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Friday, May 28, 2010

An Apple a Day...

I'm going on a diet...
Starting tomorrow,
I'm starting the Opossum diet.

apples, green grapes...
a mashed banana;

fresh baby spinach leaves,
garden-ripe strawberries....

plenty of fresh, cool water,
lots of play.
lots of washing & preening~
LOTS of sleep!

(sounds like a great way of life, no?)

These little Velcro Monkey-Mice
have completely stolen my heart,...
their little faces are imprinted in my thoughts,
and I am
... smitten.

{"say Cheese"}

I know that some of you may consider them beastly,
and they are "rodents"...
I would rather spend my time caring for them,
{making sure that when they are released,
they will lead
...full little oPossum lives}
than spend my days
worrying about the economy,
the price of gasoline,
poor health
or any other negative thing in the world
right now.

yes, I do wear Rose-Colored glasses,
and tend to see things in an Optimistic way...
it's just my nature, I suppose
... and it's with
that I want to stay...

Wishing you all bright and positive thoughts,
Blessings from the Farm,


Jeannine 520 said...

I'm a possum lover so I think they're adorable. I have several who live in my yard and visit us at the patio every night waiting for a hand out. They seem to get along great with the cats so I'm happy to have them here. Maybe yours will stick around and live in your yard. :-) Have you named them?

Lori said...

yes ma'am...their names are
Herman, Petunia and Flo.

mornings322 said...

You are doing a great thing by taking care of the little ones. Once left into the wild yonder they may not go to far and you may have them as outside pets. They definitely will be used to humans; but still will have their animal instinct to guide them. Sure hope they find the diet food out there too. They'll miss that good tasting food.

God smiles upon you for taking care of them.

Have a great day.


Nancy said...

I've never seen opossums that small, and they sure are cute! Their great grandfather lives behind our house. I have never seen one so big!

moosecraft said...

What a great perspective... and so true! Let's make a difference where we can!

janeu729 said...

Your little babies look like cute alien creatures! You are such a good Mom to human and animal creatures!! What's comin' at ya is comin' from ya!

magikalseasons said...

Love your farm house with a facelift or not she's got charm! The critters are cute. I need that diet myself. :)

Jon Lee said...

I like to look at the world with rose-colored glasses too. I admire your taking care of the opossum babies. My friend and her husband rescued a baby doberman that was left behind the firehouse where her husband works. The puppy, only a few months old, had a broken leg and cigarette burns on his chest. Her husband brought the puppy home and after taking him to a good vet., the puppy is well and happy in a fantastic home with my friends. I can't understand why anyone would hurt any living creature. Have a Happy Memorial Day.

Cari said...

Oh Lori - I have to agree with you on the rose colored glasses. I am so very fond of all of God's creatures. Even when the squirrels clean out the bird feeder...we all have to eat!! My daughter had two opossum babies once, Clyde and Alice. We talk about them every once in awhile.

Gail said...

They can steal your heart.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Oh My gosh they are so precious!!! I want to hold and snuggle them...I too would rather be caring for these guys then worrying about all the negative..we raised a mouse for 6 years before he passed away of old age..one of our kittys found him as a minute baby..still pink..we fed him bread and milk and then he lived to a ripe old age...I hate seeing anything suffer..unless its a snake or a spider...Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing these little darlins with us..;)

Sandi said...

I like possums too...i think they get a lot of *bad press*...

these babies are adorable!

April Mechelle said...

The 3 babies are cute !! I love all animals. Loved the update on the little stinky and friends. I know your back laundry room is getting full ! lol

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

The babies are so cute! What a joy to take care of them!

Myriam said...

So nice these babies! You have a great chance!!!!

Joanie said...

You have a kind soul. Bless you for caring for God's creatures!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

I thought, Does she have them on a quilt - eating and peeing? Then I realized it was a paper towel; whew! They're still very tiny, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Oh ever so CUTE!

jody said...

just ran across your blog will read more latter. wanted to tell you people may think i am nuts to but i am happy hanging in the garden with my animals. i have doves for the summer outside the breakfast nook then back to barn in winter.

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