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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Small Town USA

We went to our local carnival at Massie's Mill last night...

Our Ruritan Club puts it on every year.
nothing big, nothing special....

arcade games, flashing lights, friendly faces....
Playing dime-toss
(a game of which I am addicted to and have quite the collection
of gaudy melamine plates to show for my skills...)

while we were there, however,
the sky darkened & opened up on us all...
sending folks scurrying under tents and into the Bingo Hall....
sad to say we left early, but may return today, for it's last day.

Living in a small town in Virginia has advantages
that living in a bigger city could never offer,...

our closest neighbor is almost a mile away,
... but we know we can call on him if we need him, and vice-versa.

our bank employs people that actually know us and remeber our names.

we pay our bills at our local co-op
and shop at our outdoor markets for fresh, locally-grown food.

and let's not forget the ever-populated front porches.
as it is hot & sticky here lately, almost everyone sits on their front porches...
gathered together to talk, play games or just relax,
and offer you a friendly wave as you drive past them.

Wishing you a day filled with down-home charm!!!

Blessings from the farm,


Farm Field Primitives said...

Aren't small towns the best!!! I love to visit the city, but home is the best place to be. Have a great weekend.

Monique said...

That sounds simply divine. That is something we miss in The Neterlands. We don't have front porches. That would be great though !!
Have a wonderful day.

April Mechelle said...

Small Towns are great !! We used to be a small town.. Not now...Everybody found us and now we are a little city. I miss knowing everyone, when I pull up to gas the car, I look around now.. I don't know anyone.. I miss that small town feel.

janeu729 said...

I know what you mean!! We have "Amherst Moments" at the Food Lion and most places in town. It's so pleasant to make eye contact and respond to "How y'all doin'?"
We especially love THE WAVE thing AND friendly people with interesting farm animals!!

Finegan Antiques said...

Sounds like pure bliss. It's like that up by our cabin in Northern WI. People don't lock their doors and complete strangers say "hello" as you are walking down the street. The local old time grocery store accepts checks, from even out of state people, without asking for a DL#. Mayberry USA. Got to luv it.


Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Small towns are the best - love carnivals too!

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