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Friday, August 13, 2010

Dog Days....

my Poor Lazy....

...he has been underneath this hydrangea bush for a week now...
he told me he can't find the zipper on his fur-suit,
and he really would like to take it off now.
aside from that, having no thumbs,
he wouldn't be able to work the zipper if her did find it,
so there has been much frustration around these parts as-of-late.
Where's Buddy?
he's been under the porch.
He just can't stand this heat at all...
forget finding his zipper,
we just went ahead and shaved him, and now he looks like a
huge, wonky Poodle...
(he's embarrased, so that is why no pic of him)

This heat has us all miserable.
the only thing keeping me going is seeing my Black Walnut trees laden with nuts,
knowing that means cooler weather is not too far off...
Isn't it funny how I'm wishing this season away?
this is really the first time that I would not have minded if Summer never came...
straight from Spring to Fall
...& back again...
I'll be in the shop today,
Robin & Felicia will be here too...
going to finally clean up the office and then get back to working on my punch needle models!!
(hoping to have them finished & the patterns released on Sunday)
Hoping you all have a cooler, more comfortable Friday the 13th!!
(go visit www.midnightfarm.blogspot.com for more on that!)
Blessings from the Farm,


April Mechelle said...

Poor Baby!!! He looks so pitiful!... Our baby is like Buddy, when she gets shaved.. Which is usually by me, it equals a bad haircut... LOL She hides too!

prims by olde lady morgan said...

OMG! Look at that face! Poor guy! My Black lab, just keeps looking at me, PLEASE turn on the little fan by the stairs again for me! OLM

Lori Ann C. said...

Lori, we too are suffering in the heat in Ohio . . os I feel your pain . . and Lacy Lu feels for Buddy and Lazy !
She's getting a haircut in a few days! NOT a pleasant summer!
We are just back from CA . . I'd have loved to stay!! 75 degrees during the day and 50 & 60's at night! It was so hard to leave!!

Be cool . . . and I hope to get to see the shop one day!!

Lori Ann

janeu729 said...

Oh, my poor buddies, Lazy & Buddy. I'll have to come by tomorrow and bring them some treats!!

Myriam said...

Oh le pauvre, il a l'air si malheureux! Bien vite le changement de saison....courage

Carla said...

Poor guys...it's been so stinkin' hot everywhere. A friend of mine takes plastic milk jugs and fills them with water- freezes them at night and parcels them out during the day for her pets to sleep against to keep them cool- they seem to love 'em, then, in the evening she collects them and refreezes them til the next day. Hugs to you and your darling pets.
Carla from Fargo, ND

Doris said...

I love all your animals. The black dog looks old and tired. Bless his heart, I hope this heat breaks soon. At least the nights are cool.
Can't wait for your new pattern book.

Finegan Antiques said...

I have six cats and they all hate this hot weather. They are hidden all over the house in the coolest, darkest little spots they can squeeze into. Our poor little friends can't even complain about the weather to us so I think that in itself makes them more miserable.
Here's hoping and longing for cooler weather for us all.


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