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Friday, June 4, 2010

Our Brood...

Here's what the inside of our incubator looks like !!
a little army of eggs waiting to hatch..
you can see the one in the front is pecking his (her?) way out...
and you guessed it,
it's another peacock!

the larger eggs in there are peacock eggs,
...I think we have seven.
the rest of the eggs are a mix of our banty's, aracauna and barn-yard mix...
we never know who will pop out!!

above is our little white peacock baby...
(looks just like a chicken, no?)
until you pick him up and out comes
"road-runner" legs and a "giraffe" neck!

he is so cute, and makes the cutest cooing sounds...
even the one in the process of hatching makes cooing sounds!

I'll share more picks of the hatchling's progress...

Wishing you a COOL day
{{with plenty of homemade lemonade & choclate chip cookies!!}}
Blessings from the Farm,


tj said...

...Someone say "COOKIES"?! ;o)

...I bet that is the neatest thing to sit there and watch that lil' life making its way into the world! lol... And that lil' peacock is adorable too! Lucky you! :o)

...I've never incubated eggs before but someday I would like to try it. Today I am placing an order for bantams. I've never ordered straight run before so I'm a lil' nervous as to what I am going to end up with! lol...

...Enjoy your day!

...Blessings... :o)

Diva Kreszl said...

my husband thinks I'm nuts, I keep making him come and look at your sweet little chicks...I want to raise some of my own in the worst way!

Rita M said...

They are so cute :o)

janeu729 said...

We always enjoy seeing what's hatching at Notforgotten Farm!! Too hot to bake cookies so I'm munching on carrots instead.
Hugs to Y'all!

Kim said...

So cute. Love those road-runner legs. Can't wait to see him/her grow. I've never seen a baby peacock before and now I'm fascinated.

Linda said...

HI Lori, your blog is looking so pretty, love the new header.

The baby is so cute...hugs, Linda

Myriam said...

Trop mignon!!!

Conny said...

Love reading your blog about nature. Cute little peacock baby!
Wish you a joyful vacation.

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