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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Not a Happy Day...or is it?

As most of you who read this blog know,
I have been raising three orphaned Opossums,
Herman, Flo & Petunia...
they are growing into beautiful wild creatures
and I have tried my best not to spoil them rotten
(yeah, right...kissing Opossums isn't exactly not spoiling them...)
I've studied their diet, and have been sure to feed them as properly as they can be fed in captivity...calcium to phosphorous ratio, crude protien content, vegetable percentage, etc...
I read everything I can get my hands on, to educate myself regarding their proper care,
asnd talk with professionals here locally and in my home state of CT...
Needless to say,
even with my devoted, 24 hour a day care and care-giving,
Petunia & Flo are now showing signs of MBD
(Metabolic Bone Disorder),
which I found is a common ailment in people-raised baby Opossums.
Common, perhaps...
Painful, debilitating and even deadly indeed to the babies....
I've contacted our local Wildlife Center in Waynesboro, VA
and let then know about the 'situation'...
I saved their little lives once by bringing them home under my supervision and care when their Momma was hit by a car that fateful rainy eve....
and I have done the best humanly possible for them, but now it's time to take them where they can be treated for the beginning stages of MBD.
When I talked with the center yesterday, they assured me that the last thing they would do was to euthanize them, after exhausting all efforts to save them from this disease...
...which is hopefully only in it's early stages and treatable....

on the other hand, if treatable and reversed, they will be placed in a rehabilitators residence until they can be released into the wild...
(that is, unless of course I haven't smothered them too much with affection and spoiled them...)
IF that's what I did, then they will become Educational Animals and travel to schools and programs to educate children and adults about Wildlife...
(that, my friends, would be the happiest thing that could happen to them, for me....)
SO, with all this being said,
for putting up with me and my zaniness...
please know that I have a HUGE heart when it comes to animals, all kinds...
even though right now it feel like it's breaking!!
and let's wish Herman, Petunia & Flo
a very healthy, HAPPY & LONG life ahead!!!
Blessings from the Farm,


Tina Eudora said...

Lori my heart is breaking with yours, I too am a huge animal lover and although it has brought many tears into my life it has also brought a special kind of joy that can be had no other way! You were so lucky to have these sweet little guys in your life.
I am lighting a candle and going to say some special prayers for your babies that it will work out with the best case scenario. Please do post often with any updates as I will be looking forward to news.
Much love to you this difficult weekend...
Tina xo

Lori Ann C. said...

They are so lucky to have you in their lives!
Wishing you and them the best!
Oh I'm sure they would just love being "teacher's pets" ! Let's hope for that!

You are one in a million!
Lori Ann

Farm Field Primitives said...

You have such a huge heart and have made their lives the best you could. They would say thanks if they could. Good luck to them in their future.

Maria said...

Sending You, Herman, Petunia and Flo {{{good vibes}}} and best wishes! : )

Myriam said...

The best for them.....and you!

Robin said...

I am truly sorry about the p'soms. You took wonderful care of them and I think they will be fine. We both know they are fighters. Let me know what happens.

Lee Morrison said...

Bless you Lori for everything that you've done for them. These little guys have been blessed with a guardian angel and they never would have made it this far if not for you.

I'll say a prayer for them that all goes well! Please keep us posted!


Linda said...

Hi Lori, I think you've done a wonderful job bringing the little ones this far and now you are making sure their new needs are met....your are an angel.

Finegan Antiques said...

All creatures, large and small, are precious. You have given your little darlings the best care possible and all the love. Especially you gave them a second chance at life and hope.

Godspeed little ones.


janeu729 said...

I'm so glad I got to meet your 3 possum babies. You've certainly given them all the love and care that anyone could. I know your heart has told you how to do the best for them.
I hope Herman, Flo and Petunia will thrive and live to be strong and healthy.

Peggy Lee said...

Wonder if those critters know just how lucky they are?

Constance said...

Dear Lori,
You have shared all the love, comfort, and the brightness of your soul with them and I'm sure that they will be fine. I know that you will miss them and they you but think of the wonderful full life they have ahead of them. You gave them that life with your heart. Their storey has touch my heart and I will keep them in my prayers .


Vicki said...

Hi,Isn't it nice to know so many of us care about animals? I love them as you do and have a big heart where they are concerned...Keep up the good work!

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

it is nice to know so many of us share a love for our animal-friends... we were put here on Earth to care for them, not kill them off or waste their little lives...

thank you, everyone, who feel the way I do, and also for your sweet, kind words....

Natalia said...

Lori, we'll just keep them in our prayers and hope that they will recover. It is heart breaking, though. I am a big animal lover too... I think what you did for them is great. Have faith in the wildlife center.

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