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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ya Know?????

...the whole reason I do this bog,
is because ~

*I love to share
* I think what I have to say might be important to Someone
*I think what I have to say may help Someone
*I have FUN doing so
*You have told me you enjoy it
*You have asked me for more of me...
and i Gladly Give....
*it is Good
*it gives me Pleasure
*There's no better way to let you see Me ~
*I Have Fun.
~ it helps me to sort my thoughts~

and for all of that,
I am Grateful & Thankful for each & every-one of you
that still takes time from their day & routine to visit me here....

I am humbled by your emails,
softened by your words
forever in gratitude for your support
the past years...
& I wish for Thee,
I may not be an educated Woman,
{{I only have a Ninth-Grade Education ~}}
but I know this:
I am who I am because of my Friends, Family & Loved-Ones...
I continue to do-what-I-do because of my following,
and I will continue,
in the New Year to bring you more
Hands ~
We are Connected,
through Threads,
and Fiber~
and I am forever Thankful for the ties that Bind.....
Wishing you ALL a Blessed Thanksgiving
& a Merry Yuletide....
Blessings from the Farm,


flutterbygone's said...

:o) How very very sweet!

Maria said...

Ah... Lori,

I LOVE what you share here.

- What you have to say IS important to me and it HAS helped me!
- I SO enjoy reading your blog - you provide me with fun, encouragement, gratitude, entertainment, thoughtfulness, and creative spark!
- I am grateful & thankful for each & every-one of YOUR posts!
- It does not take an educated person to make a difference in the world! I dropped out of college in my second year to marry, so I only have a high school diploma... but I have a lifetime of learning & living & loving, which, to me, is what matters!
- You are SO right in that we are all blessed by family and friends and that we are all connected! Truer words have never been spoken!

Thanks, for reminding me of what matters most!

Blessings to you as well!

~ M

Maria said...

PS - I just re-read my post and it's sound like I'm .... well... I'm only 40, so dropping out of college to marry is unusual for my time. For my mom's time, it was common... but people scoffed at me. The truth is... I'm happy. My life is just the way I want it to be!

YOU, Lori, are an incredible reminder that imagination, spirit, passion, creativity, and kindness are what REALLY matter in this world! You kick A%# in business & in your field, and I admire you!

: )

~ M

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

That was very sweet ~ our blog friends become our blog family ~ we do support and care for one another!

Joy said...

I am thankful for your talent and kindness...with each design and word you share a part of you...stopping by here or stitching one of your designs makes me happy! Good luck on your open house...wish I could be there!

primitivebettys said...

How sweet Lori :) I am thankful for you too sweetie! :)

Kim said...

A lovely post. I do enjoy reading your blog.
Kim :)

Nan ~ Threadwork Primitives said...

I always enjoy and look forward to reading your posts and seeing what you're up to next. Alice is right, you are blog family. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Constance said...

Hi Lori,
Your blog is always so full of wonderful art and your many, many talents and you share your passion for living, your love of home and family and nature with us in every word. It is a true blessing to visit with you and be reminded that we all have so much to be thankful for. It is wonderful to be inspired by your ever present devotion to all that is natural and conforting and in sharing this you brighten our lives and our spitits.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving

Nadia said...

A lovely post.
Have you a wonderful day!

Judy said...

I think everyone feels the exactly the same about you Lori - a bond thru creating...there is a disappointment when your blog is visited and you haven't "posted" yet....making (I am sure) many of us come back several times until your new words of encouragement, creativity and friendship are posted. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for sharing each day.

Jeanne said...

Keep doing what you do, you're wonderful at it!! Have a happy holiday.

janeu729 said...

Lori, you know how I feel about all the encouragement and support you've given me!
Can't wait to be at the show on Sat.

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