterns, or your photos, or your your finished goods... or every time I receive an exceptional purchase from you... I SMILE!

You are a good soul.

Thanks to you!


Witch of Stitches said...

Shit runs downhill and it also just happens ; )
More hugs and a sprinkle of magic "All is well" dust!
Oh... and what Tam said!

*Kountry*Porch*Primitives* said...

I too live on that hill :o) But there is always plenty of soap and water and another day!! Glad we were able to help you! ~Kriss~

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

You make the most wonderful samplers, and wonderful sense too.

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

I am so glad I live on a hill!!!

I am so sorry you had such a time and don't ever worry about venting, sometimes we all need to and that is why we blog. We are talking about our stitching in our lives, sometimes good, sometimes bad.

You did go bright! :-) Wowsa!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Hey Girlfriend - there's no manual anywhere that says we can't express what we really feel on our blog sometimes and they always have to be upbeat....(uhmmmm...my blog name is actually the "cranky" crow!!) But glad you chose to walk on the sunny side (although that personal delivery idea is very appealing to me.....) ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

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