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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Update: "stinky"

Yes, "STINKY"...
I won't go in to details as to why we call him that,
... but I'm sure you can guess!

actually, I started calling him Stinkerpot~
because is is SPOILED ROTTEN!
there isn't enough time in my day to hold him as much as he wants me to...
He whoops and hollers and runs, (yes RUNS) amok in his little cage
until I reach in....
then he hops into my hand and snuggles into my fingers like a peep would do
under any big-fat-chicken-mama's feather...

excuse me...
I'm not your Mama...exactly...well,
I guess I am.
you can see how his little leg juts out behind him~
does this stop him?
oh no...he has been compensating the lack of leg-use,
with that of super-chicken-strength in his wings!
I have decided that he needs a chicken-friend...
i cannot be the ALL to him~
he needs to kknow how to act like a chicken!
so, in the snap above, you can see the tiny, fluffy "behind"
of that of a new-born (this morning!) hatchling
 that has been keeping him company
all day today...

I think they've become fast-friends!
(how do I know???
...he hasn't said a 'peep' since he's been in there!)

Hoping your days are filled with kindness and care for others
Blessings from the Farm,


April Mechelle said...

You are great Lori !!! He needed a little friend !!! So Cute !

~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~ said...

Love that ~ Stinkerpot ~ LOL!


lovetheprimlook said...

Stinkerpot is sooo cute !!!

Hugs, Angie

Wendy said...

Oh How SWEET! Your'e such a good Mama :)

Kim said...

Such a great story. Stinky is a lucky little guy to have you as an adopted Momma.

Jon Lee said...

I love Stinky. He is so adorable. I'm glad you found him a friend. Your blog makes living on a farm so inviting. My husband's dream is to live on a farm when he retires.


You are a true "Mother Hen"...and Stinky is a very lucky peep!! (and I am sure that goes both ways!!)

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Great idea to give "Stinky" a lil' friend to keep him company. Too funny that he wanted you all the time.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh that little one is just precious..:>) I love the underdogs...love his name too.:) I love your blog and am now a follower.:)

Le blog de marylin said...

Oh it is too beautiful! How goes the bird! I like animals and persons who know how to take it care!
Best regards of France

janeu729 said...

Love it that YOU love all creatures great and small!
Enjoy this gorgeous day.

Constance said...

I am so glad that he is doing so well. One of my rescued kitties was blind from birth and she was amazing. He is a very lucky chic to have you because you understand the great blessings where many people would not. Thank you for sharing this little sprite with us.

Take care,

Diva Kreszl said...

oh Lori I'm so glad to see that our little friend is doing so well, you have obviously showered him with lots of love! Great thinking to give him a little playmate :)

Myriam said...

What a good idea, a friend for him! So nice!

Coon Hollow Farm said...

Lori, Try to tape his two legs together with a popsicle stick between him. Put him in a small area where he cannot move for a day or two. You have to get that leg into position before it is like that permenantly.

Anonymous said...

Oh so very cute !!!! I love chickens.
My mom used to have chickens. When I was little I got two chicks who turned out to be little roosters. We had them for a long time, until they got restless, then we found a good place for them, with chickens ; )
have a wonderful weekend.

Sea Witch said...

Just found your blog and I feel like I am at home. Lovely photos,words and skills. Your header draws you in to a lovely place. Sea witch

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