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Monday, November 15, 2010

BAD news.

Please bear with me here folks...I'm venting a bit.
I am so flippin' mad I could spit nails.
last week, (wednesday) my commercial printer went down.
I called the tech to cokme out and fix it, he couldn't come out till friday.
he "fixed" it, then saturday when I went to print out all of the orders for the newly released patterns, (yes, the ones that I just released) the damn printer was down again.
I pay almost 600.00 per month for a lease/maintenance contract for this thing.
I NEED it, to print the volume of ordfers that I receive monthly...and it just isn't monitarily feesible to have them printed at Kinko's or Office Max, etc...so that's why I lease it.
BUT, the amount of DOWN time that I have been dealing with is killing me, and now I found out that I can't even get out of the lease agreement for another 4 yrs without being HEAVILY penalized ....

so here I am,
with tons of orders on hand & no way to print them out.
the tech said he'll overnight the parts to be here tomorrow & then fix it.
I'm hoping I'll be able to print everything & ship out by the end of the week...
PLEASE accept my apologies beforehand if your order doesn't reach you as fast as it should this time...I know that you expect to receive your goods in a timely manner, as well as I do...but this is out of my control for just a little while...
IN the meantime, I will be looking into E-patterns and PDF files to give you other choices of receiving your orders...
thanks in advance for your continued support, and for understanding...
I value each & every one of you as Friends and Customers ~
I'll post tomorrow with whatever new I have,
please keep your fingers crossed that it will be good news...
Blessings from the Farm,


diamondc said...

I hope everything goes better for you I love your blog site.

Sandra said...

Good luck to you Lori. As a designer I know exactly what you are going through. With more than thirty
years of designing and printing, machines have let me down more than I care to remember. I'm sure your loyal fans will understand though.
Hope to hear good news tomorrow.
Go stitch a while, it might make you feel better.
Many Happy Stitches,
Homespun Elegance

Maria said...

Deep breath. I too have had these issues. All you can do your best... and we all know that you do THE best! : )

primitivebettys said...

I'm sorry for your frustrations, but knowing you... you will find the rainbow after the storm & all will be well. :)



The French Bear said...

Oh no, that is not good.....I wish I could help! Hopefully things will be better tomorrow, Monday will be over, that's a start!
Margaret B ;)

Farm Field Primitives said...

How aggravating. Hope things get squared around for you. I would love it if you could come up with e patterns. Good luck.

Ter'e said...

Lori ~ take a deep breath. Your friends and patrons love you and will wait for this situation to be fixed.
Just picture yourself with a mouth full of nails........spitting them out one by one.........or take a picture of you with the actual nails in your mouth, literally spittin them out. Have a good laugh. This too shall pass.

Aimee Jeffries said...

Whoah! Wait...is that a typo? $600 a month? Seems like you could buy a brand new top of the line printer every other month for that price eeek.

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