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Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Glass Menagerie~

here is just bsome of the treasure I found yesterday at the GoodWill ~
...a couple of candlesticks, one taller and one smaller candlestick,
a beautifully cut-glass decanter stopper,
which will all be turned into make-do's
... and a really cool cloche
(or bell-jar)
that I will be putting in my herb garden...
oh, and a beautiful basket!!

Hannah is getting pretty excited about going to the
Junior/Senior prom
this saturday eve~
although she is 15, she is a Sophomore and is in some Junior classes
{Algebra, French, Band & Drama)

we found a dress for her for UNDER $20.00!!!!!
I've trained her well...
it is a brand-new dress, and with the $$ saved on it,
we bought her new shoes, a purse and she's having her nails done too...
She didn't want to spend any money on her hair,
so she found a set of hot-rollers and will be having her friend Natalie do it for her...
Hannah found a photo of Rita Hayworth, ca. 1940's
and wants her hair done like that...
with long finger-waves and held back with a flower on one side.
I can't wait to see her,
I'll take pics & share with you for sure...
(proud Momma, hope you don't mind me sharing!)

well I'm off to the shop....
have some orders to process and get ready for the PO tomorrow...

enjoy this BEEEautiful day!!!

Blessings from the Farm,


Brenda said...

Can't wait to see pictures of your daughter! This must be so exciting for her, and for you!!


Rocking Chair Stitches said...

I really miss those days. Daughter is now 27 and living at hojme after being displaced by the Rhode Island floods but boy Prom time was just the best. Post away Lori

kat449 said...

Hi Lori...OMGoodness, so busy..I hope you didnt think Ive forgotten you..I come and sneak peeks but dont have time to leave a note...are you so crazy proud of me for posting links? yeah...cuz of your directions...thank you again sooo soo much. I loved chatting via phone, youre simply amazing and such a hoot.
I cannot wait to see pictures of your daughters prom...hope she has a GREAT time..not toooo good of a time...just regular..you know what I mean right??? LOL
Thinking of ya...♥♥♥

Constance said...

Hi Lori,
I'll be looking forward to seeing Hannah's pictures. A prom is so exciting and the hair style sounds just beautiful. I love all the glass I think I need to come shopping with you! I'm looking forward to seeing the "make dos" I just love the prim designs you do and can't wait to see them once you've finished.

Take care,

Robin said...

Enjoy this time with Hannah, I know she can't wait for her special day!! She will be beautiful and we "most for sure" want pictures!!xxoo(millstonemercantile)

Anonymous said...

so cool to find a cloche at goodwill. Wish I could get that lucky. Congratulations.

Catherine said...

What great goodies!!

How fun it will be to see your daughter! Being the mom of three boys, I don't get to do such things!

Anonymous said...

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