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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Blog to Visit !!!

((just a little wool-applique tree I'm working on))

Howdy Folks!
There's a NEW BLOG in town!!

and see what they're up to!!

these are the gals that are publishing the much anticipated & much needed
magazine for us primitive needleworkers....
I can't wait to see the finished magazine...
I've been sketching up designs for my submissions!
Jeni & Gretchen (Woolen Willow & Painted Cupboard)
would love for you to stop in for a visit to their shop too...
Robin, Felicia & I were there on our way to the Simple Goods show and always love to stop in and see what they're up too....oh my stars & garters!! the shops are FABulous!!!
(you can see jeni's blog on my blogroll, as well as the new one too)

have a great evening (& I'll show you my finished wool applique tomorrow)

Blessings from the Farm,

1 comment:

Nadia said...

I'll go to visit!
Your sampler finisched is on my blog.
Thanks for your esplications about the letter Q.

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